Game Not Loading Properly from USB Loader GX


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Hey guys,
I installed homebrew and cIOS on my Wii and I'm having trouble getting Brawl- 4.2 to run properly.
I have both Ocarina set to 'ON' and the hooktype set to 'AxNextFrame'.

When the game loads the main title is the standard title screen. once I go to a character select screen, I see white 'Random' portraits where the new characters would be and when I hover over them, the game crashes with a sustained squeeling sound.

1. copied ntfs brawl iso to usb hard drive using Wii Backup Manager (which converted to wbfs
2. formatted SD card to FAT32, then copied the contents of the Minus Art Brawl- 4.2 zip in to it
3. Added YAWMM_EN, usbloader_gx, priiloader, Nintendont, and d2x-cios-installer to the 'apps' folder on the sd card.
4. connected sd and hard drive, booted Wii, and loaded USB Loader GX
5. Turned ocarina on and set hooktype for brawl.
6. Launched game

Thank you for any help!