How to replace Luigi's Dress alts when 4.0f comes out.


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1. On your sd card go to \private\wii\app\RSBE\pf\Fighter\Luigi\
2. The alts will be named FitLuigi07-10.pcs and FitLuigi07-10.pac. Replace them with any texture hack you want but if the hack you're putting in doesn't need a pac file remove it.
3. That's it. Really. No tricks to it.

If you want to do other characters, pick a different one in the fighter folder. Fit(character)00.pcs is the default costume and you'd probably need to test the other costumes to replace what you want.

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You forgot about the CSS & Battle Portraits. The job isn't complete until we have 4 of each to match whichever replacement costumes we use.

At any rate, we don't need two different threads about this.

My thread is intended to be a fool-proof, step-by-step guide to replacing all aspects of Luigi's drag outfits, including CSS & Battle Portraits.

Your thread is just saying, "here's how to replace costume .pcs and .pac files. Figure out the rest yourself."

People who follow my guide (when it's done) will have the same files on their SD card. People who follow yours will have different files (probably from Brawl Vault) on their SD card.

The purpose of having a dedicated project is to "standardize" the replacement files, to minimize the likelihood of desync in online play.
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