Favorite Stages

So I played in Peach's Castle and I have to say I loved how you guys made the underground go into Bowser's Lava(?) World.

My favorite stage overall however has to be Distant Planet. I loved how you used custom stage parts, I never thought I'd see those agains.


I actually didn't realize that Peach's castle had a not Bowser version till today. That's all I got a good 5 or 6 times in a row. Distant planet changes are excellent. I love being able to play N64 Hyrule Castle again.


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Minus Backroom
Brinstar is actually one of my favorites... maybe just because I like spiking and doing acid combos? :lol:
The dancing brain in the back helps too.


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My fav is lavaville and Mario bros. also peach's castle.

I don't actually like distant planet because that creature on the right really steals the camera and forces you over their.

Also, dialga's spear pillar, the hazard one, shouldn't get the cave back. That stage was more hectic without it. Is there anyway to get dialga's to fire that sideways beam on the top layer? That would be better!

Yoshi's island minus is also pretty cool.


Yoshis Melee that us tourneyfags loves so much. Almost auto tippers for marth :D I really love fountain of dreams for some reason.


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Peach's Castle N64 Peach's Castle N64 Norfair (the one with a big base and two platforms over it - was in 3.3). I miss them dearly.


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This has always been one of my favorites, but the top blast line is way too low.

This is one I've had my eye on for a long time but never used.


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Final Frustration. Best stage EVER. Also love Yoshi's story. (The colors, the music, the fact that its a floating cardboard book. Its just awesome)


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Though it never came around, I still want a stage with ridiculously high sides and a top - I'm talking fully charged Fox usmash at 120% doesn't KO (with some degree of DI) and Falcon Punch is livable at around 100% from the center.

But again, I want Norfair and Peach's Castle back the most - they were my favorite non-neutral stages, and maybe even beat some of them out (but I love my FD, BF, SV, Lylat, Yoshi's Brawl) and I was very sad to see them go.