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We are working on a netplay installer/download for 4.0 and will probably be releasing a 4.0b version with netplay either alongside the normal release or a little bit after. Due to BrawlEx 2.0 not having a netplay available version, 2.0 exclusive features (eg two player home run contest) will not be in the netplay build but Pichu and Roy should still be playable.

Edit: We may be able to get 2.0 working for Dolphin netplay using a different setup than PM uses. So two player home run contest and Pichu and Roy victory calls should be a thing.
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that reminds me... why does two player home run contest crash the game? it seems unfortunate as i wanted to double ganondorf punch it.

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I'd say it's pretty hard to confuse the two characters. It's like saying Link is ripping off Marth because they share a sword-based Dair spike.
Come on, you can't deny that Falcon and 'Dorf are still very similar. All their moves share the same general motion, except F-Air and Side-B.

I'm not complaining -- I know it would take a lot of work to make the 'Dorf a new moveset. Thor's idea might actually work, but I'd only want to see the double kick Up Smash on 'Dorf if he got his Melee dash and significantly faster overall speed too. Movement-wise, Minus 'Dorf is currently more like his clunky vBrawl self than his speedy Project M self; putting such a fast, agile move on clunky 'Dorf wouldn't feel right.


It's pointless to debate anyway, as I don't foresee 'Dorf getting any major changes in Minus. He's in a pretty good place except for one thing.

Being able to float and/or reflect projectiles would be awesome, but I get the feeling we won't do that since "Project M did it first".
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