Pikmin Throw Spammers


Is there any way to deal with an Olimar who just keeps on throwing his Pikmin like his life depended on it?


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Is there any way to deal with an Olimar who just keeps on throwing his Pikmin like his life depended on it?

You have a few options.

I don't know who you play, but...

- If you can play Fox, Falco, or Wolf, pick him, use down+B, profit.
- If you can play Marth or Ike, pick him, do normal stuff and use down+B a lot, profit.
- If you can play Zelda, pick her, use neutral+B, profit (or just use ftilt a ton). Sheik's chain used to be ok at stopping this, but not any more.
- If you can play Jiggs or Kirby, you can jump way over them and/or duck a lot. Then your nair can hit them off pretty easily, or down+b with Kirby (while it works to do that with Jiggs, I don't recommend it... unless maybe you just star KO'd Olimar...)

General advice:
- Any moves that quickly cover a lot of your body are good (Pikachu's bair, Kirby's nair, Jigglypuff's nair, Mario's nair/bair, and Link's nair are some examples), since you want to knock them off you when they get on.
- You should be trying to approach through the wall of Pikmin if you have no projectiles [and possibly even when you do], but if you think you can outcamp them (perhaps as Pit, Toon Link, or Link), running away while throwing/shooting stuff might not be a bad strategy.
- If you get a grab while Pikmin are on you, you can try to pummel to knock them off - may not work but it can stop them from interrupting the throw animation if it does.
- You should usually DI pikmin explosions onstage if you are offstage - the white ones meteor smash, so if you can survive those by being hit onstage (if, say, Olimar latches two onto you then starts comboing you and they go off), it's generally safer. Olimar will be looking to punish this though, so be careful (since it may occasionally be better to just try to meteor cancel it).

If you need more, I can think of more, but at this point, it's what I've got.


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It honestly depend on how well he spams pikmin.

Remember that there is no active hitbox surrounding olimar when he is throwing pikmin. Nothing is stopping you from running up and hitting him.

I wouldn't suggest using projectiles to approach olimar while he is already throwing pikmin. The pikmin can break many projectiles and some pikmin don't care about certain projectiles. Falco's lasers and pikas thunderjolt can't break yellow pikmin. If he is not throwing pikmin then get your projectiles in first.

It's best to simultaneously attack olimar with attacks that knock off pikmin or you will leave youself open. Attack olimar with a Nair to hit him and the pikmin.

If this is a problem then pikmin pluck can be adjusted to not spawn so many pikmin. It certainly doesn't need to pluck pikmin as fast as it does.


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Honestly the best option is to try and be aggressive with Oli. If you don't give him breathing room, he won't have the space to throw them so often. Most chars can knock Pikmin off, which should be a priority at higher %s, as the higher your damage is, the sooner the Pikmin activate their strong hits


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Not sure if it works, but as Jigglypuff, walk up to Olimar with some Pikmin on you, sheild, profit. ;)