Why does Wario spawn a crate?

Discussion in 'Wario' started by Turk Injaydii, May 8, 2016.

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    Soooooo....I like a lot of things that you all did with Wario. But why in the world is his down b simply a crate spawn? That has to charge like his old waft? lol...its so random, and I feel Wario is a character that you guys could get SO creative with. Look at PM Wario for instance. His moveset his a huge homage to his games and its EPIC!!!...then there's Minus Wario...who can spawn a crate every now and then...like bruh, what? lol...

    If you guys don't want to make any new moves or anything, just revert his down b back to his regular waft so he has that scary factor about him again. Brawl, PM, and Smash 4 Wario can turn a match around with a well timed Waft. It's one of his most defining traits. So why not give it back? I know he has a Waft for up B, but its much weaker than vanilla Waft. Or if you don't want to do that, you all could edit the animations of his vanilla up B into a new move. Anything would be more interesting and Minusy than a crate, lol.
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    One thing to note: Up+B Waft is still incredibly potent, and it can be used WHENEVER you want. I'm not sure why down+B makes crates, but being able to full-charged Waft whenever you want seems extremely Minusy.
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    Wario's most powerful Waft, the Half-Charged Waft, is still there but has stricter timing due to the overall charge time being shorter.

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