Unofficial Netplay with Minus Guide


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Hey everyone, Dolphin netplay is not (currently) officially supported with Brawl Minus, but it's pretty easy to set up. To do so you'll need four things:
  • Dolphin, suggested version v7490. You must have the same version of Dolphin as the person you're playing with
  • The Minus version that you want to play. Once again, you'll need the same version as the person you're playing with
  • An NTSC-U Revision 1 Brawl ISO
  • WinImage
  • A virtual SD card maker
Once you have all of these things, it's pretty easy to set up netplay.
  1. Use your virtual SD card maker to make a 512 MB SD card (named sd.raw) and place it in your Dolphin configs folder. By default it should be under My Documents/Dolphin Emulator/Wii.
  2. Open up the SD card in WinImage. In WinImage go to Image -> Inject Folder, navigate to the folder that contains your Minus version (the folder that contains the files you'd normally drop onto your SD card), select it, and inject that folder. Save your changes and exit WinImage.
  3. (Optional) Send your sd.raw file to the other person you're going to be playing with. This may help prevent desyncs.
  4. In Dolphin in General check Enable Dual Core and Enable Cheats and set CPU Emulator Engine to JIT Recompiler. In Audio set DSP Emulator Engine to DSP HLE emulation. In GameCube set Slot A, Slot B, and SP1 to <Nothing>. In Wii check Insert SD Card. In Paths set your Brawl ISO as the Default ISO and make sure your Minus folder (or a folder containing boot.elf from your Minus folder) is included in ISO Directories.
  5. (Optional) Tweak your Dolphin settings for performance. This is especially important if you like playing Toon Link or you have a less than fantastic computer.
  6. You're ready to play netplay. Go to Tools -> Netplay and select Traversal as the mode. The host will need to select boot.elf and click host and share their traversal code with the other player(s). Once all players have joined start things up and you'll be playing online! Note that items will be on by default and you'll need to turn them off if you don't want them (set them to none/all off) and if you want anything other than default controls you'll need to set those up.
And that's how to set up Dolphin netplay.


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I just tried doing this and it still boots brawl, but partially modded. The slots for Roy and Pichu show up, but are labeled random and crash the game when you select them. Everything else looks like normal Brawl.

I'm thinking I downloaded the wrong Brawl ISO.


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Well, now I've got a new problem.

Boot.elf doesn't show up in the list of selectable games.

EDIT: Nevermind, it just doesn't recognize shortcuts.


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If you downloaded Dolphin within the last 2-3 years (maybe longer) your configs and save files should automatically transfer between different builds.

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I've had Dolphin for no more than a year, and I just downloaded the recent revision of it, but hwen I try to run it, it say I'm missing MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll, and Dolphin's FAQ has nothing on it that I can find. :/

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I'm having trouble with a part in step 6. It won't give me the option to select boot.elf after I select Host, even though it's in the same folder as my brawl ISO... Im Sorry nevermind, It pops up after i downloaded the suggested Dolphin version :confused:
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Either you have not included the path for boot.elf in your path list out you are using an older version of Dolphin that does not support .elf files in the game list.


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Thank you for this, hopefully it'll start to spread awareness that this can be done.

The real question is when are we going to get a matchmaking thread? :)