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Discussion in 'Characters' started by Pin Clock, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. NKArthur

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    Can we talk about Zelda vs. Tink?
    A good zelda player might be able to hit the far hitboxes of her attacks to avoid tink from camping. Also she has side-b that can force tink to approach more. Also, neutral-b can reflect the traps in the ground, bombs and boomerang.
    But in close game tink has alot of good tools, and great grabs, and his D-Air can destroy zelda easily.
    What do you all think about this MU? 50-50 or advantage to someone?
  2. teapartycthulu

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    But Toon Link only has an advantage when it becomes close quarters. Toon Link doesn't really have anything to force Zelda to approach, but he might be able to punish the lag of Nayru's Love when she goes to reflect. Zelda shouldn't force Toon Link to approach because she excels at walling out opponents. If she spaces well, she can definitely protect from a punish.

    Zelda have ranged KO options, but you kind of have to build a lot of percent to be able to use them. If you can knock them offstage, she has a very good edgeguard. Toon Link is kind of the same, but he doesn't need a lot of percent to KO.

    I think it's slightly in favor of Toon Link. I think it's kind of a Melee Fox v. Jiggs situations. Jiggs can try to wall out Fox, and if it protects itself well, is nearly impenetrable. But if Fox can get an opening and punish, he has a great punish and can KO.
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