[Playtester] Gold Hakurei

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1) What region do you live in?

  • I live in MW, and can connect to just about anyone in the United States through netplay. Recently played with Cali @ ~under 70 and with NYC @ ~under 70
    Get about 60 with everywhere in between (9 buffer is worst case scenario with me)
2) What smash tournament experience do you have?

  • I currently only play in netplay tourneys, but with that I have
    Ran fairly large brackets, that have started pulling notable players from both melee (example, Waddledude, who got 2nd at a Xanadu ) and PM (TomboCombo, one of the best players on ladder, is in the server but hasn’t competed yet, our server is also linked with PM Nexus and we have players from there; Jfyst, who is ranked #33 in the world has competed in brackets before https://challonge.com/4cfe4v3o)

  • I have also competed in Brawl Minus Officials before

  • I plan on going to Smash N’ Splash this year
3) What other notable players do you frequently play with?

  • Just about everyone in the minus server, and even with my break I’m able to keep up somewhat
4) How much time do you have available?

  • yes
5) How often do you play Brawl Minus? Do you play alone or with others?

  • Since my return, I have pinged netplayer for games at least once every day
6) Can you stream or upload videos frequently?

  • My stream has been pulling some views recently, and I and very close to getting affiliate status on twitch. I also have a youtube channel that has been pulling some views for some videos recently
7) Do you have current videos of you playing Brawl Minus?

  • Currently…. No. During my long break, they were either lost or deleted. But that can be changed very soon. I also have access to OBS now, so no more dummy lookin XSplit logo.

Things that I can bring to the table as a playtester

  • I love to test out a lot of dumb stuff, and also am very specific about what I find. This will go for bug tests, as well as the old, but unfinished kirby hat difference chart that I’m still working on, and plan to finish since I returned.
Not open for further replies.