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    READ THIS BEFORE YOU READ THE MOVESET: I'm planning a Tails hack for Smash Wii U, and I'm willing to offer you my Tails moveset. this is the un-minus-ified version of his moveset as well as some stats and animation descriptions. keep in mind that this moveset was designed for Smash Wii U and hasn't been balanced, but that shouldn't effect anything since Minus is basically about breaking everyone, and this isn't minus-ified. keep in mind that if you do use Tails, I will assist in the creation if needed, but I'm fully willing to, and I'd prefer it if I'd let you do your own thing

    Walk speed: 1.14
    Dash speed: 3.3
    Fall speed: 1.35
    Jump height: Tails can jump 3 times, all 3 are around the same height of that of Rosalina's.
    Weight: 89
    Wall Jump: yes
    Crawl: no

    A: Generic punch, gives 2%, very little knockback. no lag
    AAA: more generic punches, each give 2% except the last one that gives 5%, very little knockback. no lag
    Rapid A: Tails flails his arms around like in Sonic the Fighters, 1% (hits 1-7), 4% (hit 8), delivers very little knockback. minor startup and end lag
    Dash A: Tails spins his tails around him 4 times simiarly to how he does in Sonic Shuffle, delivers no knockback and 1% damage on first 3 swipes, but 6% damage and decent knockback on the 4th. minor startup lag, major end lag

    Up tilt: Tails does an uppercut, directly copied from Mario's up tilt
    Side tilt: Tails kicks, directly copied from Mario's side tilt
    Down tilt: Tails swipes his tails once, delivers 7 damage and little knockback. minor startlag and endlag

    Up smash: Same as Sonic
    Side Smash: Tails does a backflip, letting his tails hit the foe. delivers 10% damage and major knockback, but has major start and endlag
    Down Smash: Tails stamps his foot which grows. extreme start and eng lag, deals 15% and extreme knockback

    Neutral air: same as Sonic
    Up air: Tails kicks upwards. slight startlag and endlag. delivers 3% damage and small knockback.
    Down air: Tails faces downwards and his ears grow, meteor smashing and delivering 5% damage to whoever is hit by it. no lag.
    Forwards air: Tails punches while airborne, delivers very little knockback and 7% damage no lag.
    Back air: Tails throws a less powerful bomb backwards. projectile, deals 3% damage and neutral knockback. slight startlag, no end lag.

    Grab attack: Tails punches. no lag, deals 1% damage
    Up throw: Tails flies upwards and throws the foe downwards. causes decent knockback and 10 damage when dropped and 2 damage when the throw begins, however the move can be cancelled by the foe if they button mash.
    Down throw: Copied from Sonic
    Forward throw: Tails flies forward quickly, throwing the foe forwards. Tails will fly off the edge (not falling until he finishes flying) if it is near enough. deals 8% damage, high knockback, and doesn't leave the foe or Tails in a helpless state
    Back throw: Tails faces (not moves) and throws the foe backwards. high knockback and 18% damage

    B: Bomb throw. Tails throws the bomb from Tails Adventure in an upwards curved angle. extreme startlag and minor endlag. bomb delivers 25%, medium knockback
    Up B: Fly, Tails flies with his two tails. can be cancelled at any time by releasing the B button and can be cancelled if attacked, Tails will be in a helpless state at the end either way, and as well as if he naturally falls. 3 seconds of flight, rather fast flight
    Side B: The arm cannon from Sonic Battle, copied from Samus' neutral B except for the rolling
    Down B: Spin Dash. combination of Sonic's two spin dashes, an exact copy in most regards

    Final Smash: Super Tails. works the same as Super Sonic only that the attack deals 30 percent and multiple Super Flickies appear, one for each foe, each pecking at them and dealing 1% damage per peck

    On Screen Appearence: Tails flies into the battlefield in his Tornado aeroplane

    Idle Animation 1: Tails looks around from left to right
    Idle Animation 2 Tails looks at the screen and yawns

    Victory Pose 1: Tails stretches out his arms (left-down and right-up) and yawns (think his victory pose in Sonic 3)
    Victory Pose 2: Tails jumps up and down happily
    Victory Pose 3: Tails flies in place happily

    Up Taunt: Tails gets out a bomb and spins it on his finger similarly to Bean in the Archie Sonic comics
    Side Taunt: Tails spins his tails
    Down Taunt: Tails faces backwards and shakes his tails

    Alt 1: Normal Tails
    Alt 2: Colours of Fockewulf
    Alt 3: Colours of Fiona Fox
    Alt 4: Colours of Fang the Sniper
    Alt 5: colours of Sonar the Fennec
    Alt 6: Sonic the Fighters clone form
    Alt 7: DiC colours
    Alt 8: Boom Tails
    Alt 9: Blacksmith Tails
    Alt 10: Ali Baba Tails
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    I'm a bit surprised you didn't use this, but I believe a better down smash would be his tail breakdance attack from Sonic Adventure 1.
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    That's a good idea, but personally, I prefer the current Down Smash. it's supposed to be a laggy KO move in the vein of Lucas' up-Smash however, the Breakdance could be an alt attack.
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    This sounds awesome.

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