Brawl Minus 4.0BC: A New Era!

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    Since the dawn of time, when the Minusaurs roamed the earth, one question still remains an illusion to us: "When will Brawl Minus 4.0 get out of beta?" "When will we be able to experience the very best Brawl Minus has to offer?" Well, as of right now, we've prepared the best we have to offer for you today!

    But we can do better yet, so this is still not 4.0.

    Welcome to Brawl Minus 4.0BC; Before Completion. Like Evolution itself, each version builds on the last and improves its flaws, and BC is no exception. Enter the likes of our first new characters in two years, Waluigi and Mewtwo, and wreak havoc with the many changes provided in this build, and take on tons of new styles! This is the newest evolution of Brawl Minus, and it's finally here!

    Download Brawl Minus 4.0BC here!

    If you have downloaded 4.0BC before September 7th at 6:30 PM EST, please redownload!

    Root folder for most Minus files is now Minusery instead of Private

    Global Attributes:
    Fall Speed: 1.1 -> 1.05
    Jump Speed: 1.0 -> 1.05
    Hop Speed: 1.0 -> 1.05

    Announcer and Master/Crazy Hand has been changed to Elliot Gindi/SIXSIXSIXDAMAGE
    Entering the CSS now says "CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER" instead of "SURVIVAL"

    Removed codes related to Pokemon Trainer

    Waluigi joins Brawl Minus as the first newcomer into the series! Scream at, Breakdance on, and swing your tennis racket all over your foes as Luigi's self-proclaimed rival! Waluigi has plenty of jump height, but not as much horizontal movement. His Down Special is also a mixed bag of moves, so be sure to utilize all of the many tricks this cheater has up his sleeve! Or you can rely on the classic WAA!, which you can charge to maximum power!

    A special thanks to MarioKing64DS for giving us permission to Minusify this character
    Mewtwo Strikes Back!

    Once again take control of the legendary psychic pokemon and see how he takes over the world of Brawl Minus! Shadow Ball now hits through opponents, but perhaps the most terrifying change is his Teleport, which can now not only be cancelled into attacks, but used twice in the air! And if you think you can escape your fate, THINK AGAIN! Mewtwo has foreseen this with his new Down Special, Future Sight, and will catch you in its trap, allowing him to come in for the kill! The era of Mewtwo has just begun!

    A special thanks to Starwaffle and Pik for the models and the former PMDT for the animations
    Standing grab
    Active frames 4-6 -> 6-8

    Waddle Toss
    - Slowed endlag a bit (fsm 2.5 -> 2.2)
    Grab cancel is now only on-hit

    Auto-Cancel Frame 33 -> 30

    Rocketbarrel Jetpack
    -No longer goes into Special Fall, can only be used once per airtime
    -End animation changed to reflect this.
    Hop V 1.95 -> 2.34
    Jumpsquat 3 -> 4

    Cancel frame 31 -> 25, Landlag 7 -> 9

    Cancel frame 31 -> 25, Landlag 9 -> 11

    Momentum boost x1.1

    sliding off ledges is allowed in more subactions, making it behave more proper and less clunky

    Can now grab edge during charge animation.
    Can now grab the edge during the "moving" animation, instead of just the end

    SFX changed to be identical to Melee's
    4 new recolors added!

    Auto Cancel Added at interrupt

    Landing lag reduced when landing perfectly on a platform

    Endlag 8 -> 15
    Cooldown 25 -> 20
    This change was made to reduce judgespam while also not making the move's cooldown too too long.

    Dash Attack
    No longer stage spikes opponents grabbing the ledge
    - reverted to 3.Q

    - Jump V 2.54 -> 2.667
    - Hop V 1.538 -> 1.615

    Dash Attack
    - Now gets armor on Frame 7

    Gerudo Dragon
    - Fixed this move having Super Armor
    Griel Ike costume and 3 recolors added!

    - momentum compensated for additional gravity

    - no longer puts people into downed status

    -grounded cancel adjusted to disallow spot dodges.
    -Air end animation changed to go to Fall rather than Special Fall

    Charging in the air now behaves the same as charging on the ground

    Ledge grab limit reduced from 5-3
    No longer has Super Armor
    Can no longer heal Ike to below 0% if Ike has between 1-3% damage
    4 recolors added!

    kbg increased by 5 to prevent ease of chain grabbing.

    No longer stage spikes opponents

    Final Cutter
    Removed all cancels other than Wall jump and ledge grab.
    A lot of the cancels had lead into infinite recoveries due to how quick most of his aerials and dodges are, so we couldn't keep this function in any longer. Wall Jump and ledge grab however are harmless and thus were kept.

    Copy Abilities
    Marth- added lingering hitbox after initial thrust with slightly more shield damage than Marth's.

    Final Smash
    Fixed a bug where Kirby would enter an endless loop VS. Ice Climbers
    4 recolors added!

    Explosion GFX readded

    Royal Rampage
    Royal Rampage immediately enters endlag when walking offstage.
    While this does aid Bowser players in small ways, this was primarily done to make his AI a bit less of a joke, since it thinks it's using Fire Breath.
    Item Throw Power reduced from 1.5 to 1.25
    This allowed us to nerf both the power of his bombs and his Deku Nuts without touching the items directly
    All alt colors reworked

    gravity increased 0.0625 -> 0.0665
    Removed self damage on standard utaunt
    removed self damage on max aura sphere charging

    - Now takes lucario up to 999%.

    Double Team
    - Grab cancel removed
    - slowed reapper a bit.(fsm=.9)

    - hitbox 1 size 10 -> 8.5
    - hitbox 1 Y 25 -> 22

    - most distant hitbox X pos 18 -> 15.3

    - 4 frames endlag added before cancel
    - 6 frames landing lag added
    - both hits:
    - hitbox 1 size 6 -> 4.5
    - hitbox 2 size 7 -> 5.5
    - hitbox 1 y pos -5 -> -3
    - hitbox 2 y pos -5 -> -3

    - increased endlag (fsm=.8)

    - most distant hitbox size 5 -> 3.6
    - second hitbox X pos -4 -> -2

    - Cap 1.0 max, .6 min -> 3.0 max, 1.0 min
    - Stock scaling removed
    - Aura scaling changed to 1.0 min, 1.0 baseline at 998%, 3.0 at 999%
    Chimera Lucas and 3 recolors added!

    Now given a tapped variant that does not freeze foes

    removed stun element
    This was done to remove an infinite that was discovered with Lucas that worked against half the roster.
    Princess? Luigi and 3 recolors added!

    Green missile:
    - Nerfed first hitbox knockback a bit.

    - Added 2 secondary hitboxes to the move. Now has 3 total, descending in power.
    While the first hitbox is really strong, the second and third are incrementally weaker.
    the second hitbox comes out frame 24, and the last comes out on frame 36. there is only
    ever 1 hitbox active, the others are removed before the others come out

    - Now loses most of his momentum if he connects with a shielding opponent.
    In previous versions, we had noticed that Green Missile was not only stronger in kill power than Super Jump Punch, but it was also much safer, effectively making Super Jump Punch pointless outside of recovery or being at the very top. Green Missile now has some risks to it that would make a Luigi player think about his options more

    Super Jump Punch
    -nerfed sourspot hitbox a bit, killing off the top at anything about 60 was a bit much for luigi's damage output and air to ground transition.
    The sweetspot hitbox has not been altered.

    Final Smash
    Welcome to MINUS WORLD.
    Everything but Luigi is now completely frozen in time.
    His foes cannot escape anything coming to them.
    They won’t even realize they’ve been KO’d.
    Time flows again.
    Side Taunt
    -Animation reverted back to Brawl animation to fix animation issues.
    -0.4* Frame Speed Modifier added on Frame 41 until Frame 61 (making the wait between the two Frame points about 50 Frames).
    -Metal is activated on Frame 72 (technically Frame 132).
    -Can interrupt on Frame 81 (technically Frame 141)
    -Total length increased to about 160 Frames from 150 Frames.
    In short, we fixed the Metal Cap animation's quirks and slightly sped up how long it takes to get Metal.

    -Will now use the double UpB if he is below the edge
    Famicom Marth and 3 recolors added!
    NES Meta Knight and 3 recolors added!

    Dimensional Cape:
    Sweetspot kbg 101 -> 95

    Drill Rush:
    Startup 15 frames -> 17 frames
    Endlag 8 (on final hitbox hit)/30 -> 15
    Final hit knockback 1 WBK -> 50 BKB
    Now transitions into grounded ending animation when landing
    PJ Ness and 3 recolors (one Minus exclusive) added

    PK Flash
    No longer goes into Special Fall

    PK Thunder 1
    Added a small pulsing hitbox around Ness that can repel foes. This hitbox comes up every 15 frames and deals small damage and knockback.

    Press A to OKAY! moved here from side taunt
    The easter egg that used to be on side taunt was originally a leftover from Bat Ness, but we moved it to the proper taunt so you can OKAY even more
    Turnip Pull:
    Can no longer be performed out of special tumble states (shield break fall, star ko, etc)
    Fixed an RNG related glitch where Peach would not pluck items with the intended frequencies (specifically Peach should now be able to pull green shells)
    The reason Peach pulled nothings in 4.0b was because she was attempting to pull Snorlax and Waluigi (the Assist Trophy). However, Pokemon and Assist Trophies aren't always loaded, so she tried to pull unloaded data, winding up in pulling nothing. Now she will pull something that is always loaded in any match.
    All recolors reworked, Melee alts added, Ukelelechu added

    - furthest hitbox x-offset 16 -> 14
    - second furthest hitbox x-offset 11.5 -> 10.5
    - closest hitbox x-offset 7 -> 8

    - BKB 53 -> 57, KBG 22 -> 25, Angle 138 -> 133

    - Charged self-damage 10 -> 8

    - Charged self-damage 8 -> 6
    - Charged shield damage 48 -> 32 (total damage to shields, 56.4 -> 40.4)
    - Looping outer hitboxes size 5.2 -> 4.8, Y-Offset 6.4 -> 6.0, X-Offset 8.0 -> 8.2
    - Looping inner hitboxes size 2.9 -> 3.4

    - Charged self-damage 10 -> 6

    - Charged self-damage 12 -> 10

    - BKB 74 -> 78
    - KBG 74 -> 70
    - Angle 49 -> 55

    - Damage 8 -> 6
    - Trajectory 108 -> 75
    - Y-Offset 0 -> 7
    - KBG 67 -> 84
    - BKB 73 -> 76
    - Hitlag multiplier 1.25 -> 1.75
    - Up-special cancel removed
    Now players shouldn't be able to CHUU as hard
    Skull Bash
    Wall jump cancel added

    Looping hits removed (always strong hit)
    Final hit damage 10 -> 17, shield damage 0 -> 12, kbg 116 -> 80
    Pikmin Toss
    - Cancel moved back 3 frames (18 -> 21)
    Is now Heavenly Light. Shower foes above you with non-flinching damage while performing this move.

    Pit can no longer use this move multiple times in the air
    This was removed due to it leading to Pit having an infinite recovery. Don't worry though, Pit Players, you still have your SideB in the air to aid your recovery!
    Pokemon Trainer has been removed from the game
    This section is only really here so it won't have to be explained in each Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard's sections. Pokemon Trainer has been a longtime stay in Minus, but his removal was decided on for the following reasons: To fix bugs related to spawning and buffers (sometimes they would suddenly UpB right from the respawn pad despite you not pressing anything) as well as the difficulty of balancing Squirtle Ivysaur and Charizard with the ability to change into one another at will, given they are all drastically different characters in terms of weight power and playstyle. In turn, each Pokemon now has a grounded DownB and a unique Final Smash.
    5 recolors added!

    Bullet seed:
    Velocity gain increased to adjust for gravity changes

    Ivysaur forgot Leaf Storm
    and has learned Giga Drain!
    Grab your foes and draw them to you for a healing grab! Great for when you’re in a pinch!

    Final Smash
    Is now Solar Beam
    5 recolors added!

    Fair redesigned to be smaller but slower, and stronger.

    Is now Dragon Rush
    Dragon Rush is a horizontal recovery move with mild heavy armor and hits multiple times.

    UpB ledgesnap changed from 9-4

    Is now Stealth Rock. Stealth Rock can be B Reversed.

    Final Smash
    Is now Blast Burn Blitz
    Charizard fires off 10 non-aimed Blast Burns in rapid succession! use this move wisely!
    5 recolors added!

    Improved entry animation

    Now has a grounded variation of Aqua Jet (DownB)

    Final Smash is now Whirlpool
    Squirtle creates a deadly whirlpool around him that traps foes inside. He can move along the ground while using this move.
    Note: For the sake of simplicity, the name Nana is used to refer to the Partner Climber, and likewise, Popo refers to the climber you play as.

    Can now only die when in hitstun
    While this doesn't affect too much compared to her only being able to die in special fall, it does fix a few flukes and ensure that Nana's death comes from her opponent, not from her messing up.

    Solo upwards initial velocity 1.9 -> 2.8

    Squall Hammer
    Nana snap distance 30 -> (basically) infinite
    Initial solo grounded velocity reduction 25%/10% -> 0%
    Gravity .1 -> .065
    Max downwards velocity 2.8 -> 1.8
    Mash window 6 -> 8
    Mash boost .6/.8 -> .8/.9
    Aerial solo initial vertical velocity boost .6 -> 1.2
    Grounded acceleration .09 -> .1
    Grounded max horizontal velocity 1.1 -> 1.3
    Aerial acceleration .08 -> .09
    Aerial max horizontal velocity 1.3 -> 1.5
    Synced wall bounce momentum conservation .75 -> .5
    Can grab ledge after frame 12/13

    tl;dr version: Nana will teleport to Popo at the start of squall hammer similarly to belay and Squall Hammer generally moves slightly faster and is more responsive

    Nana can now grab again
    All of Nana's throws freeze foes to prevent infinites
    Down-throw BKB 40 -> 50

    Cancels removed

    Side Taunt
    Gravity has been removed, replaced with Secret Power
    Jigglypuff spins around and poses, unleashing a Secret Power. What kind of power? That's a secret!
    Uncharged laser now hits straight up on grounded targets. Still hits away aerial targets.
    Uncharged laser knockback on grounded targets E/E -> 46/E
    Base Knockback increased, Growth decreased

    Charged laser attribute reverted to Paralyze.

    Grounded side-B reverted to 2.X.6
    R.O.B. will now fly towards his foes while using this move, but only if he starts this move while on the ground.
    Grounded side-B reflect property removed, still reflects things when he starts this move in the air.
    When we took the zoom functionality out in 4.0b, we saw R.O.B. got hurt by this more than we expected, and we we researched him, we found it was only really broken when he gained tons of momentum in the air with it. Thus, why the function was only restored on the ground, and was given different utility in the air. Now R.O.B. should have a decent way of getting in on his opponents again!
    Awakening Roy and 3 recolors added!

    Up Smash
    Reworked, is now a single sweeping hit

    Neutral Air
    Damage increased on sweetspot by 2% on both swings
    Landing lag reduced by 5 frames

    Forward Air
    Ending lag reduced by 5 frames
    Landing lag reduced by 4 frames

    Up Air
    Added Fire GFX when using the attack
    Ending lag reduced by 2 frames

    Down Air
    Ending lag reduced by 3 frames

    Angle changed from 50- 60.

    Kbg reduced by 20.

    Flame Dash
    Fixed his facial expression

    Last hit Bkb reduced by 40
    Last hit Kbg increased by 39
    Last hit damage increased by 2%

    Final Smash
    Roy can no longer heal into negative percents

    Results Screen
    Roy is no longer a manlet
    Power Bomb
    Cancel removed from ending animation.
    This is to prevent a cheesy strategy that involved Samus covering herself in a barrier of power bomb explosions.
    Impa Sheik and 3 recolors added!

    Dash Attack
    Added intangibility so to prevent her from being hit while invisible.

    Up B
    Intangibility restored to prevent her from being hit while invisible. 0.8 FSM added after hitbox terminates to add endlag making it more punishable.
    MGS Snake and 3 recolors added!
    Racing Suit Sonic and 3 recolors added!

    Cancel into Spring is now an on-hit cancel
    knockback angle changed to be a standard meteor
    nAir, bAir
    Kill power reduced

    Jump Cancel moved from frame 15 -> 19

    Ice Arrows
    Are now flinchless when on the ground
    Before, Ice Arrows were a major nuisance on the ground. Disrupting the foe by imprisoning them in ice, and then sliding them away in a way that is hard for TL to follow up on (but still gave him a positional advantage). Now, Ice Arrows are better in the air for snipes, while Fire Arrows are better on the ground for traps, and Light Arrows are the best of both worlds.

    KO Power reduced, KB Angle changed to be less vertical

    Pull speed reduced from x1.7 FSM to x1.6
    Now has little to no gravity in the air.

    Wario Waft (UpB)
    Fixed a glitch where he would not gain any height with this move if hit by a windbox

    Wario will now let go of whatever item he was holding when spawning the crate. The item will be placed next to him on the crate.
    This fixes a bug where the crate would not spawn if Wario was holding an item when using this move.

    Hitboxe durations now properly match animation
    reduced priority
    landing hitbox removed
    Wario is no longer bAir: The Character
    4 recolors added!

    Can no longer jump in the air for 20 frames after your previous jump.
    This is to prevent Yoshi players from accidentally wasting both of their midair jumps.
    Young Zelda and 3 recolors added!

    Magic GFX added to all dodges

    Up B
    Growth drastically increased, making it into a KO move.
    Venus Lighthouse
    This stage has been added over Mario Kart.

    Peach's Castle
    Is now back over Mushroomy Kingdom
    Bowser's Castle makes its grand return!

    Dreamland 64
    This stage now replaces Dream Greens

    The following stages have had their boundaries changed:
    Stage boundry changes (Dead Horizontal/Cam Horizontal, Dead High/Cam High, Dead Low/Cam Low
    Battlefield: (230/170, 180/130, -115/-50) -> (230/180, 180/150, -115/-70)
    Final Destination: (240/180, 180/130, -115/-60) -> (240/190, 180/150, -115/-70)
    Pokemon Stadium 2: (250/180, 180/130, -125/-50) -> (250/200, 180/150, -125/-80)
    Spear Pillar: (230/160, 180/130, -115/-50) -> (230/180, 180/150, -115/-70)
    Smashville: (220/160, 180/130, -115/-50) -> (220/170, 180/150, -115/-70)

    Halberd: (230/160, 190/140, -95/-20) -> (230/180, 190/160, -95/-50)
    Fountain of Dreams: (198.75/123.75, 202.5/112.5, -146.25/-84.75) -> (200/150, 200/170, -145/-100)
    Lylat Cruise: (230/160, 180/130, -125/-50) -> (230/180, 180/150, -125/-80)
    Yoshi's Story: (~175/~125, 168/118.3, -91/-49.7) -> (175/125, 170/140, -90/-45)
    Wario Ware: (170/130, 180/130, -104/20) -> (210/160, 180/150, -105/-60)
    Lavender Town: (200/145, 200/155, -100/-35) -> (200/150, 200/170, -100/-55)

    Fixed certain stage images and names being wrong on the SSS
    Fixed some menus having the wrong color text
    Fixed Giga Drain going into its bThrow animation after connecting
    Fixed several characters having incorrect BPs
    Fixed Menu SFX

    As it has been said time and time again, BREAK THE LIMITS!
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    So, I finally got my own version? It's about time! XD

    Love you guys. =3
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    Thank you!
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    Guys, can you fix the netplay download?
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    The changelog is missing a spoiler for Falco, Wolf, DK, Captian Falcon, and ZSS, were they just unchanged?
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    Thank you! <3
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    I thought of you when I saw this. I am f***ing ecstatic!! I am downloading right now
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    lol the download died so fast
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    B- FC:
    So it appears fallspeed increase was cut in half [I believe it was 1.0 originally], and jump/hop [I assume FH/SH] was adjusted as well? Hmm... wonder how it'll feel...


    I have no idea why Fox jumpsquat was adjusted, but lol 20XX SFX.

    lol Ganon nerfs [I understand them because they're intended to make moves work as intended, but still, lol]

    No more Aether super armor? Interesting... not sure how I feel about that. More gimpable, but more interactive...

    Did Kirby lose the shockwave cancel [i.e., the ability to just shoot out the projectile on the ground]? If so, RIP that... I'd think there would have been another way to patch that... also, couldn't people just have limited final cutter to twice per airtime or something??? [Disregard this complaint if it can still make shockwaves while grounded.]

    Yay Bowser RR buff [technically].

    Yay Link item nerfs [indirectly]. I wonder if it allows bomb jumping?

    Clutch Lucario double team nerf, not sure what aura means [he only gets aura at 999%? can he super taunt whenever now?], don't think dair landing lag needed nerfs [that's a staple as almost lagless in other smash games, so it seems weird, although it is more powerful in Minus so ehhhhhhh].

    This post is plenty long *and* I have to go somewhere so I'll finish reading the changelog later [please please please tell me Pikachu SH AC dair is back...] and comment what else I think afterwards. So far, it looks like what I'd guess is several steps in the right direction.
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    I would be playing this game so hard if the download hurried up

    ...And my Wii lens wasn't dirty.
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    What app loads the Minusery files now? Minima or LXP launcher?
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    Thanks doq.
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    Why can't I download the brawl art version?
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    Why would you want to is the question.
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    Because of all the great vBrawl style alt portaits Mach 7 made?
    Because the portraits match the style of the icons?
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    is it just me, or are all the DL links broken?

    the mediafire one doesn't load the captcha and the others just don't load period, does anyone have a mirror?
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    my question is what files do i have to remove to update my old brawl minus to the current brawl minus?
  21. Neville

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    Just download the new one I'm pretty sure.
  22. BullockDS

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    If you've got AdBlocking on your browser, disable them for Mediafire. I had to do that to get the captcha to show up and download the Minus Art version (why was that the only one uploaded to Mediafire, BTW?).
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    What a welcome surprise! Will definitely be downloading and playing this tonight.

    I just have one question. Was the Samus tether bug that crashes the game fixed?
  25. IAmMrVictory

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    How do I go about getting Netplay to work? I inserted a Brawl ISO into the "image folder" and checked off "Insert SD Card". Got the elf file to boot up but I it still doesn't go through when I hit Play Game on the Brawl Minus Gecko menu.

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