more broken ike


I know one form of more break it and this is: jump cancel side-b, is a sugerence and "necesary" from my point of view,this is not me but I invented this in project m

ike gain a lot with this jump cancel

Greetings guys


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Given his raw power and ability to space with fair and the speed of his bair, I don't think he needs it that much. He also has a counter and an easy to spam upb.


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Pretty sure he can already JC it in the air, and you can cancel his side+b into usmash/fsmash/jab/anything grounded on the ground.

I don't think this is actually that much more broken, except that you could start the rush on the ground and go airborne, but that's not doing Ike all that much good in my opinion. Cool approach tool, but he gets along just fine by rushing in for his really strong jab/ftilt/utilt or by jumping and rushing in with fair/bair (bair is by going past and using it, or even turning after passing and using it on the way back around).


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There was a discussion about this awhile back saying that he needed this approach option because his game is predictable. We came to the conclusion that he didn't need it then. I'm not opposed to it personaly.