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    So apparently there is no posted stage list anywhere for Zeus, so I took up to make the list myself. Mainly for my reference, but I put it here for the public.
    • Battlefield (Battlefield)
    • Final Destination X (Final Destination)
    • Delfino Plaza (Delfino Plaza)
    • Dracula's Castle P:M (Luigi's Mansion)
    • Wuhu Plane Ride SSB4 (Mushroomy Kingdom)
    • Grassland (Mario Circuit)
    • KC:MM Grand Stadium (75m)
    • Rumble Falls P:M (Rumble Falls)
    • Temple of Time (Pirate Ship)
    • Skyloft P:M (Bridge of Eldin)
    • Lavaville B- (Norfair) *Titled "Norfair" in game*
    • Budokai Tenkaichi (Frigate Orpheon)
    • Yoshi's Island vB (Yoshi's Island vB)
    • Halberd (Halberd)
    • Lylat Cruise (Lylat Cruise)
    • Pokemon Stadium 2 (PS2)
    • N's Castle (Spear Pillar)
    • Final Destination DX (Port Town Aero Dive)
    • Sei-An City (Summit)
    • Poke Floats 2 (FZ2)
    • Castle Siege (Castle Siege)
    • Fountain of Dreams (WarioWare)
    • Distant Planet (Distant Planet)
    • Skyworld (Skyworld)
    • Mushroomy Kingdom (Mario Bros.)
    • Fourside (New Pork City)
    • Smashville (Smashville)
    • Shadow Moses Island (Shadow Moses Island)
    • Green Hill Zone (Green Hill Zone)
    • H/S Intro (Pictochat)
    • Yoshi's Story vM (Hanenbow) *Titled "Yoshi's Island in game*
    • Temple (Temple)
    • Yoshi's Island vM (Yoshi's Island vM)
    • Jungle Hijinx SSF2 (Jungle Japes)
    • Foot Brawl (Onett)
    • Dream Land P:M (Green Greens)
    • GA2 Rooftop (Rainbow Cruise)
    • Summit (Corneria)
    • Brawl Galaxy (Big Blue)
    • Final Destination (Brinstar)
    • Pokemon Stadium (PS1)
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    I'm glad you posted this, because I exported stages from Zeus without a list, and this will expedite the process for anyone else doing the same.

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