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    snuffychris605 Your Resident Charizard Main, who also plays Link

    Florida, USA
    1) What region do you live in?
    • I Live in the US, specifically Lehigh Acres, Florida.
    2) What smash tournament experience do you have?
    • I don't have any locals that I can get go, but I have competed on a few of the minus netplay tournaments and I play on anthers later quite a bit(not as much now) for Smash4. I've only been playing smash since December 2014 when Smash4 came out, but have enjoyed playing the older games and mods of them, such as minus.
    3) What other notable players do you frequently play with?
    • I frequently play with fantasyDinosaur, play with BC one in awhile, then I play with a few of the netplayers in the discord like Maye/KBoomers, Mimsy, Luda, Dusk.
    4) How much time do you have available?
    • I normally have 6+ hours every day of the week except Mondays and Fridays unless I'm away or extremely busy.
    5) How often do you play Brawl Minus? Do you play alone or with others?
    • I play brawl minus pretty often, normally more often on Saturdays and Sundays as more of the discord seems active on the weekend. I'm more of a training room kind of player, but ill play with members of the discord if I'm up for it.
    6) Can you stream or upload videos frequently?
    • My internet is too trash to be able to stream, but if I need to upload videos for devs to see, I will do so.
    7) Do you have current videos of you playing Brawl Minus?
    • It is not uploaded by me, but it is my recording. I was playing Maye/Kboomers and we ran into a funny occurrence of getting the same G&W color so we started to record. His file got corrupted so I sent him mine, hense the reason my fightstick display is up(as I was attempting to play Brawl Minus with it.) I'm the voice you can barely hear because I was still learning OBS and adjusting volumes so I'm not overpowered. (You will see in the description he thanked me for saving it as his recording got corrupted)
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