more stages/different types of stages, everything in between


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I kinda wanna see options for stages with subspace enemies. I think if it's possible to incorporate certain enemies into certain stages, maybe put them on the custom stages page, it would make brawl a lot more interesting :) imagine a mushroomy kingdom with koopas and goombas and hammer bros taking the stage :D it would be like playing super Mario as link and samus! And at the same time being able to kill your opponents off the stage as you go? It would be a fantastic four player addition or online option! The best part is it would be COMPETITIVE! It wouldn't just be 4 player sse, it would be awesome....
Another awesome idea with the same basic concept is boss battle stages in the same way! It would be so cool to be able to smack your foes into Ridley and tabuu and play this competitively.... it would be like an extreme version of spear pillar for each boss. Just don't make them killable and make them stay off stage longer.... but it would also be cool to see Kremlins on a king k'rool ship, or something along those lines.... this would really make brawl feel like the crossover we wanted


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Sammi husky is doing research on stuff with the SSE and it's going well. From what I understand, adding enemies to normal stages is very sketchy right now. I could be wrong though.

There is also no way this would be competitive.


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This could be MADE competitive if you managed to somehow replace Coin mode with this, where the goal is to KO as many enemies as possible within a timeframe, and you can also smack up your opponents, and dying reduces kill total... but it would be a vastly different metagame, and wouldn't be competitive Super Smash Brothers in the sense that we play it now (much in the way that the stage in Brawl with the turtle shells that just about OHKO (they almost certainly 2-hit KO) could be viewed as competitive if you want an entirely different metagame, one in which Fox, Falco, and Wolf all go up on the tier list because reflectors are great in that stage - but that's not what people usually want to play around, even if ICs are not as good since there's stuff to interrupt CGs, and everyone has the shells to pierce MK nado now...).

However, just porting the stuff in would add a ton of randomness and possible KOs due to stage elements that are somewhat detrimental to testing skill (an enemy spawned on top of you, hitting you into some hammer bros hammers and KOing you off the top? Tough luck...) so I don't think it's a great idea at this point.