Game Freezes When Random Selecting Certain Stages?

I'm not sure what's going on, but sometimes the game just freezes when I hit random on the stage select screen. So far it's happened on Yoshi's Island and Dream Greens. Both freezes happened on the Minus portraits version, and neither stage froze on the Brawl portraits version.


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I'm fairly certain the fact that you only froze on the SSS with the Minus portraits is just a coincidence.
I know that larger SDHC cards cause SSS freezes more often than regular SD cards. If you do use an SD card, what size is it?


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That should be just fine...

I actually have that problem too with my 2 GB card. I think it's just a loading bug that comes with the mod for some people. If someone can prove otherwise, please correct me.
I'm doing random CPU battles, and I randomly select stages. Interestingly enough, the game never froze on me when my friend came over to try out Brawl- for the first time, but then again we never got through all of the stages I turned on for random select.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Battlefield sometimes loads with no music at all; Brawl- somehow deleted one of the songs (I've been noticing a lack of Battlefield v2 playing) and I know for sure because My Music freezes the game when I select Battlefield even when there's no SD card in the slot.
There's also a few quirks with Pichu and Ike; Pichu's side taunt sometimes literally has Pichu say "Pika Pika!" and Ike's No Sympathy mode just never kicks in. I also found that Pichu and Roy are both under the name Crazy Hand in Home Run Contest because they didn't Minus the portraits there, but that isn't important (besides the fact that the game again froze when I hung around at the character select screen too long).
I have no idea what's causing these errors and game freezes. It's incredibly annoying that I especially have to deal with the game occasionally freezing when I'm not doing anything wrong. It's a good thing that there's nothing else wrong with the disk... at least I hope so.


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How do you load brawl minus?

These problems have been reported and I'm pretty sure there are solutions. I just don't know them.


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Battlefield is known to have music glitches. A My Music Reset code should fix it. Put this code into your .gct.
Battlefield My Music Reset :
4A000000 9017EBCC
14000000 000026FC
14000004 00000032
14000008 000027EE
1400000C 00000032
14000010 00002711
14000014 00000032
14000018 00002813
1400001C 00000032
14000020 00002815
14000024 00000032
E0000000 80008000
Pichu saying Pika is just incomplete sfx/sfx bug.
Ike's NS mode never occurs? It should happen when you deal 75% sword damage...
Pichu's and Roy's names in HRC are Crazy Hand because they didn't make an infohomerun.pac (or whatever it's called) so your basically correct. Just remember that portraits are entirely different files than the HUD in-game.
Like NEWB said, these problems have been reported, including the CSS freeze. However, I'm unaware of a fix for that...


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Random character select causes a freeze where the game tries to randomly select a character and selects "Random." Since there is no character to load, the game freezes.

Try not using random character select at all and just using random stage select. I used to think the exact same thing you did, but then I tried not using random character, only random stage select, and have not had any issues with freezing since I stopped using random character select.
Alright, good to know that there is a fix for Battlefield's music (no more ominous silence). I don't know how to actually access the .gct, since I'm playing hackless Brawl- and not experienced with .gct files.
I'll also refrain from playing random CPUs and update Brawl-'s page on Smashwiki because it's... horribly outdated.
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When you say that it deletes the Music for Battlefield, do you mean like from the game files on the disc itself? Also, as an aside, how do i add the code to the .gct? I hardly know how to go about that


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Google brawl vault and go there. Click on the resources tab and download ocarina cheat codes manager. You can find a tutorial on how to use the tool, it's super easy.