Mayor of Capetown, Rhode Island
Minus Backroom
Yeah I know I'm already a Dev, but hear me out.

While I am known around the Brawl- community as the king of memes or whatever, that doesn't mean that I'm not fit for the job. Yes, I can go overboard, and yes I may abuse my dev powers, but these were on not many occasions outside of changing a person's name on the server (If you want, you can count pinning stuff too), But at the end of the day, I have Minus's best interests at heart and wouldn't bother becoming a dev if I didn't want to be part of a team which has grown to sort of be like a second family to me. Anyhow as for experience, I currently mod:

Ludvix's Server (Smash Youtuber)
Ninkendo's Server (Smash Youtuber)
Dyllonstejgaming's Server (Smash TASer)
Mayyro's Server (Smash TASer)

Yes these are all smash related Servers, but (at least for 1, 2, and 4) there's a lot of people in there and so managing them can get pretty difficult. As for availability, I'm already a Dev so I'm always on the minus server anyhow.

I hope this is put into consideration, even with my blemishes as of recently