[Playtester] Lutte


New Member
1) What region do you live in?
  • East Coast
2) What smash tournament experience do you have?
  • I've participated in almost every F&B and placed well in most of them
3) What other notable players do you frequently play with?
  • Jankoe, Figgy, GBU
4) How much time do you have available?
  • Monday, Wednesday, and every other weekend
5) How often do you play Brawl Minus? Do you play alone or with others?
  • Almost every day, I only play with other people
6) Can you stream or upload videos frequently?
  • I can stream, but have not streamed brawl minus.
7) Do you have current videos of you playing Brawl Minus?
  • I have an old montage video of me vs Figgy.