Self-Proclaimed Jiggs pro stuff.

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Copying Kein's idea.

Prerequisites (kinda): If you were a wolf and wario mains in vbrawl, alot of this will come natrually.

First off, you need to be really good at, spacing, timing, wall of pain, RAR and Vamping. JiggllyPuff is probably one of the least technical or skill-required characters in terms of input. However, Jiggly only becomes the dreaded pink lord of death when played by someone with a very good understanding of the game. The combo of csticking+ SHFFing is probably the hardest thing to learn about Jiggs. It also helps to prefer arieal combat as you'll be offstage alot. Blastzone close. I like to hover around the opponent trying to space fairs or bairs.


-Run around spamminng pound approaches.
-Play defensively
-Stay on the ground
-Miss your rests.
-Spam sing
-Approach with Dair
-Get hit.
-Actualy dash as a form if movement. You're slower than a snail on the ground. Get used to moving along the stage with jumps.
-Play how they want you to. Your are the aggressor. You want them D&D. (Defensive and desperate.)

I'm typing all this from my phone.

Dash attack, sing, fair and nair will be your tools of tech chasing. They hit the ground? Dash attack! Fsmash! Again! AGAIN! You can combo dash attacks into themselves because they smack too fast to tech. If you miss the window where you can still hit them... HOPE IS NOT LOST. You can continue the chain with a bit of lucky guesses. If you think they're going to get up where they are, jump straight up and nair. The lingering hitbox will hit them after their invinciblility is over. If they roll forward or backwards, you can try to Fsmash (will only work on characters with short roll distances) dash two or three steps and dash attack. Its usually better to shorthop in their direction with Sing.

All you have is nair, ftilts, and jabs to knock them away. If you succeeded, free fairs, bairs, or dash attacks.
Jabs link into ftilts which can link into uair, fair, dash attack or fsmash.

All your throws except uthrow grants a free bair, dash attack, fsmash or fair

Take your pick between fair and bair both will get the job done. Both have the same idea. Bair, is alot faster and reaches alot farther. Fair's hitbox lingers a bit. (Which makes this whole thing alot easier.) A very common WoP you'll see from me starts onstage. Usually a dashattack, fair, or fsmash will knock them off > Follow down+fair > Neutral jump + nair > fair. They're usually dead by now if not, repeat the last two steps. Bair is the same thing basically just subsistute nair for a bair.
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Personally when I go for edge guards if they are low I will try and falling nair or dair. If they are sideways I will try and fair or bair generally.


Video Editor
Other things to note:
• The first few frames of Fair KO much earlier than a well spaced Bair. After that, the hitbox decays in knockback and is only good for gimping. I wouldn't recommend using fair on stage unless you are close enough to connect the strong hit.
• Footstool > Rest is guaranteed! Jiggs does not ascend when performing a footstool and can rest immediately afterwards. For the aerial version, this may need testing with other characters, but it seems to work the same.
• If you're going for the KO by breaking your own shield, Jiggs must be within 2.5 Jigglypuff hurtboxes away from the opponent. Otherwise, it will not be a one hit KO. If the opponent is between ~3.5 and 2.5 character lengths away, the explosion will inflict 25% damage rather than the usual 100%.
• Down Special (Rest) has a larger hitbox than in other Smash titles. From what I've tested, it is as large as Jigglypuff herself.
• Slightly tapping Neutral special at the ledge will allow Jiggs to instantly grab the ledge.

Advanced Tech:
• Jigglypuff's Neutral Special (Rollout) can be Attack Cancelled (AC) on hit. This makes the following combos possible:
- Rollout > Nair
- Rollout > Fair
- " > Dair
- " > Uair
- " > Pound (Side Special) only combos at low to mid percents
- " > Rest (Down Special)
• Rollout can be cancelled at any time by FSmash. I find this to be a useful baiting tool as it allows Jiggs to approach and escape if the situation seems unfavorable. It's also good for mixups.
• During the turn-around animation for Rollout, Jiggs can cancel it into Jab, Ftilt, Uptilt (easier if tap jump is off), Dtilt, Rising Uair (easier if tap jump is on), or any Smash attack. It can be cancelled into a jump which can lead into any aerial. Some of these, particularly the tilts, require good timing in order to execute properly. If your inputs are quick enough, Jigglypuff and perform a SLIDING Down Smash and Up Smash, akin to a DACUS!

Needless to say, Jigglypuff's Rollout is her best movement option due to how easy it is to cancel into other moves.

I could keep going on and on about the intricacies of playing Jiggs, but I don't have to time to make an entire forum post/video tutorial about how to play Jigglypuff. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon.
Plus, if you don't already know me, the Minus "Community" doesn't really care too much about my opinion so whatever.:waluigi:
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