Twilight Fights

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    Hey guys whats up.

    It's your favorite commentator Figgyotto here! And I'm stoked as hell to have a new rig that I can stream with and provide content for this community and to show off this community.

    It's time for new tournament series now that it's almost a new season, and we all want a new stagelist for the new patch and for new experience. Therefore, we're bringing it back to the old. If that makes any sense to you, great.

    The days of the bracket will be Thursdays, starting on the 31st of August.

    Best of 3 for literally everything except top 4. Yea, top 4 will be best of 5 now. I have time and my mouth feels better. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Always start with a double blind. If you do not double blind, then you will lose game 1.

    Spear Pillar
    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Final Destination

    Yoshi's Island
    Lylat Cruise
    Pokemon Stadium 1

    It is the standard 1-2-1 system for starters, and players decide who strikes first by doing Wolf dittos and whoever can SD all 4 of their stocks faster gets first strike. Or you can be a homie and let the other guy strike first.

    For counterpick phase, the winner gets 4 bans the entire time. No more perma-bans cause people forget the rule exist.


    You will be lose your set if you are not able to play your match withing 5 minutes of it being called. The exception is that you and your opponent agree to wait. DON'T BE THAT GUY! If you can not play, then don't join and waste my time.

    Elliot Clause/ 321 Clause : If you or your opponent cannot play on 4889, please move to the 321 build from BC. Its a netplay save problem most likely and not really a graphical issue. Unless you're on a toaster. Change the build and insert the new 4.1 SD card.!Akw2HbYY!_Ff7Dy4e2b0BsUxPMI3WRW35BmTXMJxSS1ofzTWm1gw

    ^ there is the link, don't be that guy.

    If the bracket is held up for whatever reason by this, I will drop the person who failed to accommodate.

    Lag : If that game is borderline unplayable, I will listen to complaints and get in a room with you both. Whichever connection is more stable will win. No one likes laggy games. If you're connection can't keep up, then I'm sorry but its a hindrance to quality Minus.

    Full Moon Clause: If you get 3-0'd in any set grand finals, you still lost that set. However, for entertainment purposes, you will be allowed to play again. Except now, you are only allowed wolf and never allowed to ban any stages if you win a game. You are now becoming the full blown wolf master. The set is another b05, and all is done is give you the same points as the first place person would get.

    Gentleman's Clause: You can go to any stage, but not any game. Both players need to agree to go to said stage.

    While this is Twilight Fights, there will no salt tolerated here. Because all the salt will melt the ice blocks, and with no ice blocks DK becomes a top tier. When DK is a top tier, all spacies are irrelevant making Marth and ROB the only viable characters. And then zoning with MK and Samus becomes the game. Until the one meta breaker grabs the fucking ledge finally, and we're all happy with 8 minute waddle tossing.

    Special thanks to Maye because he's a homie, and I owe him for all the art he does for me. (Shut up Lutte, you a homie too)
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    Wa Hoo
    you forgot the backup backup of GBU
  3. TheGameBoyUltimate

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    Netplay FTW
    TFW not a backup for the backup
  4. Bent 00

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    I've got a newer laptop that runs 4.1 offline well. Still need to see if Netplay works, but assuming it does... I went ahead and signed up. >.>

    Question: I'll be at a friend's house when this starts at 6:00 PM EST -- might not be set up until 6:30 PM EST -- and I'll have to leave at 10:00 PM EST or so. If this runs past 10:00 PM EST, and I'm still in the bracket at that point, can you wait for me to drive home in 15-20 minutes and reconnect?

    I hope Netplay works on this laptop.

    One more thing: Probably a dumb question, but if we don't have many entrants, and if everyone's OK with it, could we use "Boost-Powered Falcon Beta 1.01" in this tourney? It's only one "FitCaptain.pac" file everyone would need to add. I'd love to see how it fares in a tourney -- prime time to gather balance data -- but I expect the answer to be no, which is fine. Just ignore this if the answer is not "Yes".
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  5. Bent 00

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    Changed my mind -- I'm going to a local Smash meetup, and I'm not confident I can juggle that and this tourney simultaneously. I've only got ~3 hours to enjoy my local friends' company, so I think I'll give them all of my attention rather than try to do an online tourney at the same time. Sorry. Hopefully I can catch the next one.

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