Game Freezes at results screen


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I'm loading brawl through usb and I don't experience freezes with brawl- except every single time I finish a battle. I've loaded project m previously and I thought I deleted everything from project m to install brawl- yet I get this constant freezing issue. I'll try installing a clean brawl- a third time but I'm not sure what the problem could be


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You are running a clean brawl minus? It's probably something simple, but I don't run the game through USB, so I wouldn't know.

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Finishing a battle? I haven't heard that error in a while. I'm assuming you're loading 3.5 minus. This issue usually comes with an unclean copy of minus. Re-copying and pasting won't delete what wasn't there originally. You may have to make sure it's clean the old fashioned way.


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You may have to make sure it's clean the old fashioned way.

Seriously though, I'd think a simple reformat would do.

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Quite the hearty laugh that spurred. Hahaha.
I meant deleting the rsbe folder in private/wii/app/ then putting a fresh one pack. Fresh as in unzipped from a new download. I keep a fresh zipped folder just in case.