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1) Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from? What are your hobbies? Are you working or in school?

I'm from the East Coast, and I still live on the East Coast.
I have way too many hobbies including writing, drawing, animating, video games, and playing music.
I am currently still attending compulsory school (senior year). I shouldn't be too bad at it.

2) What are some previous group projects you have worked on before?

I would say none. Pwnzr is helping me with my first true animation project (clean up, animations, etc.). I am good in a group setting, though, so I'd be happy handing off animations between the different animators on the team.

3) What animation experience do you have? (Any past or current projects?) What do you use to animate

My past animation experience is with 2D animation (even though it was only a couple of times) and when I started animating with Brawl Models in June 2017 (recent I know). My preferred (and only) animation software is BrawlBox v0.78. Despite it being an overall clunky program to animate in, I like making things look nice.

4) Are you active in the Smash community in any way? Do you currently play Brawl Minus or Zeus?

I am active in the Brawl Minus community and my main mod I play is Minus. While I don't participate in tournaments often, I still like watching them and bettering myself as a player. If being the only Wii player that's online at all times counts as being active, then I'm pretty active (I think Wifi tournaments count too, right?).

5) Can you provide any examples of your work?

Yes I can.
Still a WIP and some point during August 2017, I plan on having all the animations for Galacta Knight's aerials completed (as of now, working on F-Air).
While this project will most likely be my prime focus, I can put it to the side when necessary to work on any animations for Minus.
If possible (it'd be the dream), I'd like to add Galacta Knight to Minus as his own character. He'd have a PM incarnation too, but I'd love for him to be a part of the Minus cast.

Simple application for a simple man. Simple, huh? Still ready to learn, and full of other skills. I can't wait.

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Accepted a while back, forgot to close the application. Silly me.
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