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    The WADs are used to launch MinimaLauncher, an app used to launch Brawl Minus. You can install them on the Wii and vWii System Menu using homebrew applications such as YAWMM.

    Even though we already had forwarders for a long time, these are for the Wii Title ID - BRAL

    MinimaLauncher.wad -> MinimaLauncher graphics / images
    Brawl Minus Launcher.wad -> Brawl Minus graphics / images

    If you are on a Wii U, install one of the vWii WADs.
    Assuming you have a modded Wii U, you can install a channel on the Wii U menu that redirects you to Brawl Minus. We included two different versions.

    install/MinimaLauncher for WiiU -> MinimaLauncher graphics / images
    install/BrawlMinus for WiiU -> Brawl Minus graphics / images

    Both have the same title ID so you must install one or the other.

    Please see the previews/wiiu folder for image previews.

    Install one of the WADs from Wii/ using a WAD installer (not included).
    Once installed, you can boot up MinimaLauncher straight from the Wii menu.

    Install one of the WADs from vWii/ using a WAD installer (not included) (YAWMM recommended).
    Once installed, you can boot up MinimaLauncher straight from the vWii menu.

    OPTIONALLY, you can...

    Install one of the Wii U channels using WUD Manager (not included).
    Once installed, you can boot up minimalauncher straight from the Wii U menu.

    Forwarders (WAD) created by Nomi and Glitch.
    Images created by Jord.

    Wii U forwarders created by Glitch.
    Images created by Jord and Glitch.

    Any logos or images used during the making of these applications are made / borrowed from the Brawl Minus team, Glitch (original MinimaLauncher icon), and Jord.

    MinimaLauncher by Glitch.

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