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1) What skills can you provide for the team? (PSA programming, BrawlBox Animation, ASM coding, etc.)
  • Intermediate skill in PSA creation/editing, minor BrawlBox texture editing, stage collision creation/editing (I don't know how to edit the polygons that make a stage, though I'm willing to learn), and creation of technical Brawl Minus documents that are packed with data
2) Please provide a sample of your work. (Video, Picture, etc)
  • This, which isn't done as of writing the app.
  • That, a list of most of the stage collision data in the game.
  • These minor texture edits.
  • A singular PSA edit (also 4.0BC).
  • Will be doing PSA work and minor animation work for Survivian’s Galacta Knight mod.
  • And an example of one of my technical documents (from 4.0BC).
3) How much free time can you devote to the project?
  • As much as you need. I'll try to give as much time as I can to working on Minus, and Minus related things.
4) How long have you been playing smash?
  • Since I can remember. I played Melee with friends when I was much younger, but Brawl was my first real game. When I'm not devoted to Project M, my time is usually on Minus. Frame data and specifics are always on my mind, and I'm always wanting to expand my knowledge and perhaps share it with others.
5) Why do you deserve to be on the team?
  • It's hard to find a guy with dedication like me! Also, I provide free digital cookies. ;P

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