Target Test Speedrun Times


Didn't get videos but have pictures of my tv screen from my phone

Level 1
King Dedede 7.13

Level 1
Pichu 11.96

Level 2
King Dedede 12.55

Level 3
Ganondorf 6.81

Level 4
Ganondorf 8.51

Level 5
Ganondorf 6.95

Young Boy Bread

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Sheik with a thicc time of 10:08



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sorry mimsy, but i'm gonna have to rob that falcon time back.
c. falcon
time: 7.68

like MelonKeepR said, kirby can still be improved by quite a bit, just added a dash attack here.

time: 11.63

meta knight but it's still bad and only improved by .05

meta knight
time: 9.50

thinking it's faster to upb than to uair at the end here
also sorry for stealing paths

time: 8.21


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Minus Backroom

Time: 3.91


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Perhaps I'll take Falcon next? ;)
i dare you to do it.
right now.

also just want to mention that there are separate records being kept by vanity. here:

[edit] this makes me ask: should we move times there instead of here? it would be a great load off of me and i wouldn't be making you all wait for quite some time before records get updated. it also helps us keep all the records in one place, not stuck between two. should we stay or should we go?
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MK Target Test 1
time: 00:08:93 (minutes:seconds:milliseconds)

Around the time I hit the 6th target, 6 seconds in, I buffered a fastfall after Uair. That could be used to shave off some time during the main run. This was a previous attempt. The time was 00:09:01
Down special, when holding back on the control stick, has a large sour spot hitbox that does 10% damage and little knockback. On a previous attempt, I tried using the reversed down special to get the far left target early. Unfortunately, the fastest time I could get was 00:09:45.
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"Yes, let's leave". It's much nicer that way, considering that the Subspace speedruns are up on, to begin with.

then let's leave.

i would like all future target test runs to be posted here:, where the staff who watch over the page will take in any more runs. any more runs posted after this message will be ignored - please go post your runs there!