Zeus Needs Better Stages


Wah, wah, HYUHH
I love Zeus, but the stage list really annoys me, since there are much better stages that could be put in their place.

First of all, there are 7 FD stages. Final Destination, Brawl FD, KC-MM Stadium, Melee FD, HS Intro, Sei-an City, and Budokai Tenkaichi. It's a waste of space.

Mushroomy Kingdom is a boring stage. Every transformation is a walkoff with no platforms.

Temple of Time's microgames are out of place and somewhat ugly, and the stage should be replaced with the static Temple of Time or WarioWare.

Dreamland is outdated, and should be replaced with Mewtwo2000's Dream Greens.

Something about Yoshi's Island (the one with Baby Bowser) is really disorienting to me for some reason.

N's Castle is just Spear Pillar Omega, and no one likes Spear Pillar, so it's self explanatory.