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A lot more characters added to the OP list, thinking about leaving out spy, sniper, and medic...

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  1. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    This thread will stand to work as a kind of poll based system to come up with moves that could go to new and existing characters to Minus...

    "This first page will constantly be updated"

    ^depending on feedback, and all opinions will be addressed and taken into consideration for this list, but keep in mind that as just one mere member of the site, and not of the production team at all, these are only ideas and suggestions that fans like us are making in order to hopefully inspire cool ideas for the minus community or for the Devs to consider...

    So far the characters i decided i had some ideas for
    (in order from most ideas to least under each category) are:


    in this moveset, paper mario's attacks use his hammer and hammer skills for his smash A attacks, his partners for the majority of his B attacks, and folding moves for other attacks--

    for the majority of paper mario's A attacks, the hammer swings they use can probably be copied and still feel exactly like paper mario... the few that could use changing are side smash, down smash, maybe up smash, down air, back air, neutral air, and maybe the tilt forward A...

    -side smash = power smash- the overhead hammer swing from paper mario and paper mario TYD... in the original games, this attack gets significantly stronger as you charge it, but must be released with proper timing to be as strong as possible, or if under/over charged would revert to a weaker smash... this is only a reference, i obviously don't think this would fit in with the rest of the game... in brawl, his power smash should have the same charging method as all other characters... (note: the animation for ice climbers' forward smash looks very similar to paper mario's power smash already)

    -down smash = spin hammer- when mario holds the hammer button (B) down, and spins the joystick, he begins to wind up, like a twisting cloth... (think like metaknight's cape twirl taunt)... when you released the hammer button, mario spun out, swinging the hammer in circles... in brawl, this could be implemented in that if you hold down smash, he'd wind up more and more, and when you released, he'd unwind and spin out, maybe with a hitbox similar to wario or peach's down smash, or, more likely, link's grounded great spin...

    -down air = ground pound- when mario presses the jump button while in midair, he'd preform the "spin jump" attack, and ground pound straight down... in battle, he'd first jump on his opponent, and while they are stunned from the first bounce, he'd execute the spin while still airborne and ground pound them once again, more powerfully... one way this could work in brawl is that upon pressing the down air attack, you create a small (instant) hitbox that lightly spikes, maybe with fixed trajectory, then dive down, similar to toonlink's down air, and bounce off your opponent while spiking them... this move would technically execute two hits, but the first one is only a light set up that isn't required to dive, and if used right above the ground, should be possible to be teched out of... another idea is to give paper mario the "goomba stomp" that brawl minus mario and luigi have on footstool, and have the spin jump be a longer start up version of tlink's down air in which he must cancel his footstool jump and spin first, then dive straight down (butt first) onto his goomba stomped opponent... this way, you could potentially only footstool your opponent, or have the option to connect it into the spin jump, but without the safety of a hitbox on startup...

    -dash attack = spin dash- the spin dash from paper mario on the N64 where mario dashes and spins, making foes dizzy... in brawl, this could make foes trip instead of stunning or cape or just have a pull hitbox or something...

    -neutral air = tornado stomp- the tornado badge from TYD made mario spin and create a small tornado around his legs... in brawl, this could work a little like squirtle's neutral air, maybe :p

    (alternate possibilities : : :
    side smash is the hammer spin, side tilt is power smash, down smash is the quake hammer)

    Special Moves:::

    neutral B = switch partner-
    switches between a koopa partner, a goomba, and a bob-bomb

    side B = partner attack-
    -with koopa out, mario hits the shell with his hammer, possibly using the same animation as ice climbers' neutral B, when they hit the ice block... koops's/kooper's shell attack would be like a boomerang attack, but would have a fixed trajectory and fixed distance... instead, when the B button is held, they will remain spinning in place where they reach the end of their distance, and when the B button is released (or if it isn't held in the first place), they will slingshot from that spot back to the point they were originally shot from, rather than back to paper mario, so you can leave the spot you shot him from and still keep the attack at the ready...
    -with goomba out, mario will throw/hammer whack/command goomba to jump at the opponent... like pikmin, once s/he lands on the opponent, s/he will execute multiple "head bonks" on them before jumping off, each bonk pushing the opponent forward a little, like a combo-ing projectile, giving a little hurt lag to the opponent so it can be used to rack up a little damage and help interrupt the opponents next few attacks as a set up for other attacks, but with enough spacing inbetween to be shielded... another possibility is that she will only headbonk again if you press side B command again, so to get maximum hits, you must time the headbonks to start right after one hits, otherwise pressing it while she's still diving or not connected, s/he will miss, and not repeatedly taping it will cause her to jump off as well (since s/he doesn't have arms to cling on anyways)... different skins for goomba will be either goombella or goombario...
    -with bob-bomb, mario will either command or throw his bob-bomb buddy to walk a distance and explode after a set time/when mario presses the command again, OR he will hit the bomb out with his hammer at a low angle, like a bowling ball, and they will explode after a certain time, but maybe be able to bounce off walls/floor etc like a real item... the alts for this partner would be either bombette, or admiral bobbery

    ((possible) air side B = paper plane mode- mario folds himself into a plane and is able to glide, with maybe a slash hit box at the tip of the plane to be able to hurt foes as you pass them without needing to unfold/stop gliding)

    up B (or down B)= either spring jump or plane mode-
    -spring jump would be the jump from thousand year door from when you hold the jump button down and spin the joystick to make mario crunch himself down like a springboard, and when you released the jump button he'd execute the spring jump, which would make you jump extremely high... also, in this game, if you hit a ceiling on your way up, you'd flatten out like a leaf and drift down for a little bit... (think jigglypuff's deflate taunt)... in Brawl, this could work like a charge jump, similar to diddy's up B, and have the height depend on duration the B button is held, or it could have a fixed startup and height, but have a float fall like peach or game'n'watch at the end...
    -plane mode would be the plane fold from thousand year door. in the game, when you press the Y button while standing on a pad with a plane icon on it, you'd fold into a plane and begin to glide... in brawl, mario could begin to fold and float upwards a little as he folds, as if his folding out is making him pick up on some upwards draft... then you could go into a glide fall... ...

    down B = counter- this counter will require timing and will only have very few frames of invincibility, like in paper mario... in the games, when you were attacked, if you pressed the attack button at the right time (you only had 3 frames, as opposed to 8 frames with the guard command), you would execute a perfect counter... when this was performed, mario would take 0 damage, and deal back either 1 damage if it was a direct attack, or return exact equal damage if your opponent threw a REFLECTABLE projectile, like the spinie's spine body parts that got thrown at you... in brawl, this should work so that if timed correctly, like a more strict mario cape, you could reflect projectiles, but also it could reflect attacks if timed the same way... but this move should have some endlag to be punishable and more balanced...

    Doopliss was a main boss in paper mario who returned a few times and became a fan favorite
    Neutral B: would make you grab an opponent and turn into the shadow/dark-paper version of who you suck in. A moves can be shared between certain clone characters-
    -Hammer characters: dedede, ice climbers, maybe ike (because of his style), and mario (paper mario, durr)
    -Sword "dancers": marth, roy, pit
    -Sword "heavies": ike, link, toon link, metaknight
    -Heavy melee characters: ganondorf, DK, wario, samus
    -Acrobatic melee characters: shiek, falcon, zerosuit, snake
    -Acrobatic animals: fox, falco, sonic, lucario
    -"Magic" characters: ness (air quotes on magic), lucas, peach, zelda
    -Cute ball guys: kirby, jigglypuff, metaknight, doopliss
    -Cute quadrapeds: ivysaur, pikachu, squirtle, pichu
    -Beast characters: bowser, charizard, wolf, yoshi (headbutts)
    -awkward characters: luigi, gamenwatch, rob, olimar
    (gamenwatch and mario could honestly trade spots, but i still think this works too)

    A attacks with each mode will be pretty uniform, mostly hammers for hammer, sword swipes for dancers, smashes for heavies, punches for heavy melees, kicks for acrobatic melees, kicks and tail things for acrobatic animals, magic balls and stuff for "magic"s, jump kicks and stuff for cute balls, tail swipes and energy breath for cute quadrapeds, headbutts and slashes for beasts (might need a branch of two categories, since i don't know how to fit wolf and yoshi together... but each can copy a few things from bowser, soo... :p), and finally, i can't think of much but sticking with original moves for the "awkward" characters :p olimar especially... but rob might fit with quadrapeds since he can shoot lasers, and gamenwatch with hammers... but luigi's weird xP ...can't think of any specific smash attacks (like a side smash i can think of for everyone else) that work for him and makes sense with anyone else... except maybe giving him a hammer too xP ... ... ...
    ... ... ... ANYWAYS :::
    Up B: flying dive: charges headfirst in the inputed direction... functions similarly to foxfire, maybe with falco's upb range (original)... his down air can look like a diving version of this, or his up B could be a rise then slam down thing...
    Down B: turning invisible and counter attacking from behind (a counter). He hides his face like a boo when you hit him, and he pops up behind the opponent throwing his arms up (like, "BOO!") and a graphic of his eyes and mouth shows up to show the size of the hitbox
    Side B: cape/spin... it would basically take from paper mario's counter attack during battle in thousand year door, except with only a cape effect, not countering real damage, but flipping back projectiles, and turning foes around, like mario's cape, but smaller window... but has less endlag, and if held when an opponent is turned around, it trips them...


    Sweetspots are at the middle of his Sword.

    Neutral B: Slingshot. Can be held as long as he wants to, and gains power over time up to a certain point. Can be aimed in practically any direction and turned around. When released, travels in an arc and does relatively high damage and hitstun, with minimal knockback.

    Side B: Hold B for Boomerang, with low start-up and ending lag. Tap B for a jump-strike with a Deku Stick.

    Up B: Could be a generic spin-attack, but it would be cool if he rode a magic bean platform kind of like Snake's Cypher except that you can stand on it and have greater control over it. Maybe it could have a strong downwards windbox that forces foes downwards, to make it difficult to attack him? Grounded up-b could be standard spin-attack.

    Down B: Picks up a Bombchu and holds it over his head. When he releases it with A (smash throwing it/directional throwing doesn't make a difference) it travels much like Pikachu's Neutral B, hugging the ground and climbing up walls, then exploding.

    Jabs: Pretty much just like Link's, but slightly weaker, faster and lower range.

    fTilt: Jabs his sword forwards, like Link's SSB64 dash attack.

    uTilt: Hops upwards a little, swings his sword in a circle over his head (sort of like Ike's uAir).

    dTilt: Quick grounded jab, like Marth's dTilt but lower range.

    fSmash: Jump-strike from OoT. Leaps a ways forwards and swings his sword over his head, like a less fancy version of Link's current fSmash.

    uSmash: Pretty much like Toon Link's. Quick over-head arc with his sword.

    dSmash: Pretty much like Toon Link's. Quick front-back slash that links.

    nAir: Sticks his foot forward like Link's nAir.

    fAir: Pretty much like Toon Link's. Quick arcing swing from bottom to top.

    uAir: Pretty much like Toon Link's. Quick stab upwards.

    dAir: Pretty much like Toon Link's, except that if you quickly tap A it's not a stall-then-fall.

    bAir: Sticks his sword out straight behind him, for a quick heavy strike.

    sTaunt: Plays The Sun's Song on his Ocarina (because I feel The Sun's Song would fit a taunt best).
    uTaunt: Drinks Lawn Lawn Milk, like Young Link's Melee taunt.
    dTaunt: The pedestal from The Temple of Time appears in front of him with the Master Sword in it, and he pulls it out, going through his OoT animation of staring at it. Then he transforms into Adult Link. Can be cancelled into A attacks at the start in case it's used by mistake.

    Victory1: Chases a Cuckoo for a few seconds, then picks it up and throws it away. After that, he just stands and pants.
    Victory2: Plays Zelda's Lullaby, Song of Time or Song of Storms on his Ocarina. Can't decide which.
    Victory3: Holds the Forest Spiritual Stone over his head and stares at it.
    Lose/No-Contest: Just claps, like most everyone else.

    WIP (Any particular ideas?)

    (credit to Other Aether for movelist)


    Neutral Special: Gives a few frames of invincibility and then Lanky does a short-range grab. If it connects, then a Cargo Hold is initiated.

    Up Special= Baboon Balloon. Inflates like a balloon. Can be steered, but momentum is gained slowly (although the momentum cap is high). Floats upwards by default. Has 12% armor during active frames. No damaging hitboxes, although releasing it generates a gust of air that pushes foes away. (OR, tapping B repeatedly makes flap his arms out just for you, and does light hits while bouncing him a little higher). Has very long (20 seconds) air time, and air time is refreshed every time Lanky is attacked.

    Down Special= OrangStand/OrangSprint. When activated, Lanky stands on his hands and continues to do so until B is released. Can move extremely quickly left and right, and has extremely low ending lag/can be jump-cancelled. Very little (5 frames) turn-around lag.

    Side-special: His Grape gun from DK64. Relatively laggy start-up (15-20 frames) but low end lag and quick projectile speed. You know, the gun that's actually a cardboard tube that he blows through like you would to shoot spitwads...

    Jab1: Extends one arm in a elastic-y boxing motion.
    Jab2: Extends the other in a similar motion.
    Jab 3: Extends both arms at once. The jab combo is just like a combo he had in DK64.

    fTilt: Extends an arm extremely far forwards. High reach, medium knockback. Think Dedede's fTilt.

    uTilt: Swings a hand over his head with massive coverage and good range. Think Marth's uTilt.

    dTilt: Sweeps low across the floor with first one arm, then the other. Similar to Bowser's dTilt.

    fSmash: Huge forward swipe with a bit of range behind him at the end (like ZSS' fSmash). Has the cape and reflector effects.

    uSmash: Raises an arm up REALLY high. If A is held and the move is sweetspotted (his hand) then he grabs the foe and smashes them against the ground.

    dSmash: Simian Slam from DK64. Like Donkey Kong's Down Special, but much faster start-up and ending lag. Charge it to use Super Simian Slam or Super Duper Simian Slam depending on charge levels.

    Dash Attack: Spins around with arms extended like his running attack in DK64. Hits in front and behind him, and he slides a fair ways while doing it.

    nAir: Extends his arms to either side of him.

    fAir: An uppercut with decent power.

    uAir: Locks his hands and swings his arms over his head, then under his feet like a jump rope. Very similar to Falcon's uAir.

    dAir: Flips upside down and extends both arms below him. Relatively weak meteor smash, but high range.

    bAir: Spins around backwards with a backhanded slap. Quick and powerful.

    Grab: Practically a tether grab. Extends his arm extremely far, grabs the foe, and pulls them back to him.

    Pummel: Slaps the foe. Moderate speed, 3 damage.

    fThrow: Throws the foe forwards and bounces them off the ground (sort of like Ice Climber's dThrow, with no tech window). Fairly low angle.

    uThrow: Holds his arm in front of him and then throws the foe upwards with a quick flick of the wrist. Extremely low ending lag and moderately low KBG.

    dThrow: Slams his foe against the ground like Donkey Kong.

    bThrow: Casually throws the foe over his head. High KBG and BKB.

    Final Smash: Plays his DK64 Music on his Trombone. When the pitch is rising, he produces a strong damaging windbox that pushes people away. When the pitch falls, he produces a strong damaging windbox that pulls people towards him. Anyone who touches him takes 20 damage and a fair bit of knockback.

    sTaunt: Plays his DK64 Melody on the Trombone, maybe? Don't want to duplicate his Final Smash, but I want to play that songso badly! Maybe his up-down-up supertaunt could play it, like Luigi's? If so, just make this one be him jump-roping with his arms for a while.
    uTaunt: Stands on one hand and chitters.
    dTaunt: Makes funny faces.

    Victory1: Plays his DK64 Melody on his Trombone, but with lots of music notes.
    Victory2: Does a handstand and runs around the screen.
    Victory3: Jump-ropes with his arms.
    Lose/No Contest: Claps in a ridiculously over-exaggerated manner, occasionally blowing a raspberry.

    (credit to Other Aether for movelist)


    no moveset ideas yet... probably most inspiration from standard weapons he has in custom robo on GC..

    no moveset ideas yet... probably most inspiration from "illegal" weapons or weapons he has in custom robo on GC..


    maybe based on EternalYoshi's Grey fox moveset (it's actually turning out nicely)

    Yeah I decided to release Gray Fox. This is the Bronze version, which means this will be the third to last revision.

    Keep in mind that Gray Fox will play a little different than he used to, but these changes are for the better and make him more balanced while still being able to put up a fight against Brawl's best characters.

    (/END QUOTE)



    Megaman styled like in Megaman and Bass: not super short, but still all blue, and not with any new suits, like in Megaman X, etc.


    Jab{ 1st hit of Peach's Jab
    GetUpAttack ---
    Grab --- Exactly like he does in SS, similar to Snake's grab.
    Pummel ---
    Bthrow ---Marth's, cause FABULOUS
    Fthrow --- Shoves them forward, opponent would end up facing away from him.
    Dthrow ---
    Stilt --- Swings his sword, like Link's 1st Stilt hit.
    Dtilt --- Link's Dtilt.
    Utilit ---
    Usmash ---
    NeutralB ---
    DownB --- Counter- Holds his hand up like when he catches Link's sword in SS. If hit while Counter is active, he takes no damage and throws his opponent behind him, like a IAE (IEA?) Counter in Sm4sh.
    Nair ---
    Dair ---
    Uair ---
    Fair --- Swings his arm down and forward. One of his attacks from his Final Fight.
    Bair ---
    FinalSmash --- Final Forme Ghirahim- Like Warioman, he takes no damage (His FABULOUS skin), does more damage, and can use his UpB infinitly (to prevent SelfDestructs, may change)
    Sheild --- Basic Pary pose, like Ike.
    Spotdodge --- Leans back, like Snake.
    ForwardRoll --- Uses teleport effect, like Sheik.
    BackRoll --- Uses teleport effect, like Sheik.
    Airdodge ---
    Hitstunfall --- The spreadeagle pose he falls in the final fight when knocked off a platform.
    Run --- The same as his Dash Attack when he's running.
    Jump --- Same as Marth's.
    DoubleJump --- Snake's.
    Crouch --- Crouches on tiptoes, with his sword across his knees. No crawl.
    Ntaunt ---
    Staunt ---
    Utaunt --- Licks his sword. Should be cancelable into Utaunt for infinte licking. :D

    (Credit to DubLTeamz for moveset)

    i'd like for demise to have a moveset with attacks from both Ghirahim and Ganon** ...his moveset would rely heavily on sword attacks, and maybe get magic based moves like Ghirahim (since, after all Ghirahim is his sword), and Ganon... also, this could be a double slot... we could i guess call this character "dark lord" or something, because the moveset would be one that could fit either ganon or demise, so maybe five skins for each of them, and it's a oneslot..? ...that's just my idea... it may seem like ganon's getting slated, but i suggest his moves being preserved in black shadow**

    **see Black Shadow below


    basically, my idea for him would be to get him a lot of ganon's moves, to more closely represent a similarity to falcon's moves, and then give ganon a more magic/sword based moveset**... but since sword ganon wouldn't technically be a "new character", he may get his own thread later...

    **see Demise above


    maybe mainly based on marioKing's moveset, with a FEW differences

    mainly, i'd suggest giving his side B and down B some items like a smoke ball or small bomb or something, but there are probably better ideas out there, so throw out any suggestions you have

    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game... (uses Squirtle's model)
    Dragon trio?**

    **See Ridley below and Spyro below as well

    more like BABY SITTER TOAD!!

    Hear me out, the idea here is so that each baby, mario, luigi, peach, rosalina, etc., could go over a separate skin and still not clash with costumes, I.E. so having baby mario and luigi as a character duo wouldn't have the problem of players keeping track of themselves through color... However baby mario and luigi on their own may not be enough of a threat on their own to be a viable playable character...
    THIS MADE ME THINK: "what if baby mario was paired with someone else who wore red? and baby luigi with green, and so on?" ...then i thought of TOAD :)
    If this was the way the duo worked, then toad, as a partner to a baby, would be much more protective, and maybe his role would be preventing endlag to attacks that involve the baby kind of leaping into the fray... this also make this type of pair much more original, instead of being a clone of ice climbers... as far as moves and specials go, maybe they can be a little item/hammer based... not sure about what kinds of moves this could really spawn, as i'm also not sure what kind of moves a pair of two babies would have, but this way we're also adding toad (and maybe kamek and baby bowser?) without putting in hundreds of slots. :D


    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game... (uses Charizard's model)
    maybe use this instead?
    or for reference:

    Dragon trio?**
    Bowser Jr. above and Spyro below as well

    it looks like someone named Gravity on brawlvault is MAKING a moveset for dark samus:

    Welp, time to figure out how to get BrawlEx working with Project M, I guess.


    Also I guess I can show this or whatever:


    This was a test to see how the rig turned out more than anything, really. I was also more interested in learning Maya and making something and not worrying too much about making it too good, but dang, does Maya make things easy once you start to get the hang of it. Mmm mmm.

    The rig is still not quite finished, as you can see by her visor kind of floating separately from the helmet. I haven't figured out a good way to rig the head properly yet, which is why I didn't bother. I'll get to that and some other small tweak eventually, it's always the model stuff that bogs me down and I don't want to screw around with it too much.

    I need to focus on drafting up a moveset, more than anything. :|

    (/END QUOTE)


    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game... (uses Ivysaur's model)
    Dragon trio?**
    **See Bowser Jr. above and Ridley above as well

    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game...

    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game...

    I don't have any particular ideas about this yet, but i do think the character could fit in the game...

    from Infamous
    Jab: Swings his Amp twice, then spins while swinging it again. From inFAMOUS 2. 3, 3 then 4%.

    Ftilt: Holds his hand in front of him, and then creates a mini - explosion from his hand. Good for keeping the opponent away. 9%.
    Dtilt: Crouches and swipes his Amp in front of him. 5%
    Utilt: Holds his Amp in the air, then charges it with electricity. Multi-hitting, sends opponents up. 1, 1, 1, 1, 6%.
    Dash attack: slams his shoulder into the opponent during his Grind dash animation. Similar to Captain Falcon's dash attack. 8%.
    Usmash: Throws some oil above him, which keeps his victims in place, then shoots fire at it, creating a huge explosion. 7%, then 13% uncharged, 9% then 17% fully charged.
    Fsmash: Alpha Blast. Cole shoots a ring of electricity forward, not much range but has high damage and decent knockback with average lag. 16% uncharged, 21% fully charged.
    Dsmash: Ice Barrier. Cole summons 2 icicles on either side of him to attack opponents, both knocking his foes into the air. 12% uncharged, 18% fully charged.
    Neutral special: Alpha Bolts/Pincer Bolt/Magnum Shot: Cole shoots a series of lightning bolts forward. The angle can be changed, and he can continuously shoot them if the special attack button be repeatedly pressed. If held, Cole charges up to either Pincer Bolt, which shoots out 3 slower, more powerful shots up, down and straight forward, or to Magnum Shot, which is a fast, powerful one-shot bolt. All variations sans Pincer Bolt can be angled up or down, but only has an affect on hit box placement, not damage or range or anything. Alpha Bolts: 2% per bolt. Pincer Bolt: 7% per bolt. Magnum Shot: 15%.
    Side special (ground): Sticky/Double Grenade. Cole shoots a grenade of electricity forward at an angle. Should it hit someone and A is not held, the grenade will stick to them and transfer between people until Cole uses side special again or until 10 seconds is up. Essentially a projectile version of Snake's C4. If A is held, then the grenade blows up on contact with the enemy, sending them upward with set knockback, as the grenade sends another one upward to the victim, sending them towards Cole, being good for starting combos. The A button must be held before Cole shoots the grenade. Sticky Grenades are blue, while Double Grenades are red. Sticky Grenade: 10%. Double Grenade: 6% then 5%.
    Side special (air): Lightning Tether. Cole shoots out a string of lightning from his hand. Should he hit an edge with it, it will essentially be a Zair for him. If an enemy gets hit with this, Cole will be dragged over to them while his opponent is stuck in massive hitlag, and Cole can follow up with any attack he chooses except for another Lightning Tether. 6%.
    Up special: Ice Launch. Cole launches himself upward with a huge icicle. On the ground, anyone hit with the icicle will be hit up to Cole and he can hit them with an aerial attack of his choice. In the air, the same hit box doesn't exist, but rather the icicle is pushed down, meteor smashing anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it. 10%
    Down special: Polarity Wall. Cole summons a shield made of electricity to surround him, reflecting projectiles and hitting those who come too close. 4%.
    Nair: Cole spins while holding his Amp out. 7%.
    Fair: Cole swings his Amp up, dealing virtually no knockback to foes. If the attack button is hit again, Cole will swing his Amp downwards, meteor smashing anyone hit by it. 7% then 5%.
    Bair: Cole swings his Amp behind him. Similar to Ike's Bair. 11%
    Uair: Cole holds his Amp up and charges it with electricity. A port of utilt, but this one is one hit and stronger. 11%
    Dair: Thunder Drop. Cole drops down, holding his Amp in front of him. Foes hit by this will be dragged down with Cole until he hits the ground, at which point there will be an explosion based on how long Cole was in the air for; the longer he was in the air, the more damage it does. This could also give him a "MacGrathicide", similar to a Kirbycide or a Bowsercide. 2% each falling hit, 5% short fall, 6% medium fall and 8% large fall.
    Grab: Just grabs his opponent.
    Pummel: Shocks them with electricity. 2%. Fast for a pummel.
    Fthrow: Kinetic Pulse. Cole lifts his opponent with his electromagnetic powers and says "Catch ya later!" before throwing his opponent forward. 9%.
    Bthrow: Cole performs a huge jump around the opponent, wrapping them in his Lightning Tether before landing behind them and yanking them forward, pulling and launching his victim behind their original spot. 9%.
    Uthrow: Cole slides under his opponent before doing a powerful swipe upward with his Amp. Taken from a Finisher in inFAMOUS 2. 10%
    Dthrow: Bio Leech. Cole slams his opponent to the ground and puts his hand to their face, then begins draining their energy. Heals Cole and damages victim. 9% given, 6% healed.
    Final Smash: Can't decide between Beast Cole or Ionic Vortex.
    Beast Cole: The Beast appears in the background as Cole begins absorbing it's power. Once he is finished, The Beast leaves and Cole is left with a huge power increase and has the ability to fly around. Neutral special always shoots Magnum Shots and can be rapid-fired, and he cannot be hit or KOd in this mode.
    Ionic Vortex: Cole whips up a giant tornado that sucks in opponents. Cole can control where it goes, and right before it disappears, Cole shoots a large lightning bolt right down the Vortex, causing huge damage and knockback to everyone hit by it. The Vortex repeatedly hits it's victims into itself for 5%, then the final bolt does 60%.
    Up taunt: Cole forms a ball of electricity in his hands, throws it up, catches it and absorbs it.
    Side taunt: Cole spawns balls of fire/ice and juggles them while saying "I've got time for this" or "You clowns never learn". Taken from Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.
    Down taunt: Cole does an animation similar to one when he absorbs Blast Shards in inFAMOUS 2 while the crowd cheers.
    Victory pose 1: Cole begins absorbing energy from an offscreen source while floating into the air.
    Victory pose 2: Cole swings his Amp then rests it on his shoulder and smiles.
    Victory pose 3: Cole charges up his Amp, then holds it in the air in a victorious manner.
    Lose/No Contest pose: Cole is seen with one knee on the ground, with him holding his head down and resting his shoulder on his Amp that he stuck in the ground.

    (All ideas above by
    Greatest_Aether :D)



    Up B= Rocket jumper
    Neutral B= righteous bison?
    Side B= Beggar's bazooka?
    Down B=

    Up B= "ride the rainbow" xD haha, literally rides rainblower as it spews a stream of rainbow fire downward and propels him upwards
    Neutral B= flare gun plus detonator, or scorch shot (which would detonate only after hitting, after a small delay)
    Side B= airblast- pushes back characters, like water, but also reflects projectiles... takes time to recharge maybe?
    Down B= ?

    Up B= Force a' nature: a short range shotgun blast aimed downwards to spike foes directly beneath you, or flinch foes further away, while propelling you upward.. can be shot twice in air, but will only gain you half as much recovery the second time, and must be used before he "reloads" and drops the second shell
    Neutral B= Sandman: tosses ball upwards and catches it once it comes back down-- if an A attack is inputted while it is airborne, he will hit it in the direction you aim the joystick, but limited to the direction you are facing, and effected by gravity... Smash attacks will hit it farther as well... the ball will hurt foes it hits for 7 damage if tilted, or 13 if smashed, and will put them in a stun mode if aimed directly at their heads, if it travels far enough before it hits them.. the bat swing can hit foes if they are in range as well, and will hit for both the swing an the ball..
    Side B= Flying
    Guillotine: throws a cleaver horizontally at an arching angle that "bleeds" foes, dealing damage over time for a short while (say 4 seconds for 16 damage bleed, after 8 damage initial hit).. will deal more damage if the foe stays in one place, and does not flinch foes to interrupt long attacks or sleeps (or stuns).. if the foe stays still, the bleed will cumulatively deal 32 damage instead over 4 seconds, with the graphic duplicating each time so it's increasingly obvious the foe should move (assuming they don't want to get damaged more)
    Down B= Crit-a-Cola/Bonk! Atomic Punch: can drink only after 96 seconds pass from the last time it is consumed and finished, or is available on respawn -- will give you a mini buff that lasts 8 seconds that either --
    -- if Crit-a-Cola -- will allow you a mini buff that increases damage and knockback to all your attacks for the next 8 seconds, but will also take more damage and knockback while active
    -- if Bonk! Atomic Punch -- will reduce knockback from attacks and only take 3/4 as much damage for the next 8 seconds, but will also not be able to knock foes as far either, and will only deal 3/4 as much damage from attacks


    Up B= loose canon aimed downward.. if held, will deal more damage and launch you farther, but will have less range
    Neutral B= grenade?.. maybe just lobs it instead of shooting it
    (for once... maybe? otherwise, maybe just the loch'n'load, but I'd like to think about it more...)
    Side B= Charge n' Targe: Will charge horizontally a set distance unless interrupted with a jump or any attack*, or if it makes contact with an opponent and will knock them horizontally --
    -- if used in air, can use "ullapool caber*" as a second Side B during charge, or once contact is made, to gain a jump off the character while exploding on them; however, will not jump off foes unless ullapool caber makes contact..

    -- if used on ground, can use "eyelander*" as a second Side B during charge, or once contact is made to simply increase damage if timed after initial hit, or to hit with eyelander (sword) instead, without shield bash knockback if swung before contact with charge is made.. (which still does more damage, but hits at a higher diagonal angle)
    charge will put you into helpless if used in air, regardless of if you interrupt it with a jump or not, however, if Ullapool hits correctly, you will not go into helpless, and charge may be used again. also charge may be interrupted with aerial attacks, Up B, Down B, or Neutral B, however, all will catch and slow your momentum a little, and B moves will end the momentum completely, and reset to regular air mobility speed with directions held..
    Down B= Stickybomb Launcher (and detonator): fires off up to 4 bombs on the stage, and may detonate by holding B.. will detonate all bombs at once, and if you are in blast range, will send you upwards with a hit box on your body (like a human rocket), but will only deal a small amount of damage to you, and will not make you flinch..

    Up B= Uppercut: uses KGBeast gloves to uppercut and rise with punch, akin to shuryuken, but without turning his body as much..
    Neutral B= ?

    Side B= Shotugn (could be family business?)
    Down B= Uulong heater: pulls out minigun and surrounds self in ring of fire, but only fires short range... or maybe iron curtain, so it's very wide range, but not very long...

    Up B= Eureka effect teleport
    Neutral B= PDA options. switches Down B's effect. if after activated, you hold it down, you may start to build your carried option, making Down B instant instead, while making you heavier until you drop the item, and walk a little bit slower
    Side B= pomson/rescue ranger... if rescue ranger, can shoot to build a placed construct from a distance, or pick it up if B is held... if pomson, then cool penetrating laser blasts :D
    Down B= 3 options, swapped by Neutral B:]

    1- plots down a mini sentry for a few seconds, but must be held, and doesn't flinch foes as it shoots at them, but pushes a tiny bit (like water with damage, but less push).. takes 3 seconds to build
    2- puts down a teleport spot, like snakes mines, and can be teleported to if pressed again, but can be broken from enemy attacks, or after being used.. takes 4.5 seconds to build
    3- slams down a dispenser and heals for a small amount- takes a few seconds to build if doesn't hit someone, and breaks if hit or after use, but can take one hit (like a shield), and will build instantly if it is broken open onto a foe (cancels if clanged).. takes 6 seconds to build


    Up B= Grapple hook aims upward and hooks you to foes to bounce and refresh after a few frames if you grapple to them and successfully hit them, or will auto aim to ledges otherwise
    Neutral B= hold down to remain invis while moving slowly. any quick movements will end invisibility while still consuming invis meter, and you cannot smash attack or use other B moves while invis until you release... however, your invis remains for a few frames after you release, so you may charge up attacks while only just reappearing if done in succession... meter is able to be filled with successful L'Etranger shots, successful smash attacks or "special stabs", or on successful taunts
    Side B= L'Etranger: shots deal little damage, and can fire off 6 shots before needing to stop, but each successful hit adds meter to your charges for invisibility

    Down B= Dead Ringer: a counter where he drops a fake body that pretends to get hit (a fake body is sent flying or flinches) and spy comes from behind to back stab.. becomes weaker if used in succession unless you have charges from successful smash attacks, L'Etranger shots, or on successful taunts (including succesfull counters landed, but not enough to fill meter)

    Up B= Kanga Kickers jump (the cosmetic xP) it's the only thing resembling a mode of recovery i could find, so maybe if this was used it could be an up B that lets you jump and then quickly fall, similar to D3, and then pseudo-footstool an enemy if you land on them on your way down while only lightly spiking them and bouncing out of helpless (maybe refresh recovery), or if you jump through an enemy your jump increases a little, while still only lightly spiking them.. however, there would be a sweetspot hard spike if you are directly on top of an enemy when you kick off, and a higher jump if you do...
    Neutral B= The Classic: sniper rifle shot that can be angled if grounded or will shoot directly horizontally if airborne.. will gain power as it is charged and have a thin team colored light beam guide that glows brighter and grows longer as it is charged longer.. bullets travel very quickly and break on contact if not charged, however will not be clangeable if charged all the way, but will still stop on contact with one foe.. attacks from behind will do less damage while sniping
    Side B= Jarate
    Down B= Huntsman arrows that knock foes at a horizontal angle, and arch from gravity.. can be angled if grounded, however will auto aim at a semi vertical diagonal angle towards if airborne

    Up B= Wings of Purity flight (the cosmetic xP) it's the only thing resembling a mode of recovery i could find, so maybe if this was used it could be an up B that activates a short flight mode, akin to pit's
    Neutral B= Medigun
    Side B= Syringe Gun: hold to fire off up to ten shots.. deals 20 damage if all hit land, has short range, fires a bit scattered, and only has a 1 in 4 chance to cause flinch, and will only flinch foes as much as the super scope shots... can be angled a little, but bullets are effected by gravity--
    --Smash Side B= Crusader's Crossbow: hits harder and can be fired a bit faster if you smash than tilt side B, but has a smaller window to tilt, and doesn't tilt as much.. is effected by gravity, but travels quicker, so can reach farther, and hits at a more horizontal angle, but leaves a larger trail and is easily more visible.. only fires one at a time versus the 20 syringes in 2.0 seconds..

    Down B= Vaccinator switch: can increase durability to either fire, explosions, slashes, or direct hits by reducing knockback and a little damage to whichever mode you have active... activate by pressing once and cycle through by tapping repeatedly until you have the one you want, like with shulk in sm4sh, and it will give you the appropriate armor for a limited time... charges for this are added by landing smash attacks (ubersaw) or by slowly self healing with Neutral B (like ivysaur in projectM) --- or if you have stacked three charges, you can use kritzkreig, which increases damage and knockback to your moves, but increases your own knockback and damage intake by a little too... (this would be added as an additional option to the others, but requires full charge to be used, and will still last only as long as one armor charge)

    No particular ideas yet

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  2. NEWB

    NEWB New Member

    On the road to Viridian City!
    So you have ideas for these characters moves then? I am very limited on my knowledge of these characters.

    I hate to say this, but this thread is most likely premature. I can't imagine any more additions untill pichu is refined. Samus also needs a lot of work... or none practically if they'd just revert her to 2.6......
  3. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    i have some ideas for a full paper mario moveset, a lot of ideas for OoT link(s), and i guess i could pull up possible moves or items and unlockable moves that exist in ray's games, and etc as i go down the list, but i was hoping to receive a little feedback as far as whether anyone wants to discuss it or not first... i finally have today off from class, so i was gonna post a few moveset ideas today... check up on it later and tell me what you think
  4. NEWB

    NEWB New Member

    On the road to Viridian City!
    Yeah sure. I think I'm kinda hard to please though. I'd rather see moves in practice than discussing it. I'm not the guy that usually figures out how moves should work if you have to literally create all a characters combos and moves. I got experience with psa or even using foreign psa from off the brawl vault.
  5. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    alright, i posted some stuff for paper mario... i remember someone mentioning they'd like a moveset for him without the partners though, so i posted one moveset for with, and i guess if enough suggestions are posted, i'll write out a moveset list for without... ...also, i'm tired, so i stopped there... i'll pick up on the next one (links) later xP
  6. NEWB

    NEWB New Member

    On the road to Viridian City!
    The issue with paper Mario here is you got button commands all over the place. Remember that Mario probably moving around while doing these things or even avoiding and attacking other foes. There would need to be a lot more fixed things about this. Pretty tough to do, it mention creating the partners....

    That's why I suggested that a badge based moveset would be much better to do, with perhaps a sticker star final smash. It would be too weird to try and do stickers alongside badges, so that would make a great medium between old and new paper Mario.
  7. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    well one possibility is giving something like 3De's minions... make it so his side B throws a partner that attacks, except replace the gordo with the koopa and make the waddle doos explode, or something... that way the partners are still incorporated, but maybe not taking up so many moves :p ...also, the badge moves could go over some of his A attacks, like the down smash could be the quake hammer instead and hit people off the ground, and make the side smash do the spin hammer..? ... ...something like that could work better, maybe... the dash attack could be that spin dash thing from paper mario on N64... ...stuff like that could work
  8. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    i'm pretty tired and bored and you guys aren't responding... this is very discouraging... /-\
  9. NEWB

    NEWB New Member

    On the road to Viridian City!
    I believe it was said that d3s minions are an article and if you replace them for something else, d3 will have paper Mario's partners.... It'd be cool if we could do that, but that may not be possible.
  10. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    :p what if we were able to clone d3 and edit the clone's minions?.. then it would all be a matter of rerigging and sizing and modeling, but the articles we need should all be there...? ...can someone explain why this is or isn't possible or what makes articles so hard to change like this?? xP
  11. Thor

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    B- FC:
    Is it wrong that I want literally none of these characters at all (and distinctly want to keep Ridley [and some other characters, especially Ridley] out of the game??

    Actually Waluigi wouldn't be that bad, and adding Tails wouldn't be so bad either.

    But I'd rather see Roy and Mewtwo come back before any of these.

    I have ideas for Lloyd Irving, but I doubt people want him.
  12. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    well i can add lloyd to this list, and depending on popularity, i can revise the order from most popular to least, but i'd like you to post any move ideas you can think of, or maybe a brawl vault download or something if you especially like any of them...
  13. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    ok, i have to post this:

    i've been following the progress of this guy's different versions of a "perfect waluigi", and it's amazing how far he's come... so far he hasn't given this to project m or anyone -- it seems to be a stand alone project -- and i was hoping if you guys were interested, we could ask this awesome animator if he's interested in bringing the project to minus... so far, the moves feel like they're a wario version of luigi, or a luigi version of wario, but i guess it was made to be balanced with project M so far, so some things would be cool to see added [his side b seems to resemble PM wario's more than vBrawl (or minus) wario's], but it would be awesome to bring it out in a future update :D
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  14. Bent 00

    Bent 00 Longtime Limit Breaker

    B- FC:
  15. Gold_TSG

    Gold_TSG Can't stop The Dorf Train.

    He looks kinda awkward animation-wise, but that is pretty awesome. His victory taunt had be rolling.
  16. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    awesome, his team just told me he's planning on making a brawl minus version as well.. he said he wants this hack as accessible as possible, and i think he means that he wants to make it easily compatible, but i was hoping to see the Devs here take this themselves and maybe make a version that fits alongside Wario as well.. like i said, the side b could be changed to something similar to how Wario has the bike.. Wario doesn't have that in PM, so i think that may be why this Waluigi version has that swimmy looking thing and that leg sweep "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku" looking attack... if made in minus, i'm sure he'd get some items like bombs or smoke-ball or something that feels more like Waluigi from his games than in some "combat" form made for PM... he IS Waluigi after all...
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  17. Bashdemears

    Bashdemears Jiggs2stronk

    I want Randy Savage Macho Man
  18. NEWB

    NEWB New Member

    On the road to Viridian City!
    That looks pretty damn good! I want to see this get into minus officially. It just looks so close to completion! After he releases his minus version, I really hope our devs get behind it :)
  19. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    EXACTLY :) i've been looking through the brawlvault and found a few really well made hacks that also seem unique, like this one cloud moveset i prefer over others, but this waluigi moveset, and this one shadow moveset... a few of these are just above and beyond expectations... and if the dev team got behind these ones too, then who knows how well the characters could fit in??
    ... i'd love to see the minus team try to make a grey fox moveset, a shadow moveset, and a waluigi moveset... these characters already have a model and a few sounds in brawl thanks to being assist trophies, so that might help expedite their completion... other sounds could replace maybe the boss sound effects, like the way this waluigi is planning on replacing porky's sounds... ...

    i guess i just felt like waluigi got left out, and sonic and metal gear could have some more representation... other than those characters, the only other characters i could see coming into the game are either from melee (mewtwo/roy), from other games, or from boss battles, like ridley or petey piranha (tbh, i don't think petey should be a character, but it kinda bugged me that he was a boss when bowser was "only a fighter" :p)...

    oh, and i guess i'll eventually take down a lot of those characters above from the list, but i want to keep the three AT characters i mentioned, and maybe a few more... so i'm not going to make a poll yet, because i want to eventually write a moveset idea for these guys first, but after i narrow down the number of characters, i'm also going to put up another thread for the ideas i have for characters in the game, like the luigi-poltergust-taunt thing or the star fox Assault blasters ideas i mentioned in OtherAether's thread... ...

    EDIT: i forgot to mention that i kinda like the idea of putting Lyn in too, since as is there are very few female fighters in the game :p
  20. The Concept

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    I have a Shadow that I got from the brawl vault that I added to my custom build of minus, along with PM's Mewtwo and Roy, because I couldn't find a better Roy and Mewtwo. I want to reweigh them(Roy and Mewtwo) so that they aren't as heavy but I don't know how, and for some reason that I haven't been able to figure out, Shadow can't finish a match (freeze). His moveset is different from Sonic's and incorporates attacks from Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Battle for the GBA. I can pass it along if you wish to look at it, just to get some ideas.

    EDIT: Just watched the Waluigi vid. It's not easy making a Waluigi moveset, because he isn't in any of the canon Mario or Wario games (if you can call any of them "canon"), but only Mario Kart, Mario Sports, and Mario Party, so I commend the maker of the moveset. I personally would love to see him in Minus. I don't have much (any) knowledge in PSA, but I'd be willing to test anyone's ideas if you send me the files.
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  21. justadood

    justadood Just a dood with ideas


    for shadow, nay be a missing result file..

    for roy and mewtwo, i am REALLY against using the original movesets from melee or the PM movesets... personally, i did like one particular roy moveset that had some different attacks and animations, but i don't remember the name, and if i recall correctly, it still had a lot of the same moves anyway :p

    for waluigi's moveset, i would recommend an item based down B or side B... i do kind of like the "swim" side B more than the lame combo (down B), but i wouldn't mind either one changing (just as long as the down B isn't the same as it's current one) ... idea is to give him a special bob-bomb that he rolls onto the ground that explodes after a time limit, or getting hit (HIT, not TOUCHED)... maybe it can even walk around :p but it should definitely be larger than the current bob-bomb item, so it resembles its appearance in mario-kart as closely as possible... it could be a double effect move... like maybe there's a chance it blows up in his face and launches him diagonally, to kind of resemble wario's waft or luigi's green missile... another idea is to make it already a "blow-up-in-your-face" tactic.... one idea i'd REALLY like is to give him a special interaction with it, like ness/lucas's pk-thunder so it hurts other people if they hit it, but gives him a recovery if he does... then the hold down B could make him automatically attack it at the end, so you can detonate it immediately or have the option to tap down B and hit it when it lands...
  22. The Concept

    The Concept Philosopher & Assassin

    The Deepest Corner of Your Mind
    B- FC:
    Hmm, I understand you being adverse to non-orginal movesets, but I honestly don't have skills in PSA. Shadow...I've checked everything, I'll retry using Sonic's result file and renaming it. The bob-omb idea could work imo, but I think it would have to be fine tuned to not be too similar to Snake moves. What about a Final Smash? Perhaps something from the Mario sport games?
  23. Other Aether

    Other Aether Mediator

    If anyone can make and fully animate (all the moves) a model, I'll make/balance a Brawl- PSA for them. This includes other people's characters, such as Mewtwo and Roy.
    What about spawning 4 Waluigi assist trophies?
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  24. The Concept

    The Concept Philosopher & Assassin

    The Deepest Corner of Your Mind
    B- FC:
    Hahaha, I would love to see that. It'd be kind of cool, effective, yet wacky like Waluigi is. If the player is wearing the same costume color as the assist trophies, he could blend with the others. Opponents couldn't tell the difference until it was too late, except for the player number icon appearing above him or usernames.
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  25. Other Aether

    Other Aether Mediator

    And the stomping, and the way they walk XD

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