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Items are just plain random though. There's a difference between learning what you're fighting against over the course of the match, and a bob-omb spawning in front of you as you attack.


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hey guys, keep in mind that all that was said was that the number of NEWCOMERS in SSB4 would be less than the number than in brawl, and since in brawl there were about 17 characters (18 if you count toon link), and since there have only been NINE announced newcomers so far, it's safe to assume that means we still may have up to 7 or 8 more characters... also, they didn't say that there were going to be less TOTAL characters, so a lot of veterans like ganon may still be in the game... my guess is that jigglypuff won't be axed, captain falcon will stay in, ness will, and along with them, lucas and more pokemon will be announced... and i predict Sceptile to be one of those... after all, he's getting a remake, AND a mega evolution, so it's pretty likely... and maybe mewto will get in too :) that may be two newcomers, or one newcomer if mewtwo counts as a veteran..


Im still iffy on mewtwo. I just dont care for him and I dont see a need for him in smash.

Samurai Goroh is still an assist trophy so Id say Captain is still in. Ness is still in because Sakurai may be a sandbagging troll but he is not retarded. Jiggs, I can only hope. D: