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    Hammer and Partner Moveset:
    in this moveset, paper mario's attacks use his hammer and hammer skills for his smash A attacks, his partners for the majority of his B attacks, and folding moves for other attacks--

    for the majority of paper mario's A attacks, the hammer swings they use can probably be copied and still feel exactly like paper mario... the few that could use changing are side smash, down smash, maybe up smash, down air, back air, neutral air, and maybe the tilt forward A...

    -side smash = power smash- the overhead hammer swing from paper mario and paper mario TYD... in the original games, this attack gets significantly stronger as you charge it, but must be released with poper timing to be as strong as possible, or if under/over charged would revert to a weaker smash... this is only a reference, i obviously don't think this would fit in with the rest of the game... in brawl, his power smash should have the same charging method as all other characters... (note: the animation for ice climbers' forward smash looks very similar to paper mario's power smash)

    -down smash = spin hammer- when mario holds the hammer button (B) down, and spins the joystick, he begins to wind up, like a twisting cloth... (think like metaknight's cape twirl taunt)... when you released the hammer button, mario spun out, swinging the hammer in circles... in brawl, this could be implemented in that if you hold down smash, he'd wind up more and more, and when you released, he'd unwind and spin out, maybe with a hitbox similar to wario's down smash, or, more likely, link's grounded great spin...

    -down air = ground pound- when mario presses the jump button while in midair, he'd preform the "spin jump" attack, and ground pound straight down... in battle, he'd first jump on his opponent, and while they are stunned from the first bounce, he'd execute the spin while still airborne and ground pound them once again, more powerfully... one way this could work in brawl is that upon pressing the down air attack, you create a small (instant) hitbox that lightly spikes, maybe with fixed trajectory, then dive don, similar to tlink's down air, and bounce off your opponent while spiking them... this move would technically execute two hits, but the first one is only a light set up, and if used right above the ground, can be teched out of... another idea is to give paper mario the "goomba stomp" that brawl minus mario and luigi have, and have the spin jump be a longer start up version of tlink's down air in which he must stop his momentum and spin first, then dive straight down (butt first) onto his goomba stomped opponent... this way, you could potentially only footstool your opponent, or have the option to connect it into the spin jump, butt without the safety of a hitbox on startup...

    -dash attack = spin dash- the spin dash from paper mario on the N64 where mario dashes and spins, making foes dizzy... in brawl, this could make foes trip instead of stunning or something...

    -neutral air = tornado stomp- the tornado badge from TYD made mario spin and create a small tornado around his legs... in brawl, this could work a little like squirtle's neutral air, maybe :p

    side smash is the hammer spin, side tilt is power smash, down smash is the quake hammer)

    Special Moves:::

    side B = partner attack-
    -with koopa out, mario hits the shell with his hammer, possibly using the same animation as ice climbers' neutral B, when they hit the ice block... koops's/kooper's shell attack would be like a boomerang attack, but would have a fixed trajectory and fixed distance... instead, when the B button is held, they will remain spinning in place where they reach the end of their distance, and when the B button is released (or if it isn't held in the first place), they will slingshot back to the point they were originally shot from, rather than back to paper mario, so you can leave the spot you shot him from and still keep the attack at the ready...
    -with goomba out, mario will throw/hammer whack/command goomba to jump at the opponent... like pikmin, once s/he lands on the opponent, s/he will execute multiple "head bonks" on them before jumping off, each bonk giving a little hurt lag to the opponent, so it can be used to rack up a little damage and help interrupt the opponents next few attacks, but only for a short time... another possibility is that she will only headbonk again if you press side B command again, so to get maximum hits, you must time the headbonks to start right after one hits, otherwise pressing it while she's still diving or not connected, s/he will miss, and not repeatedly taping it will cause her to jump off as well (since s/he doesn't have arms to cling on anyways)... different skins for goomba will be either goombella or goombario...
    -with bob-bomb, mario will either command or throw his bob-bomb buddy to walk a distance and explode after a set time/when mario presses the command again, OR he will hit the bomb out with his hammer at a low angle, like a bowling ball, and they will explode after a certain time, but maybe be able to bounce off walls/floor etc like a real item... the alts for this partner would be either bombette, or admiral bobbery

    (possible) air side B = paper plane mode- mario folds himself into a plane and is able to glide, with maybe a slash hit box at the tip of the plane to be able to hurt foes as you pass them without needing to unfold/stop gliding

    up B = either spring jump or plane mode-
    -spring jump would be the jump from thousand year door from when you hold the jump button down and spin the joystick to make mario crunch himself down like a springboard, and when you released the jump button he'd execute the spring jump, which would make you jump extremely high... also, in this game, if you hit a ceiling on your way up, you'd flatten out like a leaf and drift down for a little bit... (think jigglypuff's deflate taunt)... in Brawl, this could work like a charge jump, similar to diddy's up B, and have the height depend on duration the B button is held, or it could have a fixed startup and height, but have a float fall like peach or game'n'watch at the end...
    -plane mode would be the plane fold from thousand year door. in the game, when you press the Y button while standing on a pad with a plane icon on it, you'd fold into a plane and begin to glide... in brawl, mario could begin to fold and float upwards a little as he folds, as if his folding out is making him pick up on some upwards draft... then you could go into a glide fall... ...

    down B = counter- this counter will require timing and will only have very few frames of invincibility, like in paper mario... in the games, when you were attacked, if you pressed the attack button at the right time (you only had 3 frames, as opposed to 8 frames with the guard command), you would execute a perfect counter... when this was performed, mario would take 0 damage, and deal back either 1 damage if it was a direct attack, or return exact equal damage if your opponent threw a REFLECTABLE projectile, like the spinie's spine body parts that got thrown at you... in brawl, this should work so that if timed correctly, like a more strict mario cape, you could reflect projectiles, but also it could reflect attacks if timed the same way... but this move should have some endlag to be punishable and more balanced...

    neutral B = partner switch?- maybe this could be the move used to change which partner you have following you...
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