Footstool Cancel Explanation

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    Final Destination
    Footstool Cancel
    :pit:What is it? - This technique is only for Pit. Pit can cancel his footstool during the six frames of its animation into any attack or special.

    :pit:How to do it:
    1) Input Footstool
    2) Aerials/Specials must be inputted during the six frames of the footstool

    :pit:Controller Input with Fair
    Footstool -> Quickly Fair

    :pit:Combos (FC = Footstool Cancel)
    FC Dair -> Utilt
    FC Dair -> Up B
    FC Dair -> Bair (mid %'s)
    FC Dair -> Up Smash
    FC Dair -> Dtilt (fast fall dair)
    FC Dair -> Angeled Fsmash
    FC Dair -> Uair (mid or high %'s)
    FC Dair -> Grab

    FC Uair -> Utilt
    FC Uair -> Bair
    FC Uair -> Fair
    FC Uair -> Up Smash
    FC Uair -> Angeled Fsmash
    FC Uair -> Uair

    FC Nair can combo into anything


    :pit:Footstool Neutral B/Palutena's Arrow Cancel Mixup
    Footstool -> Neutral B -> Press shield button quick and let go of neutral b -> Tech
    NOTE : If you don't tech you'll get punished

    Dair can be techable
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