Smash 4 Nintendo Direct today y'all!


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Airs later today bros! Check your local time zones for your time!

(Too lazy to find and put up the list)


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6 Eastern 5 Central 4 Mountain 3 Pacific

i predict no less than three character announcements, and maybe a release date (or month at least, probably October).... is my guess. just a Guess. a very optimistic guess. this is all just a guess.

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Minus Backroom
I'll be in the IRC if you want to watch the Direct together. You can also ask questions about Minus DIRECTLY to me and I'll answer them in the most detail I can without spoiling too many surprises. Please understand.

I can be there for as long as I can starting a few minutes before the Direct.


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It was pretty awesome, all things considered. Too lazy to say much about it.