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Permanent taunt-switching is currently exclusive to Falco, but temporary taunt-switches do exist... fast Falcon Punch is one such example.
Charged Falcon Punch is not a taunt switch, it's a charge-up move.

A charge-up move takes time to complete, during which it must not be interrupted.
When fully charged, the base move is generally turned into a more powerful version of itself for a limited number of uses.

A taunt switch is generally much faster, switches a linked move to an alternate mode until is is switched back, and can drastically change the properties of linked moves, rather than just make them more powerful.

If the end result of a secret taunt is just a powered-up version of a base move that only works for up to a few uses, it's a charge-up move, not a taunt switch. To be considered a taunt switch, it needs to be relatively fast, the changes it makes should alter the linked moves significantly, and it should not make one side of the switch obviously better than the other; each option should be balanced with the other. That's my take on it, at least.

Cross-posting this from the Discord:

Random idea: What if Falco was given Fox's Blaster spin taunt as his Laser Speed Toggle Taunt? The Reflector Kick animation could be made into a Toggle that switches between Melee and Minus style Reflector. Actually, I think what I would do is just take out slow lasers, and make the Reflector Kick Taunt into a Reflector Toggle instead of a laser speed Toggle. It makes sense for that animation to do something Reflector-related rather than Blaster-related. Would Falco having access to either Melee Fox's or Melee Falco's Refelctor be worth trading for slow lasers, Falco mains?

I was just thinking that Falco's current taunt switch doesn't make sense visually. He kicks his Reflector around to change his Blaster's rate of fire. I think we should either change the animation to something Blaster-related, keeping the laser speed toggle, OR Keep the Reflector kick animation, and make the laser speed toggle into a Reflector toggle instead. Keep in mind that I don't know much about high-level Falco play, though -- this is just me speaking from a visual / aesthetic standpoint. I think hidden taunts and toggles and such should give some idea of what they're doing with their animations and GFX/SFX cues.
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I'm triggered that people are posting on this thread that is more than half a year old and that the convo is already derailed to hell.