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Discussion in 'Having Trouble?' started by Matthew Ferr, Nov 23, 2018.

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    I feel really stupid because it's just straight up not working. I feel like I missed something really big along the way. I extracted 4.2 from its winrar, then started the application. It opened up its own version of dolphin (I guess) and booted up fine at first, granted, only to the starting screen. I never got it to the actual game. I clicked launch game, and it would just stay on "Setting up drive.." forever until I would voluntarily close it. Am I supposed to have a vanilla brawl iso to start off with? Is there a way I could move the iso of brawl- to a folder so I can run it off of fm5.9? Help please!
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    Have you double-checked what your default ISO is set to?
    To do this, right-click and go into “Config -> Paths -> Default ISO”.

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