Brawl Minus 4.0b is here!

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The long-awaited 4.0 beta has finally arrived! Wreak havoc on your opponents like never before in this version of the game, where this time, even the physics have been shaken up! Less time being spent in hitstun and shield stun means a better chance for you to make a comeback on your opponents, making it much easier for you to turn the game around! Play as newly rebuilt characters like the Minus Hybrid Samus and Charged Pichu, and use powerful new moves such as Ganondorf's Gerudo Dragon and Mr. Game & Watch's Chef Shotgun! Go all out in this new version of Brawl Minus, which is more crazy, more competitive, and most importantly, available now!

You currently have the choice of downloading 4.0b with the Brawl Minus Artwork or with the vBrawl Artwork. Options for an Installer and Netplay versions will be coming soon!

Download the Minus Art version here!
Download the vBrawl Art version here!
Download the Netplay version here!

We have released a hotpatch that fixes a few minor bugs (BrawlEX 2.0 is added, the Battlefield Freeze/Muted glitch). In addition to this, we also added an Unlock All Stages Code. Please download this and replace the appropriate files with these fixed ones!
Download the hot patch here

In addition, here's what's changed in this version of the game! Change log is from 3.Q-4.0b.

Wifi Code Reinstated

Footstool Code Removed
The main reason this was removed is due to heavy wifi desynchs caused by this code. We will be looking into repairing and reinstating it in the final release of 4.0.

Minus shieldstun 2.2X+4.3 -> 2.7X+2.0

(Shieldstun on weak moves decreased, shieldstun on strong moves increased)
Before, moves like Fox's lasers would lock you completely into your shield until it shield poked you, which was simply absurd. This reduction also makes sure stronger moves that deserve the long shield stun are not affected by this change.

Global Hitstun decreased (.54-.50)
The old Hitstun, which has lasted for 5 years (from 1.6-3.Q), has been reverted to the way Hitstun was in 1.0. This reduces a lot of the “OH GOD WHY CAN'T I MOVE” feeling, as well as the odds of one touch equaling death.

Gravity increased (x1.0->x1.1)
Global Max Fall Speed increased (x1.0-x1.1)
Global Max Fast Fall Speed increased (x1.0-x1.1)
The changes to the game's gravity are to ensure that the changes to the game's hitstun does not slow down matches. By increasing gravity, not only are we altering combos, but also improving air to ground transitions, increasing the potential for good pressure, as well as weakening recovery in a game where recoveries are very strong.

Metal HP increased 25-35
This is primarily to buff Metal Mario from his HP nerf, as 25 was too low to be able to afford a single mistake as Metal.

Minus Artwork has been improved on several characters
Minus Artwork will now use Minus Artwork on the results screen

Upgraded to BrawlEX 2.0. Noteable Changes include:
-Fixed crashes when going to Home Run Contest, as well as Co-Op Stadium Mode
-The Announcer will now say the names of any character added to Minus when they win a match
-Adding more copies of an added character in Training Mode will now give them alt colors
-Fixed some Event Mode crashes

Captain Falcon
Up Smash- SDI multiplier removed so that the hits are not escapable inbetween.

Side B
All intangibility removed.
Falcon's one weakness would normally have been considered projectiles, having immunity to them in a move was a bit much considering he already has the mobility to maneuver around them. In addition to this, it technically wasn't "projectile invulnerability" as advertised, it just made the whole motion (that stops when he comes in contact with a foe) invincible, which also allowed him to get past some disjointed hitboxes and hit the attacker as well.

Captain Falcon now has a flash effect similar to other charged moves when PAWNCH is available

King Dedede
Jab Loop
Dodge cancel removed

Up Tilt
KB growth decreased by 10.
D3's up tilt was was too safe to kill at such a low percent. It now KOs slightly later than his Usmash used to.

Up Smash
KB growth increased by 5.
While this smash was too risky to net so little reward. It now KOs slightly sooner than his utilt used to.

Up Air
Final hit damage decreased 2%

Back Throw
Damage decreased by 3%

Diddy Kong
Peanut Popgun
Air explosion had an incorrect offset. Fixed.

Barrel Jetpack:
No longer goes into special fall at all
This move can still only be used once in the air until you land or get hit.

Damage 4% -> 3%

Donkey Kong
Down Smash
Quake hitboxes removed.
Endlag reduced by 2 frames

Barrel Pull
Cleaned up the coding in an effort to eliminate a rare crash involving this move.

Cancel can only be activated if the reflector has hit something.
This prevents Falco from spamming the move to keep opponents at bay and then canceling the endlag if they approach.

Falco can now alternate between laser speeds by using u-taunt.
Fast lasers? Slow lasers? Piece a'cake!

Fire Falco
Looping hitboxes size 12->8
This should restore the design intention of “really good but also really gimpable” that it used to have in MAX without it taking really long to use the move like it did then.

Jab 2
Trajectory changed from 50- 45
Growth increased by 12

Dash Attack
Removed full interrupt. Now cancels into normals, Specials, item throws, and jumps.
This is simply to prevent Fox from canceling Dash Attack into Dash Attack

Side Tilt
Damage on low tilted and non tilted have been swapped. (7% for non and 6% for low)

Down Tilt
3 frames of endlag added

Up Smash
Hitbox id correctly named. Should now delete when called to.
Invincible bone is now only active for the frame of the move's sweetspot

Up Air
Extra shield damage removed.
5 frames of endlag added.

Down Air
Looping hit damage reduced by 1%. (move can deal a total of 17 as opposed to 24)
Base kb increased by 1.

Up Throw
Jump cancel added on frame 34
This will help in Fox's signature “uThrow->uAir” combo from Melee.

Mr. Game & Watch
Ground to Air Jump Momentum Multiplier .7 -> .85

Down Air
Melee dAir added
Hold dAir to use the dAir Mr. Game & Watch used back in Melee! Now you can have your momentum and your momentumless Down Air! While the longer this dAir is out, the less power it has, this move is by no means weak.

Up Air
Now only grants windboxes when you hold down A
Mind games!

Frame duration 30 -> 24

Mr Game & Watch is trading out his fried meat machine gun for a powerful Chef shotgun! Gone is the unreliable short range flurry that either did nothing with its huge blind spots and terrible range or chunked your opponent for 50% damage when they approached in the air. Instead, Mr. Game and Watch launches a single barrage of 5 projectiles that covers a ton of space and inherits some of GW's momentum to cover your approaches. While he cannot absorb this animal ammo, The Chef Shotgun is also good for you, as Mr. Game & Watch is no longer harmed by his own projectiles.

Cancels removed
Endlag reduced from 57 frames to 10
25 frame timer added after interrupt
These changes are to continue to prevent easy Judge-chaining, just now in a way that feels more natural.

Oil Panic
Min damage per projectile 2% -> 6%
Max damage per projectile 27% -> 30%

Taunts (all)
Now adds a charge to bucket at the end (adds 6% damage to final bucket damage)
Now interruptible after 59 frames (side and up taunt only last 60 frames anyway)
These changes ensure that Oil Panic is still viable against foes without projectiles now that Chef projectiles cannot be absorbed.

Dash Attack
Holding A right before his normal dash attack will cause him to do Gerudo Dragon, his side special from Melee. As he dashes he has a hitbox that always sends the opponent the way he's facing so that it leads into an uppercut. It deals 6% if both hits connect, works as a ground to air combo starter, and comes out at the same speed as his normal dash attack. Unlike his normal attack, this one has no super armor forcing Ganon to play it safe with armor and a potential KO move, or to take a risk for the chance of combo damage.

Up Tilt
reverted to 3.5

Down Smash
reverted to 3.5

Nair (Sweetspot combo)
Hitboxes adjusted to connect much more reliably.

Warlock Punch (Gandouken)
Made into a powerful wave of dark energy that travels half of FD.

No Sympathy Mode removed as well as all NS techniques.
As Minus started, this mode evolved out of the infamous "CountEruption" combo, which was designed to stop players from only charging up Aether, and then countering until they get one and canceling into Eruption. However, as the year went on, the means of acquiring and the purpose of No Sympathy Mode has changed, and the CountEruption combo was completely removed, meaning No Sympathy Mode was a leftover that fulfilled no real purpose other than to make an already good character slightly better and gain moves that simply didn't feel right with the rest of the game. After much debate, we decided to return Ike to simpler times (using 2.X.6 Ike as a base) and just make him really good and fun to play as without needing any extra things to be tacked on to him. He still does not have any sympathy for his opponents, he just doesn't need a mode for it anymore.

All changes are from 3.Q.

Forward Smash
Growth increased by 12

Forward Smash Start
1.5x fsm reduced to 1.4x

All aerial normals damage increased 1%

Neutral Air landing
3x Fsm removed. It only has 5 frames of landing lag anyway.

Down Air
Interrupt added at frame 40, special interrupt removed from frame 35

Now it takes a full second after reaching max charge before he begins taking damage.
20 frames added to self damaging loop
0.5 FSM added to slow the first 5 frames of attack start-up.
Ike retains his NSM Sword-on-Fire effect on fully charged Eruption

Damage increased 2%

Growth increased by 100 on last hit

Now a standard counter. Doesn't change if Ike has eruption stored.

Weight decreased- 78- 73

Infinite Jab
Shield damage reduced from 11- 2.

Dash Attack
Set kb on actual body hitbox removed.
This stops Kirby from landing dash attack as a combo starter on foes who are well into KO percents. It will instead launch as the rest of the move does.

Distance decreased.
0.7 FSM added after final hitbox. Increases the endlag.

Given a low version.
100% Trip added to low version but it deals less damage.
5% instead of 8%.
Trip removed from non low versions.

Down Tilt
Sliding D-tilt has more endlag (from frame 18- 24)

Forward Smash
Normal FSM normalized from 0.9
Tilted High- FSM normalized from 0.7, travels further but deals 1% less damage.
Tilted Low- FSM added. The move comes out slowest but also hits the hardest.

Neutral Air
Ending lag increased by 4 frames

Back Air
Angle changed on sweetspot. 169- 28
intended to prevent wall of pains

Up Air
Dmg decreased by 2. Growth increased by 6.

Down Air
Dmg decreased by 1 (per hit). Bkb increased by 2.

Grab cancel removed.
While a big part of Kirby's game for a long time, the grab cancel on Inhale made Copy Abilities, the signature of Kirby's character, completely useless in comparison, and also made a ton of chain grabs that shouldn't have been possible. However, his copy abilities have been changed to be more accurate to their original counterparts in Minus.

Copy Abilities
Peach: Toad counters 5 frames earlier, Kirby no longer gets a turnip.
ICs: Kirby Launches 2 Projectiles instead of 1. (spaced 6 frames apart)
Dedede: Grab cancel added.
Jigglypuff: Increased Start-Up Charge-Up speeds
Marth: No charge ground variation now sends Kirby forwards
Metaknight: No longer puts kirby into special fall on end
Fox: Airdodge cancel added.
Falco: Jump cancel added.
Pit: Guard cancel and air dodge cancels added.
Diddy: Peanut Popgun Explosion is much more powerful.
Yoshi: Slightly increased range.
Captain Falcon: Fixed awkward air momentum. Removed frame speed modifiers (required for gfx). Fixed gfx offset issue with reverse aerial FP.
Ganondorf: Kirby now has a weaker cancelable Gandouken.
Ness: Angles now match Ness's pk flash
R.O.B: Uncharged lasers are now green.
Sheik: Needles now explode
Samus: Uncharged shots now stun
Toon Link: Now randomly pulls ice/fire/light arrows (charged arrows travel significantly farther than current toon link's arrows)
Wario: Timings now match wario bite (5 frames from release to bite, 3600 frames mouth held open)
Zelda: Now mimics zelda's b (has momentum and slightly less endlag)

Final Cutter
Able to grab ledges from behind now.
Attack Cancel on falling portion removed.
Walljump cancel added.
Projectile is now a single hit with above average shield damage. It sends upward and away so that it no longer ledge spikes.

Electric hitbox on exit removed.
No one knows why this was there in the first place or who even coded it in, but it's gone now.

Down Smash
2 frames of startup added
4 frames of endlag removed

Flying Slam:
Hitbox size 9 -> ~10, now hits Pichu

Damage 3% -> 5%

Ending Blow removed. Replaced with Jump Strike.
Ending Blow, while cool, doesn't offer any real benefits to Link's kit outside of the element of surprise to those who didn't know it was even there, or it just threw Link off the stage accidentally. Jump Strike is a move that is just as good if not better, and won't throw Link and his foes off. Just his foes when it hits.

Jump Strike
Knockback and damage adjusted. Damage reduced.

Mortal Draw
Damage increased by 10. Base KB increased by 50
Someone made the mistake of surviving one on the Temple. We're making sure that never happens again.

All Jabs slowed down 1 frame.

Dash Attack
Interrupt delayed 3 frames. JS input moved to frame 4 instead of 6.

Forward Tilt
Reverted to 2.X.6, with new functions based on the angle.
Comes out .2x faster, deals 2% less damage. Has no meteor box. Instead has a box that sends opponent diagonally upward.
Comes out at Vbrawl speed. Has no meteor box. Instead always sends Sakurai angle. Deals 1% less damage but 6 more shield damage.

Forward Smash
Reverted to 2.X.6.

Up Smash
last frame speed modifier increase taken from 2x- 1.5x

Forward Air
Slowed 1 down frame

Up Air
Interrupt delayed 6 frames

Z Air
Can now be directly performed out of the interruptible frames of aerial moves instead of having to perform an air dodge and then cancel into zair

Damage reduced 1%
Hitbox tweaked to hit Pichu

Growth on bomb arrows decreased by 5
Frame speed modifier on end reduced by .3
Frame speed modifier on charge increased by .3

Spin Attack
Shield damage reduced by 10 on uncharged variant.
Charged variant shield damage increased by 10 each.

Frame speed modifier decreased by .2 (1.7 - 1.5)

floor multiplier: 0.7x -> 1.0x
ceiling multiplier: 2.4x -> 2.0x
floor percentage: set to 0%
baseline percentage: 75% -> 0%
ceiling percentage: 300% -> 200%
Stock multipliers: set to 1.0x - this removes stock aura
Stamina mode floor health 80 HP -> 300 HP
Stamina mode baseline health 50 HP -> 299 HP
Stamina mode ceiling health 30 HP -> 1 HP
While MAX-3.Q Aura had more risk and reward at higher percents, It also created some major balance issues, from him dealing so low knockback at low percents that juggling became easy, to him being able to kill with very powerful moves much earlier than he should. These adjustments will fix these persisting issues. In addition, his Aura is no longer vBrawl Aura in Stamina mode.

Extreme Speed:
No longer becomes unusable after dashing into the ground.
No longer becomes unusable after being hit by a paralyzer effect

Force Palm:
Fixed aerial force palm restoring jumps.
Removed Close Combat, moved to normal grab.

Double Team:
Replaced jump cancel with grab cancel.
Removed 75% limitations.

Forward Smash:
Removed post 75% version.

Universal Changes
All normals 3 shield damage added.

Dash Attack
Sourspot buffed from 5%- 9%.
Trajectory lowered from 75 - 70

Forward Tilt
Momentum is only added if you hold the A button. Otherwise he doesn't slide backwards.

Up Smash
10 Shield damage added.
Sourspots buffed from 12 and 14 - 15%.

Down Smash
9 Shield damage added.

Forward Air
Sweetspots buffed to 13% (from 12 and 10)
Sourspots buffed 2%.
Sweetspot stays out 1 frame longer.

Back Air
Non semi spikes buffed to 11%. (from 8 and 7)

Back Throw
KBG increased by 15.

Z Air
Can now be directly performed out of the interruptible frames of aerial moves instead of having to perform an air dodge and then cancel into zair

Super armor removed.

Is now able to hit Pichu

Down Tilt
Damage normalized.
I don't think it was ever meant to deal more than his down smash...

Dash Attack
Endlag slowed down to 0.8x if not canceled into the hop variant (to prevent the move from chaining into itself)

Forward Smash
Endlag reduced
Non tilted- 4 frames less.
Lw tilted- 6 frames less.
When this move was reduced in power we didn't rightly adjust the endlag

Damage increased to 4%.

Firebrand (Aerial)
Super armor removed.
Now goes into the grounded version of Firebrand upon landing.

Texture reverted to vBrawl

Up Smash
Hitboxes shrunk to prevent stage spikes and better link to the sword hitboxes.

Meta Knight
Gravity: reverted to vBrawl
Terminal velocity: reverted to vBrawl
Air mobility: .07/.01 -> .085/.015

Reverted to vBrawl rapid jab.
Start and ending 1.5 fsm added
Hitlag on looping hits reduced to .5
Damage on ending hit increased to 4 from 1
Bkb on ending hit increased to 40 from 13
Duration when immediately releasing A reduced
Duration limited to 2 full loops
In short, Meta Knight's jab now goes from the absurdly safe combo starter to an improved version of the “Get off me!” move Meta Knight's jab was intended to be. Behaves like a Smash 4 jab loop.

Down Tilt
Damage 3 -> 4
Knocks up and in instead of straight up

Forward Smash
Start and Charge animations reverted to vBrawl
Start-up increased 20 -> 21
Endlag reduced 50 -> 27
KBG decreased 81 -> 75

Up Smash
Attack reverted to vBrawl
1.5x fsm
Damage 2/3/4 -> 2/3/6
KBG Reduced

Down Smash
Now always hits away from MK
Damage 11/10 -> 10/10
BKB and KBG changed from 50/33 and 90/52 to 50 and 90

Healing removed
Damage 2% -> 3%

Neutral Air
Changed to single hit
Initial hit damage 9 -> 11
BKB 30 -> 40

Forward Air
Damage 1/1/4 -> 1/1/3
Duration 34 -> 28 frames
BKB 60 -> 64

Down Air
Changed to a meteor smash
Trajectory 10/20 -> 275/285
BKB and KBG 14/15 and 120/72 -> 50 and 50/30

Mach Tornado
Now preserves 100% of momentum, significantly faster, responds better to button presses.
hitboxes changed to launch foes away rather than drag foes in (or in other words tornado now pushes instead of pulls)
Duration can only be slightly affected by button presses
Duration reduced from 47-105 frames to 46-48 frames.
Hitbox priorities changed; preferred order is now bounce off the top of tornado, launched from front of tornado, launched from back of tornado, launched from bottom of tornado.
Essentially, it's shorter, but much faster and very good at carrying opponents off the side blast lines!

Drill Rush
Startup speed and travel speed increased by 50%
Travel duration reduced by ~1/4
Now properly carries opponents,
Endlag significantly reduced if final hit connects
Now has fixed knockback that launches opponent up and away rather than straight up (on the ground) or in the direction meta knight was traveling in (in the air).
Very fast, high priority, and leads into combos!

Shuttle Loop
Is now Rising Slash
Only has the rising portion of shuttle loop similar to 3.Q up-smash.
Timing and hitboxes slightly modified, damage changed to 7/10
Invulnerability on startup removed
Hitting foes at low percents makes this a great combo starter, while at high percents a solid finisher, also a great combo finisher near the top blastzone!

Dimensional Cape
Start-up and non-attack endlag reduced by 1/3
Travel distance reduced by 1/3

Forward Air
Hitlag reverted to 3.5

PK Fire (Grounded)
4 frames of ending lag added.

PK Thunder 1
Heavy armor removed on loop

PSI Magnet (Release)
Windbox size reduced from 50- 25

Item Throw strength increased- 1- 1.1

Dash Attack
Only able to cancel after hitting outside of the specific special cancel

Forward Tilt
Sourspot damage increased 6- 10

Up Tilt
Interrupt sped up 3 frames

Down Tilt
Interrupt delayed 3 frames

Forward Smash (Frying Pan)
Angle changed from 125-140 (Sends opponents backward over her head.)

Up Smash
sourspot damage increased. 8-11 (3%)
Delayed sourspot damage increased. 10-12 (2%)

Down Smash
Total extra Shield damage decreased. 12- 6.
Jump cancel on looping hits changed to Special Cancel.
Jumping out of this attack made it safe on shield or allowed her to instantly cancel it on miss. Canceling into specials allows her to still do powerful followups with Side or Up B. She can still use it as a somewhat safe option in canceling into a Peach bomber and then a dodge, which just seems more fair than outright canceling into a free escape. The move now gains the benefit of being able to potentially bait spore counters by intentionally pressuring shields with it.

Neutral Air
Interrupt added 6 frames sooner
2 frame landlag cancel removed. Increased from 11- 12 frames

Forward Air
Hitlag reduced from 1- 0.5
Interrupt added 5 frames sooner
landing lag reduced from 22- 16 frames

Back Air
Sourspot buffed from 7%- 11%
Momentum only happens if the button is held.
Landlag interrupt delayed from frame 9- 12

Up Air
All hitboxes buffed 1%.
Landlag interrupt delayed from frame 9- 12

Down Air
Hold A to make the last hit into a spike.
Damage on looping hits reduced by 1%. (Total damage of 14% from 17%)

Forward Throw
Hitlag reduced 1- 0.5

Invincibility frames doubled. 4- 8

Peach Bomber
1.5 FSM added to reduce endlag on miss.

Low traction, low shield traction
Specials, smashes, and aerials can now be charged by holding the respective attack button for the move, gaining new effects but dealing damage to Pichu
Self damage removed except where mentioned
Weird looking dark spots on left side of face fixed
Crouching restores 1% every 30 frames and looks adorable
Weight increased from 55-74

Up Smash:
Initial hit trajectory 85 -> 101
BKB 80 -> 48
.8 fsm added after collisions have finished
KBG 64 -> 69
Charge: 10% self damage, KBG 69 -> 93

Forward Smash:
Now a single hit that does 18% damage
Final hit trajectory 50 -> Sakurai Angle
BKB 73 -> 69
KBG 89 -> 54
Charge: 10% self damage, KBG 54 -> 74

Down Smash:
Now functions as Pikachu's down-smash except looping hit BKB removed
Looping hit damage 2% -> 1%
final hitdamage 3% -> 6% (total damage 15% -> 12%)
interruptible immediately after last hitbox on hit
.75 fsm added after last hit
Final hit shield damage 0% -> 6% (total 18% shield damage)
Charge: 8% self damage, final hit shield damage 6% -> 48% (total 60% shield damage)

Damage 2% -> 1%

Dash Attack
7% damage, hits forward-up

Forward Tilt
Generates an electric hitbox past pichu's legs that does 6% damage and doesn't clash.
Other hitbox damages standardized to 6%

Up Tilt
Now a quick vertical headbutt that deals 4% damage and launches foes directly up and generates an electric hitbox above pichu that doesn't clash and deals 4% damage at the start and 2% damage at the end of the move.

Down Tilt
Trajectory changed to knock up and in

Neutral Air:
Charge: 3% self damage, Drags the opponent with pichu, dealing up to 9% damage looping hits with a final 5% hit that launches opponents forward.

Forward Air:
Deals a single hit that does 14% initially decreasing to 9% after 10 frames
Landing Lag 10 -> 8
Charge: 2% self damage, hits backwards, stops horizontal momentum

Back Air
NEW! Pichu swings his tail back, knocking opponents down and away
Landing lag 10 -> 8
Deals 8% damage with mild knockback
Charge: 4% self damage, damage 8% -> 12% damage, mild knockback -> strong knockback, semi-spike -> spike

Up Air:
Hitboxes moved back 2 frames
Landing lag 20 -> 8
4% damage juggling uair. Timing of attack determines launch angle (starting at up, changes to diagonal)
Charge: 4% self damage, 10% damage, trajectory constant 85, kbg 64 -> 80

Down Air:
Landing Lag 34 -> 15 frames
Drags the opponent with pichu dealing up to 7% damage. Ground impact does 4% and knocks opponents up and away.
Charge: 6% self damage, launches pichu downwards at tremendous speeds, dealing 14% damage with a very strong spike. Cancels into specials on hit. Ground impact does 4%, knocks opponents flat and away, and has .5 fsm.

5% opponent damage
2% Self Damage
Duration: 13 -> 12 frames

Back Throw
Damage 5% -> 13%
KBG 96 -> 138

Forward Throw
Damage 2% -> 10%
KBG 74 -> 54
BKB 74 -> 58

Up Throw
Damage 6% -> 14%
KBG 68 -> 120

Down Throw
Damage 2% -> 7%
KBG 90 -> 22
Trajectory 42 -> 138

Neutral-B (Nuzzle):
Hitbox 32 WKB added
Effect changed to paralyze
FSM 1.5 -> 2.0
No longer generates a projectile and instead generates a short range hitbox on pichu.
Charge (Electro Ball):
2% self damage
Generates a projectile with idential properties to the hitbox from thunder wave
FSM 2.0 -> 1.5 after 9 frames

Side-B (Fling):
Now functions as 2.0-MAX Olimar's self-toss, sending Pichu horizontally into the air.
Can be cancelled into specials.
Limited to twice per air time.
Charge (Wild Charge):
6% self damage
Launch speed doubled
Damage on initial hitbox 13% -> 8% and element changed to electric
Increased lag on miss

Up-B (Agility):
Now only one leg
Does not cause special fall after end
Usable 3 times per air time
Range reduced by 20%
Speed reduced by 50%
Startup 1.5 fsm added
Ending cancellable after 4 frames
Does not use up midair jumps (unlike pikachu's up-b)
No hitbox.
7% heavy armor during dash
Charge (Volt Switch):
2% self damage
Has a weak, electric hitbox that launches foes a fixed, short distance and stopping on impact

Down-B (Thunderbolt):
1.5 fsm added
Projectile changed to single hit (8%)
Trajectory 270 -> 108,
Projectile speed doubled
Projectile lifespan halved
Cancellable into attacks, jumps, and other specials after 18 frames (including fsm speedup) Projectile can no longer hit pichu
Charge (Discharge):
12% self damage
Immediately causes impact explosion instead of generating projectile
Creates large 7% damaging hitbox that doesn't kill and much smaller 15% sweetspot that ko's around 65% (basically requires pichu to be standing in the other fighter)
Horizontal velocity on use reduced by 75% to prevent stalling,
.75 fsm added after explosion
Air friction on use .016 -> .75

Base KB increased. (4-12)

Dash Attack
Interrupt move up 9 frames.
Trajectory changed 20 -> 90
BKB changed 53 -> 69
KBG changed 64 -> 24
Jump cancels on hit from frame 16
Hitlag reduced to 1x from 1.5x

Forward Smash
Shield damage drastically reduced. 21- 4

Up Smash
Non-sweetspot damage increased 11 -> 13
Growth decreased by 6 to compensate.
Sourspot damage increased 7 -> 10

Neutral Air
Sourspot damage increased from 6-8.

Up Air
Middle hitboxes increased by 1%. (second set)

Back Air
IASA moved from frame 12 to frame 8

Thunder Jolt
FSM slowed from 1.4-1.2 to prevent spam.

Explosion now always hits at Sakurai angle

Pikmin Toss
No longer causes crashes

Pikmin Chain
No longer prevents Olimar from acting or grabbing the ledge when Pikmin chain fails to grab the ledge

Now has a 1/3 chance to say "You can't defeat me" on tech after 100% instead of saying it on every single tech past 100%

Palutena's Bow
Endlag increased with 0.75 FSM

Angel Ring
First 3 frames of startlag slowed.

Final Smash
You look different today, Lady Palutena!

Damage 5% -> 4%, duration 24 -> 19 (total dps remains similar)

Now deals fire damage instead of normal.

Jab 3
Damage increased 1%

Forward Tilt
Dweetspot damage increased 2%
Sweetspot Base kb decreased from 46- 40

Up Tilt
Bone invulnerability terminates when the hitbox does.

Forward Smash
Invulnerability removed.
Super armor starts when the hitboxes come out. (4 frames later)

Neutral Air
FSM reverted to normal
Sourspot growth reduced 110 -> 105
Interrupt moved back 7 frames. 35- 42.
FSM reduced to 1
Landing Lag set to 16 frames

Forward Air
Replaced collisions with special collisions so that enemies hit by the sweetspot go in the direction he is facing
Landing lag reduced 30-24

Back Air
Sourspot growth reduced 110 -> 105
Landing lag reduced 22-16

Up Air
Landing lag reduced 22- 16

Down Air
Landing Lag reduced 35- 30

Down Throw
Growth reduced 10

Double tap b during startup to skip charging

Neutral air
Hitboxes shrunken by 10%

Ice Climbers
Dash Attack
Endlag sped up 1.3x

Forward Tilt
Damage increased 1%

Up Tilt
Endlag sped up 1.2x

Forward Smash
Endlag sped up 1.2x

Up Smash
Endlag sped up 1.1x

Down Air
Growth increased 20

Hammer Squall
Grab cancel changed to Jump Cancel
Damage doubled
20 growth added
30 bkb added
Trajectory changed from 30- 60

Jumps reduced from 11 - 6

Flower element removed. Fire element added.

Up Air
Reverted to 2.X.6 and modified. Angle changed from 88- 78.

Down Air
Reverted to 2.x.6

No longer results in desynching

Down Smash
Damage reduced on last 5 -> 2
BKB decreased 90 -> 85
KBG increased 105 -> 180
This decreases the amount of shield stun and also lowers the obscene amount of damage that ROB can get out if his opponent DIs out and gets caught in a second smash.

Forward Air
Kb growth decreased from 90-80.
Base kb increased from 30-60.
Interrupt removed.
Landing Lag reduced 11-10 frames

Back Air
Landing Lag reduced 15-11 frames

Netral Air
Landing Lag reduced 20-15 frames

Damage reduced from 4%- 3%.

Arm Rotor
Momentum removed, on hit cancel into attacks or grab added.
Reflection restored.

Midair Jump height reduced from 0.95- 0.88
Weight Increased- 100- 102
Fastfall speed increased by .3

Dash Attack
Endlag increased. Fsm from 1.5- 1.3

Forward Air
Hitlag increased on first hit by .4 on all but sourspot
Landing Lag increased from 11-14

Back Air
Frame 20 Interrupt made to only occour if the attack lands.
Normal interrupt speed moved back to frame 30.
Hitlag increased by .2 on all but sourspot

Neutral Air
Landing Lag increased from 10-12

Up Air
Growth increased by 4.

Down Air
Growth increased by 7 on all hitboxes.
Damage increased by 1%.

Fire Blade
Knockback and angle now match grounded version.

Air Dash
Momentum reduced from 1.7- 1.45

Double Edge Dance
KB adjusted to make hits link better
Low Finisher
Number of voice clips reduced.
Hi Finisher
Start sped up by 10 frames.
Given Semi Spike angle.
Base KB reduced by 27
Growth reduced by 20
Normal Finisher
Start sped up by 8 frames.
Base KB reduced by 2
Growth reduced by 13

Max horizontal displacement 40 -> 30

Base knockback reduced- 85- 75

Fusion of 2.x.6 and 3.Q

Attribute Changes
Air Mobility lowered. 0.7- 0.65
Run speed increased. 1.86- 1.9
Jumps and air jump multiplier reverted to normal
Fast fall velocity increased. 1.75- 1.95
Weight slightly decreased. 108- 106

Taken directly from 3.Q
Forward Tilts
Up throw
Down Throw

Modified from 3.Q Growth reduced by 7.

Dash Attack
Sweetspot damage decreased 1%.
Shield damage reduced from 8- 4.
Endlag increased 5 frames.

Up Tilt
Modified from 3.Q
Growth on non meteor reduced by 12.

Down Tilt
Modified 3.Q. Trip rate removed
Interrupt delayed 9 frames.
Growth decreased by 13 to allow the move to combo better.
Damage decreased by 3%

Forward Smash
All hitboxes and trajectory from 3.Q.
Damage normalized at 16%. No longer kills as early.
Growth reduced by 15.

Up Smash
Modified 2.X.6. Final hit taken from 3.Q as well as option to choose between freezing or not freezing.
Inputs switched. Hold for ice final. Don't hold for Aura final.

Down Smash
All hitboxes and trajectory from 3.Q.
First hit Base KB lowered by 10. Damage decreased 1%.

Neutral Air
Modified from 3.Q. Sweetspot damage decreased 2%.
Bkb increased by 15.
Sourspot damage increased 2%.
Landing Lag increased from 9-10

Forward Air
Modified from 3.Q. has 1% higher damage on last hit but 11 less kbg.
Angle changed for better connectivity.
Interrupt pushed back 4 frames.
Landing Lag increased from 9-12

Back Air
Modified from 3.Q. Damage reduced 1%.
Growth reduced by 3.
Base KB reduced by 7.
Hitboxes stay out one frame longer.

Up Air
Modified 3.Q. Final hitbox has 3% more damage but 20 less growth.
Trajectory changed from straight up (90) to (77)
Landing Lag increased from 9-12

Down Air
Modified 3.Q. Damage reduced 3%
Landing Lag increased from 9-15

Z Air
Able to cancel into specials.
Cannot be SDIed.

Forward Throw
Modified from 2.x.6.
Growth increased by 17
Damage decreased by 2%

Back Throw
Modified from 2.x.6.
Growth increased by 25

Power Shot
Knockback growth increased drastically on all charges.
Stun element added on uncharged shots.
Full charged= 35- 25%. Shield damage increased. 3- 15
Near full charged= 28- 21%. Shield damage increased. 0- 12.
High charge= 23- 18%. Shield damage increased. 0- 10.
Mid charge= 18- 15%. Shield damage increased. 0- 8.
Low= Shield damage increased. 0- 6.
Weak Charge= 9- 10%. Shield damage increased. 0- 4.
Weakest Charge= 6- 8%. Shield damage increased. 0- 2.
Uncharged= 4- 6%.

Modified from 2.X.6
Damage increased from 4- 5.
Shield damage decreased from 17- 0.
Added a second small explosion 12 frames after. Pops foes up a short distance allowing for aerial followups.
Hitlag raised from 1- 1.2
Modified from 2.X.6
Made into hard hitting missiles that launch foes vertically and slightly toward Samus.
Knockback adjusted. KOs at high percents, otherwise sets up for aerial followups.
Shield damage removed.
Damage decreased from 16- 15.
Intangibility ends 2 frames sooner.
Interrupt added on frame 50.

Screw Attack
Modified from 2.X.6.
Made into a single hit KO move.
Deals 17% damage with high shield damage and sends foes straight up.
Hitbox size reduced from 15.2- 10.
Hitstun reduced from 1.5- 1.3

Modified from 3.Q.
High shield damage added. Capable of destroying a shield in two blasts.
Damage increased 14- 15.
Growth increased by 14.

Can now be directly performed out of the interruptible frames of aerial moves instead of having to perform an air dodge and then cancel into zair

Down Tilt
Endlag increased by 3 frames

Invulnerable frames at startup removed.
Growth decreased by 10.

Final Smash
Damage increased from 47- 100.

Weight decreased by 5

Now properly displays the Knuckles texture

Jab 1
Interrupt placed 1 frame sooner

Jab 2
Interrupt placed 6 frames sooner

Jab 3
Interrupt placed 4 frames sooner.

Forward Tilt
Frame speed modifier after hitboxes end increased from 1.5- 1.7

Up Tilt
Interrupt added 15 frames after hitboxes terminate
Growth decreased by 20 on last hit
Base Kb increased by 4 on last hit
Damage decreased by 1% on last hit
Trajectory changed from 70- 75 on last hit

Down Tilt
Damage decreased by 2%
Trajectory lowered from 80/70/361- 20/10/0
Base kb decreased from 40/40- 32/32
Growth decreased by 12
Frame speed modifier after hitboxes terminate increased from 2x- 2.5

Forward Smash
Damage increased 1%

Down Smash
Damage on first sourspot buffed by 3%. (Sweetspots on both sides before the weak hits.)
Weakest sourspot damage buffed by 2%.
Angle normalized from 361- 90
Base kb normalized from 30- 35
Kb growth normalized from 90- 100
(The attack overall now has two properties as opposed to 4)

Neutral Air
Instashield lasts 2 frames longer.

Forward Air
Damage increased 1% on last hit.

Up Air
Damage increased 1% on last hit.

Down Air
Damage and KB all reduced and normalized.

Dash Grab
Starts up 3 frames faster

Pivot Grab
Starts up 3 frames faster

Homing Attack
Weight KB removed.
Jump Cancel added to on hit.

Hitbox trajectory changed. 52- 59

Spin Dash
Turned into a hard hitting attack. Can kill at high percents. Otherwise it allows Sonic to basically cannonball into the enemy to launch them diagonally, giving him a nice amount of follow up options depending on how he hits them.

Now has an 20 frame cooldown starting from the end of the boost
This change, alongside decreasing his weight, will prevent random spamming of Boost and make it less annoying to fight against while still keeping the move fun to use.

Zero Suit Samus
Forward Tilt
Trip rate on normal removed.
Damage and knockback from low and normal have been swapped.
This helps by making her low kick weaker, which means it trips longer, while her mid kick will deal more damage and knock farther.

Down Tilt
Trip rate removed.

Down Smash
Trip rate removed.

Toon Link
Jabs 1, 2, 4
Frame speed modifier changed to a constant 1 frame buff at the start only.

Jab 3
Damage increased by 2%

Jab 4
BKB up 5.
Dmg increased 1%.

Forward Tilt Hi
FSM added to make 1 frame faster.

Forward Smash
Interrupt delayed 3 frames

Up Smash
Interrupt delayed 4 frames

Forward Air
Damage increased 1%

Up Air
1.5x Fsm added after hitboxes end. Interrupt removed.

Down Air
Jump Cancel re-added after frame 15.
Landing Lag reduced by 10 frames.

Grabboxes reverted to Vbrawl.
FSM 7 frames after they terminate reduced from 2- 1.5

Dodge cancel changed to guard cancel
Arrows given a 20 second timer.
Damage increased by 2% to compensate for loss of overall control.
Fixed a bug where Fire and Ice arrows had a slightly different chance of occouring
Chances of Light Arrow given to both Fire and Ice, but slightly decreased on each to even out.

Spin Attack
Aerial version's last hit normalized. (No longer has a sourspot)

Z Air
Can now be directly performed out of the interruptible frames of aerial moves instead of having to perform an air dodge and then cancel into zair

Explosion no longer hurts Wario

Back Air:
Hitbox duration reduced by 4 frames to better match animation

Up Smash:
All looping hits all have 40 WKB to prevent launching high damaged foes out of the move before the final hit.

Forward Smash
Behavior reverted to 2.x.6

Laser Speed reverted to normal

Wolf Flash
Wolf no longer goes into specialfall after using Side-B

Fire Wolf
Up-B retains slight momentum when ending, so you can actually recover now.

Forward Tilt
3 frames of endlag added

Down Tilt
8 frames of endlag added
Weight KB removed.

Up Smash
5 frames of endlag added.

Forward Smash
Flower effect removed

Down Smash
4 frames of endlag added

Neutral Air
Bkb decreased by 12 on initial hit.
Endlag increased from 0-10
Landing lag increased from 9-12

Up Air
Bkb reduced by 10

Back Air
Landing lag decreased from 9-6

Down Air
Landing lag increased form 6-12

Back Throw
Growth and Base KB swapped.
In 3.Q, they were the opposite of what we had intended. This resulted in Yoshi scoring KOs from 0 on stages with close blastlines.

Down Tilt:
GFX on titled ground fixed, hitbox and gfx now attached to the (disjointed) throw bone instead of the base of Zelda's model

Made into a quick double hit. Deals 5% reduced from 6%.

Now able to do the aerial cancels that can be done on the ground.

Rumble Falls
  • Visuals updated courtesy of Mewtwo2000 and the Project M dev team!
  • Fixed Nana dying here if she fails her recovery

Hyrule Temple
  • Reverted to vBrawl

Castle Siege
  • No longer transforms

Pokemon Stadium 1
  • Has been reverted to 2.x.6

Port Town Aero Dive
  • All changes are from vBrawl
  • Main platform and the hole in the track now have grabbable ledges
  • All walls in the circular blue disc area are walljumpable
  • There's a new seventh location replacement; the ROB Tower.
  • The time spent on the ground at any given location is now consistently 15 seconds, disregarding any added time that incoming cars may give. Meaning if cars show up, the stage will be on the ground for a little longer.
  • The cars deal 10% and kill much later as a result-The car hitboxes' size have been halved
  • The wall hazard has no KBG
  • The cars' paths have been altered;
  • At the first location (the starting line), the middle of the track is a safe zone
  • At the second location, the cars only drive in the middle of the track
  • At the fifth location (the hole); the middle platform is now safe to stand on at all times, as well as hanging from the new ledges
  • At the sixth location (the "stairs"), the middle of the track is a safe zone. Walkoff campers beware!

Have fun, and as always,

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Bent 00

Longtime Limit Breaker
Good job getting this out so early on the 4th. I wasn't expecting it to show up until near the end of the day.

Will try this out very soon...
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Lucis Perficio

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I loved NSM, but this new Ike feels so tight and smooth!

He also gains more vertical distance on his Aether! Amazing!

Lucis Perficio

Radiant Hero of Blue Flames
Although I'm noticing Ike can't cancel Quickdraw into Eruption!

That really sucks considering how great it was against characters that try to cross him up! Although I suppose with the Eruption storage it could be easily spammable....


Scientist #1
Minus Backroom
Enjoy the changes everyone. Have fun finding new ways to break the stuff we worked so hard on ;) (do let us know if anything serious breaks!)


Well-Known Member
Disappointed in some changes [mainly Samus dtilt and Falco down+b, while Pikachu fsmash is still escapable].

Also, unless this purposefully excludes other changelogs, very upset that Charizard fair didn't get the correct buff, that ROB nair didn't get buffed, that Ike can't store eruption [and the list goes on]. If all of those changes were incorporated then I'm not worried but it's otherwise highly disappointing that so much promised stuff just didn't happen.

However, I AM excited to try the new MK [and while I'll miss invulnerable raptor boost, it was likely for the best].

Speaking of raptor boost, would a KO power boost be out of the question for 4.0? With higher fallspeeds it KOs later, and it's not a stellar KO option to begin with, especially without the invulnerability.

Excited for new Castle Siege [and I hope blastzones on retro stages were tweaked, but if not, PELASE do that in 4.0 proper!]


Minus Backroom
Ike can store eruption in 4.0b, as that's part of the revert to 2.x.6, and the blast zones on the retro stages should have been tweaked. Not sure if they was accidentally left out of the changelog or if they just weren't included when putting everything together for some reason, but I can guarantee that the fixes will be in 4.0.


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They were! I forgot to mention those, I will update the changelog!

This makes me happy about the stages, but I worry for Charizard's fair [when we were told all hitboxes would have some sort of KB] and ROB's nair [when we were told he'd get the ability to control his nair's rotation speed back], among other things...

Pin Clock

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This makes me happy about the stages, but I worry for Charizard's fair [when we were told all hitboxes would have some sort of KB]

That is there, just worded differently.
Replaced collisions with special collisions so that enemies hit by the sweetspot go in the direction he is facing

As for R.O.B., it's like when we were going to make Boost like Super Speed. It was a good idea at the time, but in practice it didn't work. We may revisit it for 4.0 if R.O.B. is in need of a little power.

Bent 00

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*reads changelist*

Why didn't you include the new Taunt = Footstool code that Magus made just for Minus? TYPE 3 was the most popular one, and I personally tested it online (it works perfectly). Don't tell me I got permission for those codes from Magus and ds22 for nothing...

Captain Falcon
I don't think Raptor Boost intangibility needed to be removed -- Falcon is very vulnerable to getting zoned, and that intangibility helped him a lot.

Wasn't Warlock Punch supposed to be getting some damage-based armor? Changed your mind?

It's a shame that No Sympathy Mode has been removed entirely. It was a cool mechanic unique to Minus. At least Ike can store Eruption again...

I'm glad to see the Inhale -> Grab option removed. It really did overshadow Copy Abilities. Speaking of which, good job updating so many of them in time for the Beta.

Are you done with Snake? He hasn't been updated in a long time. Two new taunts, please... Cloaking Device and something simple.

I was hoping Kien's buff to Zelda's Up-B would make it in. A buffed Grab would've been nice. Good job fixing her D-Tilt on slopes.
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One of the most important things in this beta is the changes to the fallspeed and hitstun. Your findings and opinions here will undeniably influence the future of these changes directly, so make sure to keep them in mind while testing. Broken combos, broken recoveries, etc etc. These are all important things to be reported as soon as you can :)

Lucis Perficio

Radiant Hero of Blue Flames
It wasn't mentioned that Ike's Ikecopter now gains much less distance, but I feel like that's only because of the increased fallspeed. Though now it seems to serve little utility other than the fact that it keeps Ike in a certain place, thus increasing the duration of the attack and thus the possibility of a read.
Hi, I'm very interested in trying out the new version of Brawl-, but will there be an ISO patcher available? Would make it much easier for netplay/USB Loader purposes.

Lucis Perficio

Radiant Hero of Blue Flames
I'm assuming it's also intentional that Wario's crate can be used against him considering that it wasn't patched


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im stoked to play this...... but pichus weight has been incressed? god pichu is gonna fall faster then ganondorf landing his one hit ko.

Pin Clock

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1.) Why didn't you include the new Taunt = Footstool code that Magus made just for Minus?
We hadn't checked or had a chance to test it ourselves. It will certainly be looked into and implemented in the full version of 4.0.

2.) Wasn't Warlock Punch supposed to be getting some damage-based armor? Changed your mind?
It was, but then we realized giving any armor to an OHKO move is a very bad idea.

3.) Are you done with Snake?
For the most part.

Lucis Perficio

Radiant Hero of Blue Flames
Also can't cancel Ike's quickdraw into specials at all anymore on the ground.

Eruption out of aerial quickdraw remains, but can't even counter out of a grounded quickdraw bruh :/