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Discussion in 'Custom Mods' started by Dive Missile, Oct 4, 2016.

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    So, in 4.0bc (the brawl portraits version), all the battle portraits from vanilla brawl are in the download. This sounds really cool, but there's a problem. You can't edit them! In fact, the only BPs I was able to edit were the ones from the alt costumes. Is anyone else having a problem like this?
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    I use the Minus art pack as the basis for my build, where this error is not present, but I found that I experience the problem you're describing when attempting to edit the Brawl BPs. The message that popped up in BrawlBox said "Unable to open the file for write access."

    I highly recommend copying/pasting all BP files you wish to edit from the Minus art download to your build and then editing the BPs themselves from there. Alternatively, you could copy/paste the already working files and and then rename and edit them properly. Sorry if this is tedious, but it's the only solution that I am aware of.
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    This is a bug in BrawlBox v0.77. Textures can be replaced properly in v0.76b.

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