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Should ENB become a legendary purple man?

  • Definitely, he's willing to help, has proven his skills, and should be given a shot!

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • I don't know what's going on but that Sheik thing looks cool.

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  • Nah, he's probably an alt account of GJA.

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  • Who cares? If they reject you, you can go apply for sPM dev.

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1) What skills can you provide for the team? (PSA programming, BrawlBox Animation, ASM coding, etc.)
  • PSA programming. I have experience animating in Maya but it doesn't interest me. I have basic video editing skills as well. I may look into texture editing in the future.
2) Please provide a sample of your work. (Video, Picture, etc)
  • When I first started learning PSA two years ago, I took interest in "livening up" taunts. I always felt Smash mods never took enough time to give taunts as much attention as they could have. A while back I had a few simple ones finished, including Peach and Ivysaur having heal taunts, giving Luigi ray gun finger tips, and placing wonky hitboxes on uptaunts such as Marth's and Zelda's. These mini projects were a good way to introduce myself to the program. I've since scrapped all of these but remade one of the most simple ones.

  • Next, this is my current WIP solution to G&W's 4.2 Chef balance issue in which his projectiles are too over whelming. Some of you may have seen this already...

    The idea is a hybrid of Project M's Chef and Smash 4's XXL Chef. It aims to lower the rate of fire while still allowing G&W access to a potent projectile that can set up for extentions. Unfortunately, I most likely won't be able to finish this as the remaining step includes resizing the projectile models, which despite many hours of trying to do, I haven't managed yet. For the sake of showing off the concept, the video has debug on to show the ideal projectile size in action.

  • And lastly, one of the more involved taunt changes I finished recently and am very happy to show off. The effect goes away after Sheik is hit, uses any move, uses any special, grabs, is grabbed, shields, rolls, spotdodges, air dodges, lands on the ground, picks up an item, or uses a Smash Ball. This essentially means she can only have this effect while standing, crouching+crawling, moving left and right, and grabbing ledge. The video description has more info. I hope you like it.
3) How much free time can you devote to the project?
  • Enough.
4) How long have you been playing smash?
  • Competitively since 2010 with Brawl. Brawl was my first taste of Smash in 2008 but I've played all the official titles to varying degrees and a small handful of mods. Of the official titles, the Brawl engine is certainly my favorite to handle.
5) Why do you deserve to be on the team?
  • I'm more or less learning PSA for the sake of helping the project. Being a playtester isn't very invovled when it gets down to it, and I'm able to provide more than that. I want to help in any way that I'm able to, and it'd be pretty neat for you to let me.
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We will put this application on hold and revisit it when we have a further need for Developers.


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He's "Malfunctioning Machinery."
I don't think we can trust him to be reliable.

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He is now a Purple Boi
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