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    So, what actually are the origins for Sonic's costumes? Specifically the white and the green racing suits, because I know all the others.

    EDIT: Also, what's the deal with all the changes in his Shadow and Ashura costumes and such?
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    Forgive me for not answering this sooner, I really don't visit the forums that often, hehe...

    The white racing suit for Sonic is based off the Ice Suit alternate costume from Sonic Rivals 2, while the green racing suit was based off the color palette for the Mazda 787B, as obscure as that might be.

    The reason I changed the Shadow recolor was because Shadow's shoes were textured onto Sonic's shoes which IMO, just looked cheap, especially since it's possible to have them modeled. The Ashura recolor was also reworked to more resemble its origin as the palette glitch from Sonic 2 rather than the oddity that is the "Sonic OC" that people refer to when they hear the name.

    Hope this helps!
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