Link Getting Helm Splitter

Discussion in 'Link' started by Kien, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Ohh, I get it now. That makes sense. Sounds cool!
  2. justadood

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    awww, i was hoping that it would make the f-air the helm splitter :( then his dash attack could be the jump attack, and it could be interrupted with the helm splitter, which would be a little like samus's f-air... i thought it'd work if it had endlag, like captain falcon's side b in midair... kinda like
    captain falcon's side b : ganon's side b; whereas
    link's forward air : samus's forward air
    :p it would have been nice to be able to use it in the air... another idea was to make this his HOLD forward air, and make his TAP forward air the jump attack, which would a bit like kirby/ike's up b, except without rising so much (maybe a litttle), and adding a lot of horizontal momentum... then it could be used after a short hop or edge hop, just like using it on an edge hop in zelda games... and if you wanted to land a helm splitter, you'd jump a little higher and hold a instead, and it would bounce you upwards a little when it connected, like falcon's air side b or dk's forward air attack :D

    i would prefer this to the throw option i just heard... especially in terms of control...
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    That would also be nice. Porting it to a throw though seems easier and doesn't change his moveset. I'd like that dood if they were doing a revamp of his moveset.
  4. justadood

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    i'd totally prefer it, personally... i feel like it would look choppy on any throw, forward, or back or whatever, so i'd prefer it not to be stuck on that, but i can understand why that'd be the best option for the development team, so i won't get too much into it... but personally, with a lot of these ideas i'm proposing, i'm just hoping for feedback to help come up with "what'd be best", not necessarily what'll happen or even what's possible

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