Fixing static or bleeding on brstms

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The Shiek fanboy
When I started adding brstms to the game, I noticed that for certain brstms I would start to hear some static or, in the worst case scenario, another brstm would start bleeding into the one I was currently playing. After a little trial & error I was able to find a solution to the issue, not only for the netplay, but for the Wii build as well. So I'll be making two separate guides, one for the Netplay build, and the other for the Wii build.

Netplay: Before I start you're going to need a way to access the SD.raw in order to fix the problem. You can use either WinImage or Imdisk to do so, however I have no idea how to use WinImage so this guide will be done by the use of Imdisk.

Step One: Use Imdisk to mount the SD.raw and try to find the rstm folder. The path should be "Minusery>sound>rstm"

Step Two: Now that you've found the folder with the brstms, take the brstms and move them somewhere outside of the SD.raw. For me, I put them in a "b" folder in My Documents, but really you can put them anywhere as long as they're outside of the SD.raw.

Step Three: Now that you're done moving your brstms, unmount the SD.raw. Once that is done, mount it again.

Step Four: Go back into the rstm folder and put all your brstms back into the folder and unmount your SD.raw

Step Five: Enjoy your "new" non-bleeding brstms.

Wii: There are no pre-requisites to this guide since you already have access to your SD as soon as you insert it into your computer.

Step One: Insert your SD and find the rstm folder. The path should be "Minusery>Sound>rstm".

Step Two: Once you've found the folder, take all the brstms inside the folder and put them somewhere outside the SD. Anywhere is fine, it just needs to be outside the SD.

Step Three: After you're done moving the brstms, eject the SD from your computer and insert it back in.

Step Four: Get back to your rstm folder and put all the brstms back into the folder and eject the SD once you're finished.

Step Five: Enjoy your brstms that no longer bleed.

If you ever want to add brstms, I recommend taking all the brstms out, [eject or unmount] the SD(.raw), [inserting or mounting] it back, and putting all the brstms you want back in.