freezes constantly


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I usually have little problems with brawl minus 3.5. However, this particular time, it freezed not just once, twice, or three times. it freezed up like 8 times ina row, with no prevail. the screen would say," brawl minus 3.5", or,"" then would just stop.

plz fix :(


Sadly, no matter what is done, the freeze will not be going away anytime soon. Not that the Team doesn't want to fix it, it's because only a small minority of people (myself included) are experiencing these freezes so they don't know what to look for.. :(


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Can always try this.

I've never experienced the freeze, but I can try to deduce what it can be.
Filesize issues. (which is why riiv is attached)
codes (improper use of codes)
bad files (refer to part 1, OR, just some gamebreaking code in some file.)

If you use hackless, put the boot.elf into the root of your sd card.

XML Contents:
<wiidisc version="1">
    <id game="RSB" />
        <section name="Brawl Mod Launcher">
            <option name="Mod" default="1">
                <choice name="Enabled">
                    <patch id="Minus" />
    <patch id="Minus">
        <!--<file external="/private/wii/app/rsbe/sys/main.dol" disc="main.dol"/>-->
        <memory valuefile="/codes/RSBE01.gct" offset="0x00570000" />
        <memory valuefile="/riivolution/codehandler.bin" offset="0x00001800" />
        <savegame external="/private/wii/title/rsbe" clone="false" />
        <memory offset="0x00001CDE" value="8057" />
        <memory offset="0x00001CE2" value="0000" />
        <memory offset="0x00001F5A" value="8057" />
        <memory offset="0x00001F5E" value="0000" />
        <memory offset="0x000042B8" value="60000000" />
        <memory offset="0x003E9930" value="60000000" />
        <memory ocarina="true" value="3800000E7FE3FB78B005000038800080" offset="0x000018A8" />


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Having the sdhc expansion messes up a normal sd card? The code is in the gct and automatically turned on! See if it's turned on guys!


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I believe I am using a normal SD card 512 MB. I use Homebrew Channel to access the apps. Do you think I should use a larger SD card?

@NEWB how do I find the code thing? D:


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You need ocarina code manager. You can get it off the brawl vault under resources tab.

In the codes folder, there is a txt file containing the codes. Use code manager to open this file. You will see all the existing codes to the left. I yhink all of them have checks in the boxes next to them showing that they are activated. You need to uncheck the box that says sdhc extension/expansion. Don't remember whether it is extension or expansion. Er... Then one of the bottom options should let you save. Should tell you the data is stored. You then export gct to your sd and your good to go! You can consult a tutorial if I wasn't clear. Someone could also just send you the gct with the code turned off.


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Riivo works. Just unzip the zip file and put the files inside to the sd card root. So apps and riivolution. :)