The slow lasers. THEY BURN!


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Okay, first of all, I would like to say that getting rid of Falco's slow lasers were a good thing. They made him rather difficult to approach in general, and with his ability to absolutely dominate the air... yeah, he didn't need them.
But you know who else doesn't need them? Wolf. Wolf is already almost impossible to approach as it is. With his priority, quick stunning shield, and bizarre attack patterns, the last thing he needs are lasers that not only go completely across the map, but also get larger as they do so, increase in stun time, damage, AND knockback, as well as being unable to clash (you'd think that with their size and whatnot you could clash with it...). Yeah, since they're slow, they're hypothetically easier to avoid, but considering that they last forever and a half, and they can carry you off the stage if you get hit by a barrage of them, that doesn't really outweigh the sheer number of benefits.

My proposal: take away a couple of the characteristics. Increased size, increased stun time, increased damage, increased knockback... I say pick two of them. At least that's my opinion.


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Screw slow moving projectiles that stay onscreen for a long time in general.
Falco slow lasers, Wolf slow lasers, Gandouken, TL arrows, I hate them all. They may or may not be individually problematic but they're all super unfun to play against.


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I mean, at least Ganondouken doesn't constantly bounce you all over the place and does disappear after a while, and is punishable if he misses. And yeah, TL's arrows are a bit of a pain, though they're a lot easier to avoid than the douken and lasers, plus they're easier to reflect. With Falco's old lasers and Wolf's new lasers, they don't have any kind of drawback for the control they dish out. The timing on which those can be reflected is hypothetically increased, but with the slow speed it messes up so much. I don't have nearly as much of a problem with the Douken and arrows as I do with the slow lasers, and that's coming from a guy that constantly used Falco's b-throw when he had his slow lasers.