[Playtester] Jankoe

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"ICs are good I swear guys"
1) What region do you live in?
  • Midwest, IA specifically
2) What smash tournament experience do you have?
  • I've entered almost every single brawl minus tournament since 4.0BC
3) What other notable players do you frequently play with?
  • I'm constantly netplaying with other playtesters and top players
4) How much time do you have available?
  • About 3-4 hours on most weekdays and 6-7 on weekends
5) How often do you play Brawl Minus? Do you play alone or with others?
  • I netplay almost every day and I play locally when I can
6) Can you stream or upload videos frequently?
  • Yes I can stream and have experience streaming tournaments
7) Do you have current videos of you playing Brawl Minus?
On Discord I'm Jankoe, the one that's always around


Resident of the blastzone
guys he makes top 8 pretty consistenly
Not open for further replies.