Mod This Mod: Replacing Character Costumes (with Lists)


This is the first guide I will be posting, more will come. Links to resources at the bottom.

Replacing Costumes in Brawl Minus----------

What you need:
  • BrawlBox (newest version, .77 as of 9/10/16)
  • Any build of Minus (guide for ver 4.0bc)
  • Costume to add to game

---Replacing Costumes:
  1. Download a model off of Brawlvault. The model should contain a file called FitCharacterXX.pac or FitCharacterXX.pcs, or both.
  2. Take these files and drop them into \Minusery\fighter\(CHARACTER NAME).
  3. Inside of the character's folder, you may say other FitCharacter files. You may use these as a reference to what yours should look like
  4. Find the skin you want to replace using my spreadsheet linked below.
  5. Rename your FitCharacterXX files to the correct name (for example, rename the file you downloaded, FitLinkXX to FitLink06 to replace the Yellow Link skin with your downloaded one.) Make sure you rename or delete the other file if you are replacing a skin already in the folder.
  6. Make sure it looks correct. Your FitCharacter files should look the same as the other FitCharacter files already in the folder, with different numbers at the end.
  7. The skin has been added, and can be selected by selecting the costume you replaced! (Note: This leaks the CSS the same)

    ---Replacing Character Portraits (optional):
  1. This section of the guide will help you replace the picture that appears on the Character Select Screen (Character Select Picture/CSP), the Results Screen Picture (RSP) and the Battle Portrait (BP) Many brawlvault mods come with premade CSPs/RSPs and BPs. If they do not come with them, you will have to make it yourself!
  2. A CSP and RSP are both 160 pixels tall and 128 pixels wide (160x128) while a BP is 56x48 pixels. The images must be this exact size or the game will crash.
  3. After creating your CSP and BP (I use photoshop), open up brawlbox.
  4. Navigate to \Minusery\menu2\sc_selcharacter.pac, open this pac in brawlbox.
  5. Inside of the .pac there is a blue folder looking thing called an ARC, open this up to reveal many more red folders. Each of these folders is all of a character's CSPs. They are in a bit of a strange order, so I have a list of the characters with their matching numbers below.
  6. Find the character whose CSP you wish to replace and open up the red folder, followed by the yellow "Texture" folder. Each one of these textures is one of the character's CSPs.
  7. Right click on the green TEXO you wish to replace, and click the "Replace" button. You can also highlight it and click CTRL+R
  8. Find the replacement CSP that you made and open it. This will bring up an "Import" window. Change the format to CMPR and click okay.
  9. Save the changes in brawlbox.
  10. CTRL+O on brawlbox and navigate to \Minusery\menu\common\char_bust_tex
    Within this folder are many BRRES files. Open MenSelchrFaceB'XX'0, with the XX being the same number as the character from step 5
  11. Inside of the yellow "Textures" folder are the same CSPs as before. Replace the same one you replaced last time with the same CSP you made before. Again, make sure to set the format to CMPR
  12. Save the changes in Brawlbox and you are done!

---Replacing Battle Portraits (optional):
  1. Battle Portraits, or a BP, are the little heads beside your damage while in a game. They are a 56 pixel high by 48 pixel wide image. They are used to identify which damage counter is which character's. Many brawlvault mods come with a BP. If it does not, you will have to make your own. If you already made/have a CSP then I recommend simply resizing the head with photoshop to fit in a 56x48 box
  2. Open up Brawlbox and navigate to Minusery\info\portrite
    There are many BRRES files in here, and each one is an individual BP. To find the BP you want to replace, find InfFaceXXY. The XX represents the character (For example, InfFace01Y are all donkey kong). There is a list below showing the character's XX number.
  3. The Y in InfFaceXXY is the BP slot. Use the Costume Guide spreadsheet linked below to figure out the Y by how many costumes over the one you are replacing is. (For example, Donkey Kong's white BP is InfFace016 because it is the 6th costume over)
  4. Open the InfFaceXXY that you determine is correct, then open the yellow "Textures" folder. Inside is a single texture that is the BP.
  5. Right click the green TEXO and click replace, or highlight it and click CTRL+R. Navigate to your custom BP and open it.
  6. This will bring up an import screen. Select the format "CMPR" and click okay.
  7. Save changes in brawlbox

That's all there is. You now have a full character with a model, CSP, RSP, and BP. This guide does not include replacing the head icons, for Minus doesn't use them. All resources are below.

MiscData[0] = Mario
MiscData[1] = Donkey Kong
MiscData[2] = Link
MiscData[3] = Samus
MiscData[4] = Yoshi
MiscData[5] = Kirby
MiscData[6] = Fox
MiscData[7] = Pikachu
MiscData[8] = Luigi
MiscData[9] = Captain Falcon
MiscData[10] = Ness
MiscData[11] = Bowser
MiscData[12] = Peach
MiscData[13] = Zelda
MiscData[14] = Sheik
MiscData[15] = Ice Climbers
MiscData[16] = Marth
MiscData[17] = Mr. Game and Watch
MiscData[18] = Falco
MiscData[19] = Ganondorf
MiscData[21] = Meta Knight
MiscData[22] = Pit
MiscData[23] = Zero Suit Samus
MiscData[24] = Olimar
MiscData[25] = Lucas
MiscData[26] = Diddy Kong
MiscData[28] = Charizard
MiscData[29] = Squirtle
MiscData[30] = Ivysaur
MiscData[31] = King Dedede
MiscData[32] = Lucario
MiscData[33] = Ike
MiscData[34] = R.O.B.
MiscData[36] = Jigglypuff
MiscData[37] = Wario
MiscData[40] = Toon Link
MiscData[43] = Wolf
MiscData[45] = Snake
MiscData[46] = Sonic
MiscData[110] = Pichu
MiscData[111] = Roy
MiscData[112] = Mewtwo
MiscData[113] = Waluigi

Brawlbox Download:


Costume Guide Spreadsheet: Spreadsheet w/ Slots For Replacement Organization:



I've had issues in the past with that not saving everything I do. Honestly, the main reason for this is to share my resources just to make things a little big easier on other modders.


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Thanks for writing up this guide! This should definitely be helpful to anyone interested in placing new costumes into his or her build.

A very minor thing, but Minus does in fact use stock icons (the little heads), but they only show up in a corner in the SSS, in the Results Screen, and in certain Solo modes. It's definitely not the most important thing to replace.
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