Gecko OS can't find codes for Minus 3.Q


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I recently downloaded Brawl Minus 3.Q and put it on my SD card. Took it out of the Brawl 3.Q folder and put it in the root of the SD card and such. I load up Gecko in the HBC and it shows the Brawl Minus splash in Gecko but when I launch game it says no codes found and boots normal Brawl. Hook is set to VBI and SD cheats are allowed so I have NO idea what's wrong.

I am using a PAL version of Brawl if that is an issue.


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Hook type should be set to anextframe.

I'm not sure if minus works for pal, so try correcting the hook type and see what happens.

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Sorry....I believe that a PAL version of the game will cause issues because of the fact that the game ID is RSBE01. Game IDs are region specific, for example Japanese Brawl is RSBJ. So the gct cheat file won't load because it's RSBE. If you could, could you experiment NEWB's input, while changing the game ID of the cheat file to the proper one? However, I don't believe it will work because it shouldn't be that simple and also because of file patching.

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Yeah it doesn't work like that. Get a game loader and an NTSC brawl from someone.

Although some codes made for NTSC-U Brawl will work with NTSC-J.