Smash 4 Matchmaking Thread


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Was kinda busy, sorry. ;~;
I finally managed to get some free time open during this weekend. I can probably play on Sunday, if that's okay.


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*checks* ..yup, my heart's beating.. but sadly i don't have the game :p


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Everybody's favorite dude just got Smash 4 3ds last night. People still play that right?



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I'm kinda off smash 3ds now. I had to stop playing on the 3ds version untill I replaced my 3ds with new 3ds and the controls feel a little foreign now. Still play wii u version though.


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My NNID is ThorTB3. My FC is on the first page. I'm home for summer. Will be playing someone else today at like 1:30 or so, and I have to eat lunch, but most days I'm just open and I'll try to check this place if people want to play this [or Minus, but I have to set that up again.]


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In case anyone wanted to see my Yoshi currently.


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I see competitive yoshi's on YouTube use egg toss in the air mostly. How come you don't? Also lol duck hunt hitting himself with the can three times. Like he just moved straight into its path.

My wifi for smash 4 is.... Confusing.... It's either really good or atrocious. Once I'm out of school, definently want to play here more.


Can't stop The Dorf Train.
A) don't play competitively
B) don't see why it's a necessity