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Discussion in 'Custom Mods' started by Neville, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Howdy folks. I've been messing around with various stuff in PSA and BrawlBox and I've decided to dump my stuff here. All of this stuff uses the Minus PSAs with a base. Most of these are ideas I had that I'd like to see in Brawl Minus or me just messing around.

    Fox with green lasers and purple shine

    Falco with orange lasers and black and white shine

    Wolf with red lasers and a blue/green shine

    Fox with an orange shine because Shine's colour variables make no goddamn sense and this should be purple

    Sheik with Melee dair:

    Fox with jump canceled grabs and a dthrow that lasts nearly 2 minutes (yes really):

    Snake with C4 that doesn't sticky to others when touched:

    Link to my 10 jump bowser PSA thread.

    Fox with lasers that have knee hitboxes

    Fox with taunt that can swap between Melee Fox shine and Melee Falco Shine

    Stuff I'm gonna add:
    Fox with Melee bair
    Snake with Stun C4
    Marth with Melee range
    Sonic's dair hitbox covers the entire stage and is cancelable frame one
    Fox with lasers that have Warlock Punch hitboxes.
    Falcon with a Shine
    Requests for custom laser colours on Fox/Falco/Wolf.
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    fox with green lasers, white firefox, and black/blue shine for my custom build
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    This wasn't closed... Pin Clock!

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