Brawl Minus 4.2 Complete Changelog!

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    Hip hip Hooray! Brawl Minus 4.2's release is one day away! So, what is the answer to all your problems? Read this changelog to find out!

    Strap Screen and game intro no longer specifies which version you are playing.
    This information can still be found on the title screen and on the description of VS. Mode

    Updated Minus Artwork for R.O.B., Wario, Olimar, and the Fighting Alloy Team (Artwork by Pin Clock)

    All characters invulnerability during ledge attacks goes away the frame the attack comes out instead of the frame before.
    In Minus many characters such as Wario have attacks that easily cover the ledge and ledge attacks would lose to them. Now they will at least trade or clank.

    Event Matches
    #4: Cleaning House in Skyworld
    Is now Pit vs Dark Pit, and clearable
    #24: The Aura is With Me
    Lucario now has 999% damage on all difficulties
    ALRIGHT FIRST PLACE no longer plays when he wins

    Charge now works by holding B instead of mashing B
    Letting go of B at any point during the charge means a failed charge
    Total Charge time reduced
    Spotdodge now comes out Frame 4

    Standing grab now has no I-Frames
    Dash grab's grabbox is moved from frame 7 > 9 and is now active for 3 frames instade of 10
    Pivot Grab now has no I-Frames and comes out Frame 6 rather than 4 and is out for 4 Frames instead of 6
    Dash Attack
    Only cancels on hit

    KBG on all hits reduced from 122 > 100
    Sweetspot on foot BKB 30 > 40
    Sourspot removed

    KBG decreased from 100 > 90

    KBG 70 > 85

    Shield cancel changed to grab cancel
    Trajectory on all hits standardized to 40

    Banana Pull
    Grounded FSM 2x > 3x
    Air FSM 3x > 2x
    Being able to move and pull bananas should not be as fast as standing still and pulling bananas.
    Meteor Cancel moved to Frame 25

    Special Fall
    Removed all hitboxes

    Giant Punch
    Charges faster on ground rather than air
    Shoulder hitbox of Punch is now a sour spot KBG 80 > 50 but hitbox was increased to balance it out 3 > 4 Increased dash cancel frames 1 > 3
    Is once again Force Choked after losing a match
    Foes are no longer worth the trouble
    COME ON! Again!
    Hitbox comes out 1 frame earlier to match the animation
    Landing lag reduced from 22 > 11

    Gerudo Dragon
    New GFX added

    Added invincibility on 2 frames to allow Ganondorf not to be grabbed with the Super Scope in his hand
    Side Taunt
    Once again changes voice clip based on Eruption Charge

    Auto cancels frame 27

    Dash Attack
    Is now a Multi-hit

    Ike once again declares that his foes won't get any sympathy from him on full charge

    Quick Draw
    Now retains momentum on hit
    Removed attack cancels
    5x FSM added to endlag
    Auto-cancels upon landing during the attack portion
    Damage: 8>10
    Kbg 0>50
    Bombs are now Combo Bombs
    Lucario learned Focus Energy! Pressing and holding down-b, Lucario will calm himself and focus his aura. This boosts his power to 1.2x default, making his moves hit harder and do more damage. In addition, some of his moves evolve into completely new versions. Naturally, executing these moves will break his concentration and he will need to Focus Energy again in order to use them.

    SideB: Hold B when using this move with Aura to use Close Combat, a much stronger command grab that uses up his Aura abilities!

    Up-b: When Lucario is boosted by Focus Energy, Lucario can use his power speed to use Extreme Speed a second time when started from the ground. This does not deplete his Focus Energy charge, so keeping double extreme speed is up to you not using the other moves to deplete it.

    Down-b: When Lucario doesn't have Focus Energy stored, this move is how to initiate the charging process. When lucario does have a Focus Energy charge, this move because Double Team; an instantaneous kick from either direction that the player can choose. This move has the potential to kill at higher percents, and can be used to get Lucario out of tricky situations.

    Careful though, as with these power comes the cost of expending Lucario's stored aura; Meaning in order to use it or your other boosted abilites, you will need to recharge.
    Moved hitbox active frames one frame back (8-11, from 9-12) to match animation
    KBG on sweetspot: 100 > 80

    GFX on arm improved

    Now only throws 2 fireballs on the ground instead of the air
    Aerial Fireball only puts out one fireball
    Run cancel added after the second fireball comes out
    Mario having this ability in the air made for a way too powerful offensive pressure, which became even more powerful with 4.0b's increased gravity. Now Mario still has good pressure, as well as a safe Fireball on the ground, but has to choose between his fireball options in the ground and air.
    Dancing Blade
    Marth will no longer shout LESS DANS.
    Did you know Marth has had the same voice since the Fire Emblem OVA in the early 90s, and his clips have been reused since Melee?
    Changed the IASA frame on UAir so he can still string with it, but can't just spam it. 14 > 21

    Knockback Angle changed to 30

    Mach Tornado
    Will now properly transition to his normal fall animation after use

    Drill Rush
    Normal cancel is now changed to an on-hit cancel
    Sour/Sweetspot changed from 20%/20% > 15%/18%
    KBG changed from 93/93 > 80 > 93
    Press A to OKAY! again!

    Side Taunt
    Can cancel into itself once more

    Removed FSM

    Damage 9/8 > 6/5
    SDI Multiplier 2 > 1.5

    THIS IS FUN! Again!

    Peach Bomber
    Damage 20 > 15
    KBG 54 > 75 to compensate

    Aerial Turnip Pull
    Fixed bug where she'd drop the turnip for no reason
    Retooled to be a combo starter
    FSM 0.75 after hitbox is gone
    5% Meteor hitbox
    Most disjointed hitbox removed (still slightly disjointed instead of massively disjointed)

    Hitbox at top of thunderstrike adjusted to be a weak meteor to link into the body hitbox.

    Held version retooled to be a multihit move.
    Four 1% hits link into a final hit that is slightly stronger than the base nair.
    Retains 3% self damage
    Unheld late hitbox position adjusted to cover his body more and make it less disjointed above him.

    Self damage on held version reduced to 1%

    Self damage on held version reduced from 4 > 3
    Hitbox duration increased from 4 frames to 7 frames to more accurately reflect animation

    Self damage on held version reduced from 4 > 2

    Self damage on held version reduced from 6 > 3

    Removed late meteor hit

    Charged self damage reduced 6 > 3
    On hit cancel on last hit changed from allowing anything to cancel to allowing it to only be jump canceled.

    Self damage reduced from 2 > 1

    Dash Attack:
    Is now a somersault.
    7% Damage
    Hitbox out frame 8 ends frame 18
    KB Angle 55
    BKB 70
    KBG 70
    IASA frame 30

    Increased initial hit size on the held version to make weird situations where the hitbox should have hit but didn't not happen.
    Reduced self damage on held version from 6 > 3

    Held UpB
    Self damage on held version reduced from 2 > 1

    Held DownB (Discharge)
    Self damage on held version reduced from 10/13 on the ground/in the air to a flat 5

    Added synch timers so the attack grows with the animation

    -Moved the hitboxes closer to his body
    increased the SDI multiplier from 1.2 > 1.5 on the multi hit

    Jump Cancel moved to Frame 25
    Now has an Alt Costume in the form of Bad End Olimar, courtesy of Nanobuds, Nefnoj, and fixes by Nezha!
    This costume includes the the default and Mushroom forms found in Legacy TE, and two Minus Original recolors based on the Bulbmin and Brawl Minus!

    Massive disjoint removed

    Pikmin Rope
    Ending animation now properly transitions to normal fall
    Gosh, Lady Palutena....d-did you do something to your hair? You look a lot better now!

    Hitlag Multiplier 0.4 > 0.2
    Fixed Multihit hitbox that was way behind him
    Final hitbox changed to match animation better and make it so enemies won't fall out for no reason Fair: Changed hitbox ids so the sweetspot could actually hit

    Edited multihit hitboxes so they link better
    Jab 1
    Pulls in to properly link with second hit
    Jab 2
    No longer goes into rapid jab.
    Damage 3 > 5
    BKB 0 > 50
    KBG 50 > 100
    Now only has a launch hitbox at the beginning
    cancelable after frame 25
    Has 2 heights depending on how long the b button is pressed.

    Stealth Rock
    Rocks now only appear above Charizard
    This now retools the move into an anti-air rather than a free offensive barrier and free edgeguard.
    Squirtle's nAir is now a cute little flip that will pop him and his foes upwards on-hit! Look at him go!

    Reduced bkb and kbg

    now a mixup throw with fThrow

    Moves much faster and travels a set distance
    If this move hits, Squirtle pops up with his opponent for the combo.

    Large repeating hitboxes: SDI multiplier = x1
    Small repeating hitboxer: SDI multiplier = .8
    Now has Alt Costumes based on Nintendo Consoles: Specifically, the Virtual Boy, N64, Gamecube, and Wii! Created by AlGeorgeRomo

    Hitbox terminates frame 26 > 20

    Charged Laser SDI multiplier changed to 0 in order to avoid instances of opponents SDIing into the ground the 1 frame they can and nullifying the stun effect
    Up Smash
    Now comes out on frame 9 to match the animation
    Damage has been decreased, kb has been slightly increased, and kb growth has been increased
    ID#0 23 > 16 (Damage), 45 > 55 (Base KB), 60 > 75 (KB Growth)
    ID#1 20 > 14 (Damage), 45 > 55 (Base KB), 79 > 75 (KB Growth)
    ID#2 23 > 16 (Damage), 45 > 55 (Base KB), 60 > 75 (KB Growth)
    ID#3 22 > 15 (Damage), 45 > 55 (Base KB), 60 > 75 (KB Growth)
    The hitbox with the weird angle now matches the others 130 > 80
    Up smash hitboxes end on frame 18 to match the animation
    He can interrupt the move as soon as frame 38
    FSM toned down to x1.2 and begins at frame 18
    1% damage removed
    Cancels on-hit, but has more lag on whiff/shield
    Down Throw
    -Removed the "down" effect from her Down throw
    -Changed KBG from 75 > 50
    -Changed KB from 80 > 70

    Up Smash
    -Tipper Up smash fixed
    -Damage increased from 10 > 13
    -KBG increased from 82 > 100
    -Hitlag increased from 1 > 1.3
    -Sourspot is no longer better than tipper
    -Damage decreased 12 > 9
    -KBG decreased from 82 > 75
    Sends foes upwards like in 2.x.6
    Swapped BKB and KBG

    NOM! NOM! NOM!

    Knockback reverted to 4.0BC

    Will now regain UpB after being hit, being grab released, and after a walljump

    Once again transfers
    TL Note: Sonic's taunts can cancel directly into each other again

    Sweetspot added added in the middle of first hitbox
    Damage: 15
    Direction: 40

    Sweetspot added at tip of foot
    Direction 64 > 80
    Hitbox IDs changed so Sonic HAS to hit with tip of foot.

    Reverted to 4.0BC

    Homing Attack
    Minimum frames needed to home: 21 > 16
    Travel speed: 5 > 10
    Hitting a shield with this move? COME ON! Again!

    SFX Reverted to 4.0BC
    Initial Dash Speed 1.5 -> 3.5
    Momentum Glitch fixed
    No longer breaks stage hazards in VS Mode

    Sonic now regains Spring after being hit, grabbed, or walljumping
    GFX readded to entry
    No longer starts the match with armor pieces

    Spawns gun armor piece.
    Animation tweaked to last 100 frames.

    Dash Attack
    No longer cancellable when hitting a shield

    Angle changed to be same as Falcon's.
    KBG 100 > 80

    Lingering hitbox removed
    endlag reduced slightly

    Dash Grab
    Lingering hitbox removed
    Entire grab sped up to be like Samus's Pivot grab
    Entire grab sped up. Still has a lingering hitbox but not as severe

    Flip Jump
    Will now regain this move when hit

    Hitbox size 6 > 4
    Hitbox adjusted to cover her body better with the size reduced
    Can now grab ledge
    Slightly sped up

    Cancel moved from frame 20->Frame 17

    x1.8 fsm on start-up

    Should now work properly again and not deal a buttload of damage
    Meteor cancel significantly reduced from 60 frames to 35 frames

    Moves at a speed between bc and 4.1 (Slightly faster)
    Wario can no longer drift out of Bair
    endlag and landing lag have 0.8 FSM when fart bair is used.

    1.5 FSM added to endlag

    Armor removed
    Tilted versions fixed, they now have hitboxes

    Can now be interrupted earlier (Frame 24 > 18)

    You can no longer cancel this move into Shield

    fixed to throw the moment the control stick is tilted

    Wario Waft (UpB)
    Fixed Momentum Glitch

    Side Taunt
    Your Wario is no longer clogged. Pressing B should make him fart again!
    YOSHIFOOT sound reverted to 4.0BC

    BKB: 64 > 50

    All hits: BKB 1 > 50
    KBG 100 > 70
    Damage 3 > 10
    Angle 60 > 30
    Final hit:
    Damage 6 > 13
    Angle 60 > 90
    Electric effect on hit
    Yoshitail anyone?
    Endlag on all tilts and Landlag on all aerials has been drastically decreased

    now only freezes foes on the centermost hitbox for repeating hits and all hitboxes at the end of the move

    Giga Bowser Bomb
    Can now be jump cancelled, just like Bowser's
    Music changes
    Snake Eater and HIS WORLD now have their appropriate lyrics
    Ai no Uta (French Version) renamed Vos Meilleurs Amis (Pop Version) and given its full version

    Yoshi's Story (Melee)'s second song is now Yoshi's Story (Glitch-hop mix) by Tenkitsune

    The following stages have been added to 4.2
    Yoshi's Story 64
    Saffron City
    Mario Bros. 3.3
    Mushroom Kingdom 3-3
    Rainbow Cruise
    Get the Trophy!
    Distant Planet
    Yoshi's Island (Melee) 2.x.6
    Online Practice Stage
    Bridge of Eldin
    Mario Circuit

    Halberd and Pirate Ship reverted to 4.0BC

    Corneria reverted to vBrawl

    Kongo Jungle 64 has been removed by accident. It'll be back next version probably!

    The game itself will be tomorrow, ho ho hope you're ready to break your limits with this late Christmas gift!
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    G&W evades the change log
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    it's tomorrow
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    Wait, I thought you said you weren't going to completely change how characters worked? Quick Draw canceling used to be Ike's primary mode of transportation!

    Or by "attack cancels" did you mean "the ability to cancel after attacking"? Because that's fine.
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    We removed the attack cancel after the attacking portion of Quick Draw (the part where Ike hits the guy with the big sword), but tremendously sped up the endlag to it feels pretty much the same. Hope that clarified things.
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    Thanks for the clarification! I was only concerned with being able to cancel as he moves (sliding fsmash, lunging fair, and most importantly sliding taunts). Replacing the on-hit cancel is fine, especially since there never was one for aerial QD (which led to gimps).

    I'm almost done reading the changelog, and everything else looks great. Can't wait to play!
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    once I find my laptop again, It will be nice to download the mod for fun,
    I wonder if you will move to smash 4 once smash 5 comes out XD

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