Brawl Minus 4.2 Official #4: The FootBrawl Cup!

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    The sun is shining, and reflecting off of a rather impressive trophy! As the World Cup commences, we'll be hosting a tournament of our very own! On July 14th, at 7PM EST/4PM PST , We'll be hosting a FootBrawl* Tournament! It's really just a Brawl Minus tournament but come on go with the theme here. So go ahead and BREAK THE LIMITS without breaking my ears with Vuvuzelas or riots!

    1. Download the Official Netplay Build here:
    2. Register for the tournament here:
    3. On July 14th from 6:00 PM EST/3:00PM PST-7:00 PM EST/4:00PM PST, check in for the tournament on the same link you used to register!
    4. Go to the chat here to meet up with the other participants:
    5. Once the tournament starts, find your foes and play your games!

    You will also be able to watch the tournament here now on our Youtube channel here!

    Now, for the rules! We've updated them once again, and this one is important so please take note: As per community requests, LAVANDER TOWN IS NOW BANNED

    • 1v1 Tournament, Brawl Minus 4.2-0104 (This can be verified on the main menu)
    • Items are set to Off and None.*
    • Stock and Time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes respectively.
    • Regular sets are best of 3 matches. The semi-finals (winners and losers), finals (winners and losers), and Grand Finals sets will be in best of 5 format.
    • In the Grand Finals, the entrant from the Winner's Bracket has to win one set of best of 5, while the entrant from the Loser's Bracket must win two sets.
    • Blatant stalling is prohibited. What is considered stalling is up to the Tournament Host to determine.
    • Suicide Rule: If a match ends by both remaining players losing their last stock at the same time due to a suicide move (EX: Flame Choke, Galactic Crusher) then the initiator of the suicide move is considered the winner of the match regardless of what the results screen says, and no tiebreaker is played.
    • Blind Picks: the first character selection of a set must be without prior knowledge of the opponent's character selection for both players.
    • Dave's Stupid Rule: No player can counter pick a stage he or she has previously won on unless agreed upon by both players.
    • Gentleman's clause: any stage may be played on so long as both players agree to it, including banned stages. This can be used in tandem with Dave's Stupid Rule (DSR).*
    • Timed out matches will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, replay that match with one life and 3 minutes of time, using the same characters on the same stage. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played.
    • At the end of a match, if the winner is changing characters, they must state so and do it before the loser changes characters.
    • Limit one person to one computer (If two people would be using the same computer, only one of them is allowed to play)
    Round 1: Each player strikes 2 stages, and the last stage remaining is chosen. The strike order is 1-2-2-1. In other words, one person strikes one, the second person strikes twice, and the first strikes last.
    Round 2: Counterpick stages can now be selected. The Winner of the last round strikes 3 stages, and the loser of the last round can choose any remaining stage to play the second match on.

    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Pokemon Stadium 2
    • Smashville
    • Dreamland 64
    • Spear Pillar
    • Yoshi's Story (Melee)
    • Fountain of Dreams
    • Warioware

    And the prizes on the menu are:

    1st place: $50
    2nd place: $30
    3rd place: $20

    Prizes will be distributed via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, we will look into alternative ways to hand you your winnings. If there is an issue, please contact me about it and I will see what can be done. Do not share payment info until requested. It's best advised to contact Mawootad after the tournament.

    So while preparing for the big upcoming game, celebrate by BREAKING THE LIMITS with us!

    *Using the Soccer Ball item is still against the rules, but for this tournament it will be allowed if Gentlemanned.
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