[Moderator] Figgyotto's Application


I thought about giving moderator a shot considering how well known I am on the server and how long I've been there.

I'm a well known voice in the community. For example, I've commentated most netplay tournaments and ran a lot of those same netplay tournaments as well. I know how to keep a group organized and be impartial when it comes to upholding a set of rules.

I'm ok to deal with drama of the discord server considering I'm also applying to be the house therapist for my fraternity house. It involves a lot of dealing with two parties and being impartial in deciding what the actions are going to be taken to resolve a situation, mostly emotional.

I've made a lot of friends in the smash community and more so in this server that I still talk to regularly and feel connected with them. Plenty of the server, at least on the netplay and dev side, is well aware of who I am.

If you need another example of responsibility and upholding a set of rules, I'm also the recruitment chair of my fraternity. I need to constantly reprimand people for falling out of line when they were communicating and interacting with potential new members. I also ran all of the events, which meant I planned ahead of time, took in everyone's opinion on the event idea, and then went accordingly with all the information at hand.

I feel like I should be a mod due to all I've listed above. I'm well known and respected in the community. I have real life responsibilities that connect to the role. Overall, I'm a nice, mello person... unless I see an ice climbers in my game.

Hope you consider me :)