Pit's Footstool-Cancel Infinite | Brawl Minus 4.0BC


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A recently discovered tech in Brawl Minus allows Pit to cancel his footstool into any aerial move, essentially locking the other character in place. The question remains: is this really broken or is there a way around it? I'm here to tell you how to execute the move as Pit as well as minimize the damage taken from the receiving end. For the full description, click the link to go to the YouTube video. Enjoy! :D

Special thanks to _DX_ on the Brawl Minus Discord for informing me about this technique. Without him, this video wouldn't have been made.

For more in-depth info on my findings, here is a link to a .txt document with my findings as well as the video in case this gets taken down from YouTube.

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This is iiJjRr BTW. Thanks for making this video. I go by _DX_ now.